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Ever wondered how much of the current day has passed up till this point? If so, then Day Gone In Percentage will definitely appeal to you.
Day Gone In Percentage is a straightforward Google Chrome extension with a self-explanatory name that aims to make you more aware of the passing of time. In short, it doesn’t only express how much of the current day has passed (in percentage), but also how much of the month and the year has passed as well.
Minimalist Chrome extension
Just like most extensions for Chrome, it can be installed from the Chrome Web Store with just a few simple mouse clicks. The extension lives in Google Chrome’s toolbar, it’s extremely lightweight, and does not require any sort of user intervention in order to function.
To use it, users simply need to click its icon from the designated place, and a pop-up will appear displaying the exactly how much of the current day, month, and year has already passed. The GUI is as simple as they get, as there are not extra features or menus.
Keep track of how much time has passed
The GUI’s only worth mentioning characteristic is the fact that it automatically changes background colors once every 5 seconds or so. Users can select to see the percentages for the day, month, and year from the upper part of the GUI, and that’s really about it.
To conclude, Day Gone In Percentage is a simple yet very useful Chrome extension that allows users to quickly glance over how much time has already passed of the current day, month, and year.







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An extremely simple yet very useful Google Chrome extension that helps users to quickly glance over how much time has already passed of the current day, month, and year.

Day Gone In Percentage Features:
The extension has a couple of features, the most important of which are:
1) Shows how much of the current day, month, and year has passed (in percentage).
2) Automatically changes background colors when a specific time is reached (Every 5 seconds).
3) Showing the day by day time (Weekdays only).
4) Open to the public.

Just how to do…
Download the extension by clicking the button provided on the right side of this page.

What’s new in version 1.0.0 (Beta)

1) Bug fix
2) Add new feature

*Note: Beta version has some issues and might have various bugs and is not recommended for use.

You can use files to install the extension, or you can add the link to the extensions panel of Chrome to install the extension.

Day Gone In Percentage allows you to control how much of the day, the month, and the year has passed. As the app tracks day, month, and year separately, Day Gone In Percentage shows different colors to represent the different progress of each.

A Tiny Demo

See Day Gone In Percentage as a Work In Progress.

How to Donate

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* Day: represents the current day in percentage
* Month: represents the current month in percentage
* Year: represents the current year in percentage
Click the button to get the extension.

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Day Gone In Percentage [32|64bit] [Latest] 2022

Updated to meet the standards of the Web Store

Updated design to be more intuitive and to retain the Chrome theme

Updated with Chrome V54.0.2757.92.

Download Day Gone In Percentage 1.2.2 for Google Chrome

Day Gone In Percentage is now available for $1.99 (USD).

Click on the button below to visit the Google Web Store and to download Day Gone In Percentage for Google Chrome.

How to use Day Gone In Percentage

To access the extension, you need to click its icon that resides in the upper left-hand side of your Chrome browser’s toolbar. You can adjust its behavior at any time through its options.
Day Gone In Percentage image
At the top of its GUI, users can select the percentage of the current day, month, and year. You can also choose how often you want the background colors to change.
As you can see, Day Gone In Percentage is certainly a useful extension that allows you to easily keep track of how much time has already passed up until the moment.
Day Gone In Percentage, it’s free of charge and can be really useful, too.
How to download Day Gone In Percentage
To download Day Gone In Percentage, you need to visit the Google Chrome Web Store, and then click on the button below the extension’s price tag.
Alternatively, you can find the extension in the ADD TO CHROME section on Chrome Web Store, or get the extension in the extension section.
Day Gone In Percentage 1.2.2 is the latest version of the extension, and it’s up to date with Chrome. However, you can always update to the latest version through its Chrome Store if you want to.

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What’s New in the Day Gone In Percentage?

This extension is a simple and easy to understand addition to Google Chrome that will allow users to see how much of each day, month, and year has passed.Features:
Update your friends and colleagues as well
Have your friends and colleagues know how much of each day, month, and year has passed? Send a friendly message and let them know that.
No annoying pop ups or a cumbersome interface
Truly add the old time’s feel to your Chrome browserQ:

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System Requirements For Day Gone In Percentage:

Supported OS:
– macOS 10.13 or later (64-bit only)
– Windows 7, 8.1, or 10 (64-bit only)
– iOS 10 or later
– Android 4.4 or later
*Please note that there are several issues when running this sample app on some systems, such as system font being locked by google font, therefore we are unable to support these devices at this time.*
– macOS 10.13 or later (64-bit only)Windows 7, 8.1, or 10