ATVs: Fsx Aerosoft Mega Airport Budapest V2.00 Free Download ((HOT)) ❕

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Fsx Aerosoft Mega Airport Budapest V2.00 Free Download ((HOT)) ❕


Fsx Aerosoft Mega Airport Budapest V2.00 Free Download

I would say you will get your money’s worth out of the airports that have done the “Mega Airport” treatment, Budapest’s main terminal is not at the same level as this as it is just a smaller airport but it does also cater for the most popular airlines and it is not a destination airport so would not be of huge interest to many. Euro Airports Berlin is a similar airport albeit much smaller and it has done the treatment and adds to your scenery with it’s clever use of textures and nice foliage.

The Budapest main airport, Ferihegy International Airport is the most important airport in Hungary and has handled over 8 million passengers last year. Large enough to handle B747 (and most likely the A380) it has connections to most European airports and has recently seen a big increase in low costs airline flights. Malv Hungarian Airlines is the main Hungarian airline and it has its home base at Ferihegy. Malv and Delta operate flights from Budapest to New York. The three main terminals (1, 2A, 2B) and the General aviation terminal will be joined by a new Freight terminal soon and companies like UPS are starting to use Ferihegy more and more. Most striking on the airport is for sure the control tower, a large structure build up from ground level on two massive pillars.

In summary is this airport worth getting A resounding yes from me. It is an important, up and coming European airport that is set to dramatically increase it’s capacity in the future so deserves to be given the Mega Airport treatment.

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