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PRINCE OF PERSIA is a game of strategy, where the player is in the position of a new king of Persia that, in order to become the most powerful of the world, will have to unleash the worst natural catastrophes of history. With the help of an incredible team of advisors, the player will have to compete with their knowledge, with the strength of his people and with his cunning.
Excellently-crafted scenarios will require you to defeat the powerful Byzantine Empire to become the most feared leader in the world. Game Mechanics:
A game of strategy with many game elements that surprise you!
Play with more than one leader.
Play with your knowledge, your people and the gods.
Play the Great Game of strategy with elements of courage, wit and luck.
Play with more than one leader.
You can play with a large number of leaders, and every one of them is totally different from the other.
Game Mechanics – Lesson 3 :The Big Game of Strategy
Lesson 1: The Game of Strategy
-Principles of the game of strategy:
What is strategy?
Rationality is the basis of the strategic game of Persian Empire.
A rational person sets his goals and then proceeds to achieve them. However, in the world of Prince of Persia, things are not always as rational and there are many reasons to conquer the world or to perish in the attempt.
Combine the reason and emotion of the Persian Empire, and you have a leader – a truly unique personality!
-The different game elements of the Persian Empire.
Who are the Persians?
– The Persians are the oldest branch of Middle Easterners that still live in eastern Asia, today the dominant race in Iran, Afghanistan and Central Asia.
-They are nomadic people with a highly flexible and highly developed trade system. These people are capable of conquering not only all the continents of the world, but also the great territories of the Mediterranean, in Africa, and in Europe.
-All the customs of the Persians are directed towards the pursuit of a clear vision and a set goal.
-Their time is divided into “day of the Lord”, that is, the period of the hunt, and the “land of the Lord”, that is, the period of agricultural activities.
-Today, the Persians, the greatest economic and military power in the Middle East, are living their “great imperial dream” – the dream of dominating every corner of the world.


Heroes Of Civilizations – Supporter Pack Features Key:

  • Supporter Pack Game Key
  • Heroes of Civilizations: Birth of a Legend Third Chapter will be upgraded to the Windows 10 OS
  • Prototype Unlocker in the Deadlock which you can choose to start if you Like the game.
  • Four New Characters: You can Choose from 4 New Characters as a Playable character
  • Choice of 1 Avatar
  • New Battle Maps
  • New Mechanics and Effects
  • New Music, Graphics and Visuals
  • Supporter Pack
  • >
    Heroes of Civilization: Birth of a Legend Third Chapter Need More Players? Come Multiplayer Game with a Playable Character with Your Own Avatar!

    Heroes of Civilization – Alpha Test Build 1.0

    • Multiplayer Game: Try a Multiplayer Game with your same Playable character as you
    • Supporter Pack: 4 New Characters for You to Play with
    • Prototype Unlocker: If You can’t play the Game or Play with Your New Characters, You can start with Deadlock that is a Mode with Offline and Online play
    • Upgrade You Choice of 1 Avatar: 4 Character Avatars will be available at the start of the Game
      • Khatzaran: An an Aesarian woman with the accent of a Russian
      • Rocanel: A sorcerer mercenary with the accent of a Mustian
      • Skurray: A an Islander with the accent of a Spanish
      • Zangor: A warrior with the accent of a Chinese



      Heroes Of Civilizations – Supporter Pack Crack + Free Download [Mac/Win]

      Heroes of Civilization is a turn-based strategy game with fast-paced combat and a simple, intuitive interface that lets you explore the strategic depths of the map or have some fun rushing opponents with your army.
      In Heroes of Civilization the map is divided into hexes. Each hex contains a building with influence points and it is chosen by the player where to place and defend first. Each region in the map can be controlled by one of the four warring civilizations. When you declare war in Heroes of Civilization you get the chance to go on a campaign and attack your enemy kingdom, capturing new territories and removing as much of the enemy influence as you can.
      In Heroes of Civilization you are a leader of one of the four civilizations controlling a selected region of the map and you lead your civilization to war and gain dominance on the map. You can defend yourself and surround your opponent’s territory or attack them, depending on their tactical strength and state of your economy. Once you and your army cross a hex border, you have to continue on till the other side or meet your opponent’s army and end up in a battle. If you win in battle, you take control over the region and expand your empire. But if you lose a battle your army retreats back to your home territory and you lose control over that region until you win the battle. Each battle counts in those regions which is influenced by your army.
      This is the perfect match of a fast game without tricks, but still a tactical approach and strategy. You can attack or defend, and split the warring armies into smaller parts and outnumber them. Which brings you a favor in victory. Heroes of Civilization is a game which is suitable for a single player or local multiplayer over a network – with a game session lasting for a few hours.
      – Strategy Game with Fast Action
      – Map divided into hexes
      – Various maps with different game scenarios
      – Unit view
      – Pick a region to control and lead your civilization
      – Full control over your army – attack or defend.
      – Battles & Defenses
      – Finish the battle and take control over the occupied region
      – Defend or build a defensive structure
      – Attack or defend a building or defensive structure
      – More than 100 single units
      – Over 100 more unit slots
      – Unique armies with different units for each race
      – Many quests
      – Many scenarios
      – Bashing effects and sounds
      – Custom games
      – Single player
      – Local Multiplayer
      – Network Multiplayer
      – Recommended for ages 16+.


