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The novel of the same name is being serialized in Japan in the Noozi Jump magazine. The official English name of the game, as well as the names of its main characters, Gilgamesh and Enkidu, are being changed from the original novel. The game is currently scheduled for release in Summer 2015.

About Falcom Co., Ltd.

Falcom is a company that develops and publishes original role-playing games in Japan. The company also produces network software, amusement centers, and other products. It is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, and has offices in various other countries around the world. Currently, Falcom continues to develop the Legend of Heroes series of games, as well as other entertainment products.

We hope you enjoyed reading this issue of Dragon’s Crown Magazine. In these exclusive interviews with Patrice Desilets, Jean-François Dagenais and Mathieu Giroux, we learn more about the game, its characters and its scenery, as well as what happens when a developing and rich world must be condensed into a single game. Additionally, Francois Dufour, Falcom’s director of development, talks to the magazine about how Falcom’s popularity has changed in the years since Dragon’s Crown. Finally, we look back at our favorite Dragon’s Crown memories in this special retrospective issue.


You can find Falcom’s official English website here.


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Features Key:

  • Elden Ring Materia Features:

    • The Elden Ring Materia is a single material that characterizes character classes/attribute points
    • Every character is born from a specific quinto class, APs are needed to raise attribute points that characters can use to increase their attribute points with every use
    • The conventional attribute point powers that are also required APs will appear on the stats screen
    • Some attribute point powers cost an attribute point to use and have greater offensive and defensive capabilities than conventional attribute point powers

    Elden Ring Adventure Features:

    • Brought to life by grace, become an important guardian of the city of Elden.
    • Grips the heart of the character in hopes of imitating the actions of the story about your character in the Lands Between.
    • The thrill of gladiator matches and tavern brawls awaits you as you become a Rathian knight warrior.
    • A quest that changes the fate of the Lands Between dwells in


      Elden Ring

      PC Game Review

      In the

      The Tale of an Elden Lord

      In the mid-2nd century, the land was ruled by the Great Black King, the most powerful sorcerer in all the lands. The king prospered with his peace and a prosperity brought to the entire world by the magic of his people.

      Laid to waste at the hands of his great rival, the Elder King, the Great Black King committed suicide, leaving behind a young child, Linzi. Raised in the service of the royal court, Linzi’s destiny was to become the crown princess.

      The Elder King, however, had other plans. Instantly taking the title of the Great King and the position as a general, the Elder King took over the kingdom, setting his sights on the young Linzi.

      The Great King, convinced that Linzi could be his nemesis, felt only contempt for her but his control over his kingdom’s military was nowhere near what it was before, and Linzi’s presence began to weigh heavily upon his military in ways he had never experienced before.

      Little by little, the people began to fear the Elder King. The soldiers serving under his command did his bidding and continued to suppress and oppress. They began to report at least one or two of them to the King, and yet their reports still failed to bring him down.

      So, in a burst of rage, the Elder King decided to seize the throne for himself. Moving quickly, he imprisoned the Great King and usurped the Royal Army, using them to seize the country.

      After his father’s death, Linzi led a group of citizens that was secretly fighting against the Elder King’s rule. One day, the Elder King heard a rumor that Linzi had managed to assassinate his father. Incensed, the Elder King, along with the soldiers he had taken over, moved to capture Linzi.

      After a long and bitter battle that ultimately ended in the death of many of Linzi’s followers, she and her supporters managed to escape. The Elder King led his army to chase them down, but Linzi was mortally wounded. Rather than surrender, she sacrificed herself to turn the power of the magic of the lands against him. After the Elder King’s defeat, the lands suffered in a time of war that lasted a decade. After peace was restored in the land, the Elder King was forced into a trial for his crimes.

