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• Asynchronous Online Elements.
Offline play is not supported. Play together with other players or stay in the world as you like by utilizing the functions of “World Watch,” “Hello,” and “Send.”

• Communication with Friends
Chat, invite other players, request a partner, and invite them to join in the game together through the Share channel.

• Dynamic Online Experience
The game uses a new form of online communication in which the number of players in the world fluctuates depending on the activity and the presence of other players. Furthermore, information that is shared by players is directly shared with other players, even if they are not connected with the same server.

• Dynamic Content
Dynamic content is created for players. Due to limitations in servers, the existence and number of enemies and monsters, effects of various special items, and the use of magic may vary depending on your location and the size of the world.

• Vast World with High Quality Graphics
The world is beautifully rendered with high resolution graphics to guarantee a smooth gameplay experience. Also, detailed designs ensure that the “Lands Between” appear with sharp and vivid colors.

*The following features are planned to be added later.

• Online Dungeon
A Dungeon is a special area in the game where events occur that affect the entire world. Players can also obtain special items from the Dungeon.

• Battle system
Battles are comprised of stages. Each character has a unique ability and attacks are made according to their use of the selected weapons or magic.

• Travel
Players can travel directly to areas that they have previously explored or those that they wish to check out.

• Additional maps
The “Lands Between” has a map that changes depending on the season. More maps will be added as an update.

• Team match
A player team fights against another. Based on a “wisdom” gauge, each character’s ability and attack power are increased during battles.

• Battle Action Map
A battle action map that shows at any given moment where the game is set. The “Battle Action” button switches to the map in order to make it easier to play on the battlefield and control your characters.

• Character Development
You can develop your character through various activities while playing. You can upgrade your character to gain more power.

*The above features are planned for


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Character Build : From Simple, Leveling Up, to Overpowered.
  • Enchanting : Magic. There are three colors for enchanting.
  • Customize : Equip your own weapons, armor and magic.
  • Dungeon : Explore dangerous dungeons which are easy to explore and do not need to be filled with monsters.
  • Heroes : Embark on epic adventures with other heroes, that are recommended for beginners.
  • Easy to Get Into, Hard to Master
  • Game Worlds: Will have life change depending on the seasons.
  • Elden Ring Key Points:

    • System : This game runs in the browser, and combines graphic novels, role-play novels, and animated elements.
    • Play Style : Battle and role play.
    • Depth of Content: A title related to fantasy role-playing, with a ton of people working on it.
    • Key Points: A fantasy RPG excellent mix of RPG and Role Play!
    • Unique Online Play that Loosely Connects You to Others
    • Online Mechanic : This is not MMORPG, but this is a game that you can play with your friends. you can communicate and cooperate with each other anytime you want to.
    • Narrative Story : it is developed by the leading fantasy novelists in the world. Story and script are written in collaboration with Professor Sucker Punch.
    • Objective : The player is free to design their own objectives for the adventure, and have their own individual dialogue with the game world.

    • Demo Test


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    The player can join five others in a party to battle monsters. Battles occur by repeatedly hitting them and avoiding those that are hard to hit.

    For example, if you continue to hit an enemy monster, the monster’s attack power will drop, and its level will rise.

    In a battle, the player can use attacks that summon a partner to fight on your behalf and help you attack enemies.

    Example: With an “Arrow Storm” attack, you summon a “partner” to attack the enemy with its own attacks.

    Example: With a “Full Swing” attack, you help your partner attack the enemy.

    Battle system is a typical turn-based RPG combat system.

    There is the “Attacking Technique” system.

    Depending on the attacking technique and the situation, the attack power may differ.

    The “Defense Technique” system is a system for protecting your partner.

    Depending on the state of the partner, its defense ability may vary.


    Appearance customization for character equipment.

    The player can change the colors, size, and the material of the party gear they wear and equip.

    For example, the player can freely change the material, the pattern, and the color of their armor to match their personality.

    Partner customization:

    Equipment customization for the player’s partner.

    The player can freely change the colors, size, and the material of their partner’s equipment.


    STR/DEX/INT/AGI/LUK (Basic Stats): STR determines the player’s attack power. DEX determines the speed at which the player can perform an action. INT determines the number of times the player can inflict status ailments and conditions on an enemy. AGI determines the player’s magic power. LUK determines defense power. These stats are adjusted through the development process.

    Partner customization:

    If the player does not have any gear, he can use the gear owned by his partner.

    The color, size, and material of the gear that his partner is wearing affect the player’s character.


    For character equipment (gear), if the player is hit by an enemy attack that exceeds a certain level of power, he will take damage.

    In order to protect the player, the damage from attacks can be reduced


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    The game is free to download now. It would be great if you could check them out and leave a review/rating. While you are at it, please consider giving us a review on Steam (which is currently required for our game to show up on the Steam store listing page). Any review/rating would be greatly appreciated!

    Edit: Release for iPad and Android tablets tomorrow, in addition to the Steam launch.EDIT: The release for iPad and Android tablets is tomorrow, while the Steam release is coming next week. In this release, there will be no changes to the current Steam version.

    1) Update the game data to the latest state (planned to be included in the next Steam patch)
    2) Increase the resolution of the background graphics to 1024 by 768
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    About a month later


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    Recently changed in this version

    This hack has been ported to Unity3D.


    Version 1.0

    Release Date: July 24th, 2015


    Recent changes:


    Support for the Unity3D engine and release is pending, but support for Windows version should now work. If you are having a problem trying to install or run the mod on your PC, please leave a comment and I will look into it.

    In case there are any bugs in the mod (like the UI not showing up, collision detection issues), please let me know via a comment or send me a message.

    Version 2.0

    Release Date: July 17th, 2016

    Bug Fixes

    Fixed the launcher, configuration, and login issues

    (Not released yet) Multiplayer

    Version 1.1

    Release Date: September 26th, 2016

    Modification Note

    Basically everything.

    Fixed a bug in which if you were in the “Dimensional Cave” or a dungeon, the synchronization with your party would stop working.

    Version 1.2

    Release Date: September 30th, 2016

    Modification Note

    Improves gameplay by adding the following features:

    – Added the Skill Button

    – Added the Ability Inventory

    – Added the Favorability Button

    – Added the Helm

    – Added the Follower Button

    – Added the Stronghold Page

    – Added the Summon Page

    – Added the Growth Page

    – Fixed Bugs

    Modification Note

    Basically, all the pages are now added to the interface.

    Version 1.3

    Release Date: December 9th, 2016

    Modification Note

    Updated the Favorability Button.

    Minor changes and tweaks.

    Version 1.4

    Release Date: December 9th, 2016

    Modification Note

    Updated the Favorability Button.

    Updated all the pages to use the new interface.

    All the pages are now integrated into a theme. The pages are sorted by a theme and each theme has its own UI.

    Version 1.


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