      Heroes Of Civilizations – Supporter Pack Download

      In the war between Steel, Magium and Gold, a great battle is raging in the wilderness. A band of brave people, also called Heroes, fight for three Endless Kingdoms. Only by declaring a “Kingdom” each day, the players can win the game.

      Players can get started by choosing one of the three Endless Kingdoms and visiting the “Endless Kingdom Login Screen”. After making a few clicks, they will get into the game.

      During the game, Heroes will collect nine items and use them in the battle. Players also have a number of special skills to choose from. Each player can choose different attacks and skills to suit their own gameplay style.


      Endless Struggle
      Heroes can obtain large prizes through different bonus activities. Players can also unlock the nine available treasures to win the power.

      RPG Chat
      Players can chat with their teammates in chat mode.

      Blood, Sweat and Tears
      Players can make different weapon and trade items with other players by battle.

      Three Endless Kingdoms
      The picture on the right is the trading screen. Players can choose one of the three Endless Kingdoms, take a look, and then click on the symbols, where their own artisans will appear.

      Fights are supported. Heroes can fight in the battlefield to gain the upper hand in the fight. They can also participate in the battle of the stomach. During the game, players can collect more than 16 kinds of troops, and each of them has its own advantage and disadvantages. Heroes can also capture other players’ territory for their own, and get rewards for winning or losing battles.

      Like the old days, the whole battlefield is the background of the game. No matter where the player is, or what he does, he will not miss the battlefield, as if he is playing in the battle between Steel, Magium and Gold.

      Civilization Game ModeIn the epic event, Heroes will collect and fight against monsters for many treasures, and win them. Players can also get some bonuses in the process.

      The Best is Difficult
      Heroes will bring a great number of soldiers to the battlefield. And players can also choose or form heroes to fight with. Only after enough steps and battles, can a player win the game.

      Chat Mode
      Players can chat with their friends in chat mode. Each time they win a battle, they can share the material rewards. Besides, players can chat with their teammates about their plan and issues.


      What’s new in Heroes Of Civilizations – Supporter Pack:

        The Supporter pack is currently just in the testing phase. You can see a fairly extensive list of changes on the QA forum. As it is during the testing phase, it has not been released yet.

        What’s inside?

        Like every fan pack, the Hero of Civilizations Supporter pack is free to download and use. It will add a few of the new Heroes to your game.

        With this pack, you will receive the following heroes:

        Seeker of Power

        Tir Cloud (Can be tamed)


        Myconius (Can be tamed)


        Kenji (Can be tamed)

        Additional Quest

        Additional Mounts

        Seeker of Power

        Tir Cloud





        Additional Quest

        The additional quest is “Open Hostile’s Chamber,” available to all levelled up classes. This quest can be completed in any city.

        Additional Mounts

        With this pack you will receive 3 additional mount for your horses. These are:

        Whip-wielding Archer

        Aerial Ranger

        Fiery Heart

        If you get the Supporter pack, you can already use the following mounts and expand the number of them that you can ride.

        Redrawn on 22/3/12

        (If you have the Supporter pack, it will be displayed in bold below)

        Another day…Just one more to go…This is it, this is the day…Bring me the sword to free the king…If he has any shame, he will live forever…He dared to try to change, but to no avail…I had to kill him and I caught him…All up in his final breath…If you got me, you were meant to be mine…All up in his final breath…Kenji… Just couldn’t kill when he killed… Only do it… It felt all wrong…Break his neck… It was all I knew to do…It will be me, it will be me… Kenji, dead again… It’s only good, good, mine, all mine…Ah, ah, all done, all done, all done…I am the master once more… All up in his final breath… Get all of them, get all of them, all of them… No more, no more…


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