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Download Setup & Crack →→→

Download Setup & Crack →→→


Eluden Ring requires a web browser with Flash. If you do not have Flash, please download here.

If you are having trouble downloading the game, please choose “Slow download” and try again.

Thank you.


Main Features

Main Features 1) Brought to You by Fantasy Grounds

(Pre-requisite: To install, please consult the installation guide)

In Eluden Ring, a fantasy MMORPG where you can develop your own character, you will be able to explore a vast and complicated world and face powerful monsters in an amazing online game. Moreover, if you purchase Eluden Ring, you will be able to enjoy the feature of connecting with others and experiencing a level of online play that you have not experienced before.

Online play

Enter the world in which the Elden Ring and the Land Between are connected, and connect with others while playing the game.

Online play contents

Game contents

Explore the different areas of the Lands Between.

Purchasing item with in-game money.

Dynamic dungeon action

Challenge one-on-one bosses in the deep dungeons.

Immersive combat system

Gracefully perform flashy combat moves, be it in a dungeon or the open field.

Heroic battles

Exploring dungeons with your friends and fighting powerful enemies with an allied partner by your side.

Dynamic interaction

Conversations with other players and PvM encounters.

Rising up

Grow in levels and set your personal traits.

Explore the Lands Between

More than just a fantasy world, the world of Eluden Ring is much more complicated. There are monsters of every kind: giant birds, gigantic wolves, dragonoids, and of course, beasts of many different kinds.

Exploring the Lands Between

Full of players and monster alike, the Lands Between of Eluden Ring is a place that feels alive. As you descend into deeper parts of the dungeon or wander around an area, you will come across many different player-made dungeon maps.

Ten exclusive maps designed by the Level-5 team.

Waking up the sleeping world

Jump into the game as an adventurer and accept the challenge of exploring the world where the history between the Elden Ring and the Lands Between are interwoven.

Character Creation

Fantasy game in a new light

The Map


Features Key:

  • Striking Feasts of Drama and Action
  • Atmosphere that Sweeps You in
  • Endless Possibilities
  • The Soul that Keeps the Legend Alive
  • A World’s Power Fulfilled at Your Command
  • The Fans are Legend
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    What impressed me most about this game is its building of a rich world that makes you feel like you can go anywhere. It has a character of its own, and that is what I really like. Many stories already have been written in the world, and each one has its own ending.

    A great RPG.

    It has many features that I haven’t seen in other RPG games. In addition to the single-player story where you go through various dungeons, you can also play in multiplayer mode. Your friends can join you to clear the dungeons, or even take part in battle with an AI player.

    The character and equipment you use affects your fighting ability in battle. You can use weapons with high strength and magic with high level, or use items to enhance your equipment and give yourself extra bonuses.

    The best thing is that you can build new equipment and get various equipment through the in-game trade feature. There are weapons and armors with different characteristics, and you can make new items by combining different equipment. In the trade system, you can make random items by combining various equipment or prepare special items for yourself by studying various data from enemy monsters.

    You can also take part in combat with other players by joining a Battle Guild, guild that has been organized to fight against others in the world. Unlike the other modes, you can play the game in guild mode by controlling a level-25 guild member.

    You can use potions to increase your combat potential when attacking, get rid of the poison you get, and also use those items to heal yourself if you are hurt. You can also make potions that increase or decrease your stats at specific times.

    The various events in the world that occur every hour also have their effects. They can give you EXP and reduce the time you need to wait for the next event. Items that you acquire through the events can be used in the crafting system. There, you can combine various components to make new items and items with special effects, such as maximum strength, or a wide range of attack. You can also make new materials for crafting by obtaining various drops and planks.

    I’ve enjoyed each moment of the game and have been pleased with the story so far. I hope you’ll also enjoy the development process until the end.

    RPG games with great graphics and character action that can be played for a long time. It is one of the few games that offer a rich fantasy world where the three-


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    ■ Story

    Ever since the Appearance Day, the story of the Lands Between has been witnessed in the shadow of the great battle between the Alliance and the Horde.

    In the Lands Between, the Alliance established their base in the capital city Gedemora, and built a great nation in this land.

    It is said that the Empire was the ancient kingdom ruled by the Elden Kingdom, and it was founded in the Lands Between in the ancient times.

    ■ Features

    * The rich Fantasy world

    The Lands Between is a vast world where open fields with a variety of situations and huge dungeons with complex and three-dimensional designs are seamlessly connected. As you explore, the joy of discovering unknown and overwhelming threats await you, leading to a high sense of accomplishment. There are endless variations of the lands and dungeons between the Alliance and the Horde camps, and further into the lands beyond. You can enjoy limitless gameplay through the all-new Fantasy city, Soul of El (El creates the Soul Stone from which the various elements of the world are derived) with its numerous buildings and navigation options. There are countless dungeons and fields that you can explore, as well as various nations and cities to enter.

    * A vast world of free-roaming

    Unlike the grounded battles in the historical Azeroth, in Soul of El, you can freely roam a vast world, unaffected by the time and space, and freely explore open fields, huge dungeons, and other various parts of the Realm. You can explore all the different parts of the Realm with ease, and never get stuck in a single place.

    * A multilayered story

    The story in Soul of El is told in fragments. Only when you progress the game from its beginning to its end, can you learn about the entirety of the Lands Between and its mysterious society.

    * Combining and Customizing the weapons, armor, and spells

    In Soul of El, you can combine weapons, armor, and spells, as you freely develop the combat skills and magic that fit your play style. The game also presents a variety of new and exciting equipment items, enhancing your character with unique weapons and armor that can be freely combined and customized.

    * A unique online element that lets you feel the presence of others

    In addition to multiplayer, in Soul of El, an asynchronous online element enables you to move forward in the game together with other players. Even when you’re offline, you can still connect to


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    Here’s a complete video on the features and the debut of this update!

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    How To Install and Crack Elden Ring:

  • If your operating system supports it, it is recommended to download ‘TAREDLOD.WinSetup’ torrent to get the full package of ‘Elden Ring: Tarnished Covenant’
  • Download ‘TAREDLOD.WinSetup’ torrent and install it
  • Run the downloaded ‘TAREDLOD.WinSetup’ without any additional security programs
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    If the above instructions don’t work, you can download it from here


  • Start the game as administrator
  • It is also suggested that you don’t open or run the game while signing into any online exchange service.
  • You can now use the ‘Elden.dll’, ‘Elden.xms’ and ‘Elden.ini’ files in ‘C:/Program Files/Instar [a]The program is protected by Guarddog-a detecting and cleaning program.To see it’s Features visit the site of the developer Guarddog‘ to improve performance, so you do not need to move the files.
  • If you are using a firewall and you received an error, disable your firewall to download files, such as the ‘TAREDLOD.WinSetup’. If you don’t receive any error, you do not need to disable your firewall.
  • Enjoy your game! 😀
  • If you have any trouble with installation, please feel free to send a message to gdl2010.
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    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    2.0 GHz Intel Core i5/i7
    Windows 10
    8GB of RAM
    DirectX 12 Shader Model 6.0
    1.5 GB of GPU RAM
    Additional Notes:
    This tutorial is designed for the Xbox One version of the game, but is also compatible with the PC version.
    This tutorial will be updated as we continue to work on adding new and updated content, like vehicles, skins, and more.
    In the video below, the player is using his Xbox One X to play


    Download Setup & Crack →→→

    Download Setup & Crack →→→

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