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* _Books:_ _Photoshop For Dummies_ (2nd ed.), by Joan Solano, shows novice and intermediate users through the process of editing a photograph (taking it from camera to print) and creating a desktop poster. _Adobe Photoshop CS6: A Pro’s Guide_ by Roger Hauwert and Tonya Reiman covers advanced techniques, including Photoshop’s new features, such as layers, masks, and adjustments. It also provides tutorials for digital painting with seamless layers and final touches in print and online media.
* _Magazines:_ _Photoshop Magazine_ ( will address particular issues such as working with color, layers, special effects, and the newest features. It is a great place to learn Photoshop.
* _Podcasts:_ A podcast, or a full-cast audio, is a radio program that delivers a series of connected audio files that describe a topic in sequence, much like an audio book. Podcasts (sometimes called podcasts) are an excellent way to keep up on Photoshop learning. There are dozens of Photoshop-related podcasts available on iTunes. The advanced user can turn these podcasts into video tutorials.

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Like every other software, Photoshop Elements contains both the professional-level and the amateur-level versions.

Which Photoshop Elements (Elements, Elements Editions, etc.) is suited for you will depend on how much you are willing to spend, how much you want to learn, and the amount of your time available to learn and practice.

Even though both versions of Photoshop Elements have a similar interface and they can be used with the same skills and tools, in this article, we’ll only be discussing the amateur-level version, since the typical “photographer” uses Photoshop Elements as his go-to graphics editor.

Photoshop Elements 2018 for Windows (Mac version)

As a general rule, the more professional a software is, the more its beginner tutorials and support are that allow you to work faster.

The beginner or amateur-level version of a software can be easily identified. These are either inferior or simplified versions of the professional version. Photoshop Elements is no different.

Both programs have a similar interface, and they have many of the same basic features. Both can be used for the same purposes; one is just easier to use.

In the following pages, I’ll show you the details of how Photoshop Elements 2018 works.

General features

I want to start my review of Photoshop Elements 2018 by showing you some of its general features.

The interface

The main window that you see in the screenshot above is the Design workspace.

It shows you the selected tool (for example, a brush), the controls for that tool, the size of the image on the design canvas, and a preview of the final image.

Design workspace

Design workspace

The workspace also shows you the image or image sets that you have selected.

Here, I show you the 3D option, Blur tool, move tool, all the layers that are selected, and the option to reduce the resolution of the image.

Design workspace

Image via

Image via

Image via

The Color palette

The last image above shows you some of the tools and options in the Color palette.

The Color palette – The options window contains the list of colors that the user can choose from. The user can add

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or equivalently to $a=b=c=\frac32$. Therefore, the three points are collinear (in particular, the three vertices of an isosceles triangle).
Remark. As a matter of fact, it is possible to replace “triple” with “square”, with the restriction that the squares must not be right-angled. This restriction is necessary to carry out the proof.

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