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Download Setup + Crack

Download Setup + Crack


This game is a fantasy action RPG where you can freely develop your character.
You can enjoy the story that developed from a myth of the Lands Between.
Join the battle of the Elden Lords that are trying to become one of them.

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【About the Story of Online Play】
Two adventures from the two main characters of the Lands Between are intertwined.
Imperial Mage and Noble Disciple are exploring their own course of action, and help each other in ways they cannot imagine.
The character you create will be supported in its own adventure.
※ We would like to offer you the original Story of Online Play.
The adventure story of each main character is told in stages.
Even if there are different ways of progressing, the original story does not change, but the mood changes.
※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※

New Features:
• The Dual Mind System
Have both soul and physical strength.
While your soul has health and vitality, physical strength represents your muscle strength.
※ An aspect where you can strengthen your physical power as you play.
※ Both can be strengthened simultaneously by using the system of Dual System.
• New Multiplayer Feature
You can live in parallel with other players with your own character.
Enjoy the experience of cooperative play as you battle it out in your own world.
■ Dual Mind System
Use Physical & Soul Powers

In addition to the dual system of developing your body, you can also activate your soul.
This dual system includes three attributes including Physical, Vitality, and Soul.
※ Your physical power is your muscle strength.
※ Your vitality is your stamina.
※ Your soul power is your magic power, which can be used to transform enemies and allies into higher level enemies and allies.
※ You can have up to three attributes at a time.
※ You can activate your attributes in order from top to bottom.
※ You can not activate both soul power and physical power together.
You can activate your attributes in order from top to bottom.
※ You can change attribute slots and modify


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • More enchanting Locations and Better World Environment
    New areas that you have probably never seen before.
    Craft magnificent areas using the Loretalia map editor.
    Be immersed with the world of the Lands Between.
  • Fight in Dungeons Using an Up to Date System and a High Degree of Player Freedom
  • Equip and Equip Abilities in a Large Array of Unique Items
  • Customize Your Equip Class by Mixing Equipment, Effects, and Magic
  • A Structure with Elements of RPG and Action Game Unique to the Lands Between
  • Participate in both Single-Player and Multiplayer Missions
  • A Vast World Which has Four Different Varied Gears
  • A Realistic World that is Free of Drolly Storybook Telling
  • An Everlasting Sense of Drama
  • How to Play:

    • Download the App and Start the Game!
    • Collect ingredients for your weapon, armor, or magic in the daily and survival quests.
    • Fight in the realms of the Lands Between

    Special Features:

    • Explore a New Domain in The Lands Between With a New Fantasy Action RPG
    • An Everlasting Sense of Drama
    • An Epic Drama Born from a Myth


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    • As you expand your character’s capabilities, you become able to explore a vast world and encounter countless enemies. Whether it is a huge boss or the enraged spirit of a defeated adventurer, each has their own properties and manner of fighting.
    • You can freely use various weapons and equipment. However, it is not easy to completely master the various weapons and fighting techniques if you do not receive any training. Increase your strength with training, and go forth into the unknown!
    • Unique system where you can naturally combine weapons and equipment. The equipment items that can be acquired through battles can be combined together freely.
    The links between the equipment and the attributes of each character can be freely set as desired by the character creator. This allows a great freedom in creation.

    Fantasy world

    The rules of the fantasy world have changed, but you’ll still be able to enjoy the familiar fantasy atmosphere of a world full of danger.
    • Adventure stories based in a virtual fantasy world
    As you explore the Lands Between, you can fully experience the atmosphere of the fantasy world.
    • The Lands Between
    A dark and vast world that is said to be the land where strange monsters rule. A place where you never know what will happen. You’ll encounter many monsters, and you’ll need to discover the various mysteries of the Lands Between.
    • Various dungeons
    The dungeons are where you’ll find valuable items and equipment. You’ll need to search through them to find out how to solve the various mysteries.


    The game is different from other games in the genre. The RPG elements, such as characters and equipment, are united in a virtual world.
    Various Controls
    ◆WASD or Arrow Key: Movement
    ◆Space or Z: Cool down gauge
    ◆R or X: Cool down gauge + Use item
    ◆PgUP or PgDn: Character Action + Item Action

    Input the maximum cool down value when you’re about to fight an enemy. The character will automatically begin fighting after you’ve completed the action.
    When the cool down gauge is at 0, you can not use any items. If you want to use an item, you’ll need to clear the cool down gauge first.

    If you want to use a potion when the gauge is at 0, you’ll need to fill the gauge to 0 first.
    If you want to use an


    What’s new:

    Untitled Document 1

    The new fantasy action RPG Lands Between from Kalypso and Ironhide is revealed in its entirety and it looks like a pretty interesting title

    Open worldRPGs are not a new gaming genre. Setting you free to go wherever you want and create your own adventure. But contrary to the common perception, open world titles like Borderlands and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim are not really adventures or open world RPGs in the first place. They are action-adventure titles with side quests to go and the play style being an open world being only added to the mix.

    So with Lands Between we are looking at yet another open world RPG but this time it will be one where you are doing all of the action and can control the epic scale and the dynamic game-play. So lets get to the good part already and see for yourself what the deal will be with this rumored title.

    Lands Between: an open world RPG – a Dream Come True
    “Race, Become an Elden Lord!

    The new fantasy action RPG Lands Between from Kalypso and Ironhide is revealed in its entirety and it looks like a pretty interesting title…”
    Source – NeoGAF

    It will allow for open world games and open world gameplay in the highest sense of the word. With multiple ways to explore the land, you’re free to go where you like and set your own adventure. With trials, communities, and dungeons, you can find new challenges and routes whenever you want.

    Playing as a man of all races and classes, you’ll be free to play as a peaceful farmer, a wandering thief, an indomitable knight, a power-hungry noble, or even a brutal witch!

    Lands Between is more than just an open world RPG. In a multilayered story told in fragments, an epic drama in which the various thoughts of the characters are coming into contact in the Lands Between, it is a mythological tale that unfolds, yielding a rare, emotional journey from the player.


    Kalypso and Ironhide
    Religious Mythology: High Elves and Demons
    • Leading Company Developing “Hidden RPG Games”
    • Worlds Between Islands
    • An Epic-scale Entertainment Experience

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    Download Setup + Crack

    Download Setup + Crack

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