ATVs: Cannibal Holocaust Uncut 1980 Dvdrip ⏵

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Cannibal Holocaust Uncut 1980 Dvdrip

Zombi Holocaust. Zombie.Holocaust.Uncut.1980.DVDRip.XviD-RPS. file size 57.2 kb | SubRIP format | Greek subtitles. Zombi Holocaust with Greek subtitles. Genre: Horror, Science Fiction, Action, Drama, Western, Crime, Adventure. Released: 1980 Country: USA Studio: Paramount Pictures, The Kennedy/Marshall Company, The. Director: George A. Romero. Cast: Michael Pare, Barbara Zukova, Joe Marie Parry, Michael Winslow, Brion James, Kevin Tai, Michael Cochrane, Richard Johnson, Don Harvey, Mark Hamill, … . Description: A group of American military personnel arrives in a small town with the goal of finding and destroying a virus that turns people into zombies.