      The Elder


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      Shiro from Dragon Quest franchise, Dragon Quest III : Mask of the Lunar Knights

      “Shiro” from Dragon Quest (character by Yoshiaki Tabata), Dragon Quest III : Mask of the Lunar Knights

      Shiro from Dragon Quest franchise, Dragon Quest III : Mask of the Lunar Knights

      “Shiro” from Dragon Quest (character by Yoshiaki Tabata), Dragon Quest III : Mask of the Lunar Knights

      Shiro from Dragon Quest franchise, Dragon Quest III : Mask of the Lunar Knights

      “Shiro” from Dragon Quest (character by Yoshiaki Tabata), Dragon Quest III : Mask of the Lunar Knights


      What’s new in Elden Ring:


      The world between was once filled with a virus – the Noble Phantasm of the legendary “Crimson Dragon” 13 years ago. The lives of the people were in crisis as the evil spread in its appetite, but in the midst of this calamity, an aspiring hero appeared. His name was Guard… He wandered off and slew the evil in a heroic way. Since then, the “Chinkogata”*1, which is found in a stone circle, the Crimson Dragon’s Noble Phantasm, has been sealed shut. The other monsters in the lands between have gradually vanished. The Elden Ring, using its Grand Summoning power, can restore the world between to its peaceful state. Hold the power that you hold in your hand… and rise, Tarnished… Rise, Tarnished, and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between.

      ☆ Guilds and Communities Become Powerful Players. ☆

      Your adventures don’t end with a single player quest. You can bond with others as you play and become a guild that has power. Your Guild banner becomes the brain, and each NPC becomes the muscle of a “Community”. Guild Leaders may even join together to form a Guild Alliance (Alliance), where they can collaborate together and, as they ascend in power, together become a single player Guild. You can manage the members of your Community from the Guild Housing. Together, within the well-built framework of a guild and a community, you will rise in power.

      ☆ Leader Spirits Guide You to Ultimate Adventure! ☆

      Leading a Guild means each and every member is important. As you be the leader of a Guild, you get a role in the story. This Role-Play through the leader spirits that guide you… that are discussed “behind the scenes”. You can choose whether the leader spirits present the truth and the way you want it to be, or they narrate as they best fit the current situation, even if its just for a bit. The Leader Spirits that hold sway over various roles allow even the smallest of things to become important.

      *1 Chinkogata. A mysterious jewel hidden in a stone circle. It was created 13 years ago by the bounty hunters of


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      The rules below have been added to this topic.
      “I have been given consent to make these translations.”
      ― [i]Roberto[/i] [url=” [url=”

      Our Terms of Service Page is located here ( Please read the rules below:
      • This game, the servers, and all the content provided by Gameloft are in no way affiliated with Facebook.
      • There is no copyright infringement or third-party usage of the game, game characters, or game settings in this game.
      • In this game, you get to play with other people via the Internet and have fun, but we request that you do not disclose information about our game to third parties, such as our game’s characters and settings.
      • If you use any information, data, or screenshots you obtain from this game, no matter in what way (i.e., from the game, the website, the forums), you must remove all information regarding our game from your website.
      • If you use any information, data, or screenshots you obtain from this game, no matter in what way (i.e., from the game, the website, the forums), you must not disclose them to any third parties, nor can you display them in another format than the website (i.e., no other websites or blogs).
      • You are not permitted to modify the game or give any unauthorized alterations to this game in


      How To Install and Crack Elden Ring:

    • Extract the file meant to run
    • Double click the icon created to run it
    • Run the program
    • If prompted, extract and launch the cracks

    Known Issues:

    • The server might be unavailable for a short period after update.
    • There is a character model bug in the HD modeling and in the voice that makes the game less immersive. The developers are working on a patch.

    WP 10.3
    Game 10.3
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    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    Mac OS X:
    Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7 (Windows Vista, Windows XP, or Windows 2000)
    Processor: Intel Pentium 4, AMD Athlon 64 X2 or faster
    Memory: 1 GB
    Graphics: 64 MB DirectX 9.0c compatible video card
    Hard Disk Space: 2 GB
    DirectX: Version 9.0c
    Network: Broadband Internet connection
    Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7


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