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SMDBGrid Component Crack + With License Code Download [Win/Mac] 2022 [New]

■ To set component properties, you need to make use of setcomponentproperty(propert={…},value={…},bkcolor={0,…},idt=[],inst=false,tl=false,capture=false,pd=false,invis=false,ital=false,col=false,res=false,name=false,caption=false,access=true,parent=false,pos=x,propname={…},excel=false,border=true) method
■ To use it in the form you need to use {initForm(aform.inst=true)} method
■ To use it in the form with TDBGrid example need to use {FormCreate(aform.idt=aform.inst)} or {FormCreate(aform.idt=aform.inst1)} methods
■ To init the component, use aform.Active := false and then aform.Active := true method.
■ To hide components use aform.Hide() method (or aform.hide)
■ To make component visible use aform.Show() method (or
■ To show caption use aform.caption := acaption
■ To show border use aform.Border := bdr
■ To show caption-Border use aform.caption := bcaption and aform.Border := bdr
■ To show caption- and border use aform.caption := bcaption and aform.border := bdr
■ To make invisible use aform.Hide() method (or aform.hide)
■ To show invisible use method (or
■ To show visible use aform.visible := avis
■ To make visible use aform.visible := avis
■ To show warning use aform.warning := awarn
■ To make visible and warn use aform.visible := avis and aform.warning := awarn
■ To show Window use method (or
■ To hide Window use aform.hide() method (or aform.hide)
■ To set key parameters use aform.Key:=

SMDBGrid Component Crack Activator

File SMDBGrid.pas… Component is a successor of TDBGrid component – it is a simple and modular component. It can be easily debugged and its source code is visible for pascal programmers. It is in the Delphi 6 – 7.0 BPL (Binary or Source) form.
In windows and with DX:
The SMDBGrid component is a panel wrapper with extended features.
If you use the DX:
If you use the DX: Delphi 6-7 and use DBGrid for customizing grid (including on events of its cells), make sure to use the new DBGrid component – it has the same functionality but for some reasons the form designer makes some “wrong” changes in it (the grid itself is broken for example).
In windows (without DX):
Use the SMDBGrid component directly in your programs.
To set enabled:
1 – open main form in the designer
2 – open the property grid, click on “Customize” on the form and on the “Form” tab, click “Enabled” option.
Not fully tested!
Details for usage:
This component is not aimed for the users.

To run this component after download, you need to put them in the following directories:

1 – on the form you set this component, either in the same Directories Tree-folders (PrimaryForm) or on any sub-form with this component.
2 – in the Delphi DFM you should use the standard directives “owner,” “progid,” “componentname,” etc.
Of course you can put them in the project “fpr file” or in the same directory with the component for the user.
Place the component into the following directory:

1 – in the Windows system
2 – in the Windows system
If you put it into the user desktop, make sure the user has rights for reading the folder.
If you use the DX:
➜ %PROGRAMFILES%\Embarcadero\RAD Studio\6.0\lib\XE6

You need to click on the “…” button on the component, follow the steps of installation and run the component!

To compile:
1 – in the project where

SMDBGrid Component Download

1.smdbgrid.pas, smdbgrid.dfm – just application code. Do not include into Delphi project.
2.SMDBGrid.pas – for Delphi and VCL (has interface with FMX which can be used in Android, iOS). Includes resource SMCnst.pas (includes language resources). If you plan only to use Delphi and VCL use this component.
3.SMDBGrid.dfm – for Delphi and.DFM files for FMX (for Android, iOS). If you plan only to use Delphi use this component.
4.SMDBGrid component – for.pas file without.DFM (for Android, iOS). If you plan to use only VCL component without Delphi use this component.
5.Some examples from archives:
Translated to German:
Translated to Russian:
Translated to Spanish:
Translated to Portuguese:
Translated to Brazilian Portuguese:
Translated to Ukrainian:
Translated to Czech:
Translated to Slovak:
6.License: GNU General Public License, GPL Version 3 or later
[18/Oct/2004] Version 0.6
6.1. Change version of license from GPL to the later GPL version
6.2. Fix bugs and update resources
6.3. Change a lot of strings with GUI messages.
6.4. Fix some general bugs
6.5. Many thanks to Ilya Andreev from GeoCities ( for

What’s New In?

The SMDBGrid (Smooth Data Grid with the Beading) is a component that implements a smooth list (beads) of records like a TDBGrid and demonstrates a lot of useful features at once. It is the successor of TDBGrid and is less than a year old. It is my favorite component.
Features :
■ use of smooth scroll to view previous and next records (single gesture)
■ scrollable list of records (like those in TDBGrid) with X or Y scrollbars
■ customable behavior of the scrollbars
■ the height of scrolling list is the height of both X and Y scrollbars
■ the height of X scrollbar is the height of Y scrollbar plus the height of headers
■ headers with the icon, custom scrollbars, autoscroll options
■ the text and icons in the header and icons in the cells is getting clear now. For cells with pictures is a painting of the picture using the mouse
■ table style for the whole list of records. For each single record its cell with a special properties
■ fixed layout of the columns. There are some automatic options to set the width and color of each column. You are able to say whether the cells will be filled with the column name or with the cell data
■ fix the columns order (compare with TDBGrid and TDBNavigator)
■ horizontal scrollbar also fix for the few columns
■ draw every cell as a 1C-accounting
■ scrollable list of records
■ scrollbar vertical and horizontal in the header
■ Select/UnSelect (or it is the checkbox) for the records (is transfered from TDBGrid)
■ insert and delete of records in the list is automatically disabled (is transfered from TDBGrid)
■ custom label for the headers (using single/multiline Wordwrap)
■ document-specific properties (like font of the records, color, style, style of the header)
■ ability to disable the border around the list
■ ability to make a dot (like LINEAR button in TDBGrid)
■ ability to save/restore of the layout for the records

System Requirements For SMDBGrid Component:

Minimum System Requirements:
Win XP/Vista/7/8
Pentium 4 or equivalent
16x DVD Drive
Hard Drive:
24GB free space
Additional Notes:
* The game includes more than 4 hours of game play * The first level of the game is freely playable and can be downloaded * The second level of the game can be downloaded from the www