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The Elden Ring Download With Full Crack is a new fantasy action RPG developed by SCE Japan Studio in collaboration with Compile Heart.
Combining a deep game structure, with classic action RPG elements and a dark and overwhelming setting, the game creates a brand new gameplay experience.
Gather around and strengthen your group as you join a devastating battle!

* Play as if the game was an 80s Action-RPG. The skill and activity system is taken from early CRPGs.
* The “Party” function has been added to enhance the online experience. You can play with or against other users to progress together.
* The dungeon is one of the highlight features in the game. The dungeon size is significantly larger than the battlefield size.
* There are multiple stages of progression, from the beginner to advanced player.
* A competitive mode with simple instructions is included.
* The classic “Party” system is intact. The additional character creation function has also been added.
* A brand-new “Enhance” function has been added.
* You can use your character stats to the fullest.

• This game will be playable between the PlayStation®3 and PlayStation®4.
• When selecting this version in the PlayStation®3 system settings, the following conditions apply:
• “New Fantasy Action RPG” feature: PlayStation®3 system settings will not allow this feature to be viewed.
• “DualShock”: Display on DualShock games will not be allowed.
• “Party”: Menu screens will not be displayed.
• Graphics, controls, and camera settings will be restricted.
• Remote Play: Remote Play function will be unavailable for playback.

All active members in the live stream will have a badge appear on their profile.

This device is the PlayStation®4 “Theater Edition,” and is scheduled for delivery in Japan in August. We will announce its details once they are finalized.

Lastly, PS4 fans in the UK are now able to register to our PlayStation®4 Weekly Live Stream.

* This live stream will take place live on Thursday, 6/19.
* For PlayStation®4 owners in the UK, this is a free trial service that will begin once you register for the PlayStation®4 Weekly Live Stream.
* On this live stream, we will provide information on 1) Exclusive merchandise and special invitations to the


Features Key:

  • Original fantasy action RPG.
    • An epic fantasy setting, composed of daily life and an epic legend.
    • 25 peaceful races where you can customize your character in each of the four classes (Warrior, Mage, Thief, and Rogue).
    • Freedom to choose your own path and unravel a story free of boundaries.
    • Explore the vast world of the Lands Between, where unlike in other games you do not have to return to the town right after traveling to different locations.
  • Vast world with a variety of areas that deliver a unique gameplay experience.
    • Over 300 dungeons where you can fight monsters, imbue weapons, and collect items.
    • Huge monster and NPC encounters where your character can start a dialogue with the enemy, and highlight a contract to form a party, or assist.
    • Unique field quests that take place in place that you can experience various events, such as traveling with a merchant or riding an elk.
    • Undead monsters, as well as food, plants, and materials that you can use to level up and enhance your equipment.
    • Three types of dungeons, an enemy, and a scenario for each dungeon, making each dungeon enjoyable in various ways.
      • Fantasy Legend Dungeon: dungeons reflecting the World of Legend
        • Detailed visuals and atmosphere where the scenario is set in a fantasy world.
        • Become a god with an army in your path, or assist your allies in the fight.
        • Fight incredible bosses and use powerful items to crush your opponent.
        • Explore dungeons with quests to find various items and information.
      • Dungeon that you can customize
        • You can jump, traverse cliffs, and climb.
        • You can find secret areas such as secret doors or an entrance to the roof.
        • You can defeat giant monsters or other powerful enemies using your own skill, or be summoned by a powerful god to beat down the monsters.
        • Huge rooms that you can cross with special skills.

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          ►”Rising in Tarnished Armor will be a feast of slavish devotion to computer RPG tradition, and in spite of its many faults, the game’s existence and popularity are not in any way objectionable. ” –

          ►”Rising in Tarnished Armor can be played with a wide variety of environments and a wide range of different characters. ” –

          ►”The game was designed and developed by a modern company. The graphics quality is something you could expect from some good anime. ” –

          ►”Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between. ” –

          ►”I would like to point out that the game will probably not be as good as Dark Souls. But then again, it won’t disappoint, either. ” –

          ►”With a good plot and story, this game is bound to suck you in. ” –

          ►”Rising in Tarnished Armor is an action role-playing game that combines turn-based combat and a deep and intriguing story to create a unique experience. ” – GameSpy

          ►”Rising in Tarnished Armor is a post-apocalyptic role-playing game with a gripping story that is surprisingly dark and serious. Despite the game’s obvious flaws, the unique characters and bizarre circumstances that surround them make for an engaging and enjoyable RPG experience. ” –

          ►”This game is a interesting adventure with a colorful world, exceptional original storyline and characters you won’t be able to forget after playing it. ” –

          ►”In Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between, you are handed control of an Elden Lord. The title character is a young boy who has been exiled by the Elden King, and has survived with the aid of a band of bandits. The boy regains his memories and sets out to seek revenge. The story takes place on a world that is divided by four regions and a dangerous rift in the space-time continuum, and is


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          ※ As a player, you can connect to other players’ characters and travel together.
          ※ You are able to use other player’s characters, items, or characters as your own during this offline period.
          ※ On the game screen, you will notice a name of “Nico” by your left hand in the displayed information. If you leave the game during this offline period, please be sure to release your character name as “Nico”.
          ※ An offline period will last for approximately 6 hours on average. It is possible to play on different platforms simultaneously but the number of players that can be on-line is set to 1 to 9. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you close the game when offline and open it again at the end of the day.
          ※ If the game goes offline for maintenance or to change the server, you will lose progress and the offline period will be temporarily extended. When the server is back online, we will restore your game progress without any change.
          ※ Once you start to play, we will tell you if there is any sign that causes damage in the game such as an event where the server may crash. In this case, we will start a repair process. If there is no improvement in 1 hour, you will be notified to proceed to a repair process and we will not make the repair process unless the repair process is confirmed.
          ※ We will issue your repair instructions via e-mail when there is no improvement.
          ※ If the repair process includes money, you will receive an e-mail after the repair and you will be able to receive one repair request per e-mail.
          For players who keep their game progress on a PC, we recommend to close the game and restart the game at the next day.
          ※ If you buy the volume/season/age pack, this pack will be given to the original purchaser as is for an even better game experience. This item is sent via email from the third party vendor through a mail service. You can cancel and return this item anytime after receiving the item. This will not change any of the previous transactions and your original amount will not be refunded. This pack is not sent through the game’s mail.
          ※ If you bought the volume/season/age pack at the game’s launch event, all packs can be redeemed to customers who attended the launch event without refund. If the packs are available, it


          What’s new in Elden Ring:

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