ATVs: Dr Arnd Stein Collection 1997 2009 ((LINK)) 👍

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Dr Arnd Stein Collection 1997 2009 ((LINK)) 👍


Dr Arnd Stein Collection 1997 2009

vollard was an exhibitionist. he had paid the artist jacques-emile blanche a princely sum to decorate his apartment, including 17 murals in the gallery space. they were produced in the early 1900s, and they are still in the apartment. vollard commissioned six other artists to make murals, and the apartment is filled with their works. he once wrote, “it seemed to me that the art was the decoration and the pictures were the decoration of the art.” and so it was, at least from the steins’ point of view. they began to visit him again, and soon they began to buy his pictures. but gertrude was not blind to his faults. in her review of the 1915 salon she noted, “mr vollard himself is an artist, but his art is not art at all. the people who have followed him and paid him extraordinary prices for so-called masterpieces are no better than the rest of the art public in paris, and his gallery is a place to see the things a man likes to show.

gertrude, leo, and alice remained in paris, living in the same apartment with their brother, who maintained his apartment on the rue madame. gertrude soon made a new friend, the photographer dora maar, whose husband, francis picabia, made her first, primitive collages. these collages served as the basis for her drawings of classical works, but the drawings were also shown in picabias 1917 exhibition at the salon d,e, and so caught the eye of the steins. once, they bought two of the drawings outright. more important, gertrude recommended maar for the position of assistant at the galerie bernheim-jeune. this was an important step for her career, and maar remembers that the steins felt that she, rather than the more experienced alice rose, deserved the job.

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