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① The game has a story where the world’s fate rests in the hands of a legendary hero.

② The main object of the game is to raise up a new hero and take revenge.

③ A game in which you can customize the shape of your character.

④ A game in which you can freely combine weapons, armor, and magic.

⑤ A game in which you can explore a vast world with other people.

⑥ A game in which you can freely combine your character’s equipment with other players’ equipment.

⑦ A game in which you can experience an epic story in fragments.

⑧ A game in which the result of your actions has a real impact.

⑨ A game in which the presence of other players can be felt.

⑩ A game in which you can interact with other players.

⑪ A game in which you can speak with other players.

⑫ A game in which you can learn the secrets of the world.

⑬ A game in which you can experience an epic story in fragments.

⑭ A game in which your decisions in real-time have a real impact.

⑮ A game in which you can meet many kinds of characters.

⑯ A game in which the music changes according to the time of day and the place.

⑰ A game in which you can learn new skills and deepen your character.

⑱ A game in which you can develop a character based on a fantasy world.


① A game in which you can defeat the enemy by having fun.

② A game in which you can enjoy fun action in a small story.

③ A game in which you can show off the most adorable characters of the most popular anime and game series.

④ A game in which you can play all you can.

⑤ A game in which you can challenge your friends for who becomes a cute hero.

⑥ A game in which you can defeat the evil king and save the princess.

⑦ A game in which you can experience an epic story in fragments.

⑧ A game


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • 1.Sword Skill[level:15, Skill Rating:73, HP:Caster base HP x3 ]:
    Effect of the Great Sword
    A skill in which the party attacks enemies in a powerful manner using powerful thrusts and short-range attacks. This is the most pivotal skill that can unleash a dramatic ending and reduce the damage you are inflicted by enemies. In addition, the enemy may become confused and will be difficult to control.
  • 2.Force Slash[level:15, Skill Rating:73, HP:Caster base HP x3 ]:
    Chain Slash
    Attack that can deal a lot of damage for high levels of levin; in addition, the defense is automatically boosted when the charged attacks have been applied. The area is increased by 1, and the damage is also increased. The overall damage will be at par with a physical attack at LV5.
  • 3.Destructive Skill[level:15, Skill Rating:71, HP:Caster base HP x3 ]:
    High Impact Thrust
    High impact attack that applies a lot of damage and is good for the attacking conditions. This can be used at any time for a two-hit slash or a one-hit slash. A great attack can make a dramatic ending unfold.
  • 4.Ice Armor[level:15, Skill Rating:71, HP:Caster base HP x3 ]:
    Sudden Retreat
    By absorbing magic into your body and using it, you will become invincible for a brief time. You and your allies will be able to retreat as HP is frozen, therefore overcoming the damage caused by a sudden attack.
  • 5.Lunge Summon [level:15, Skill Rating:63, HP:Caster base HP x1.5]:
    Chase Rank
    Part of the power of the [Desolate Plains]. During the battle, you will be able to control a summoned enemy to assist your allies, and once defeated, the summoned enemy will be returned to you.
  • 6.Routing Skill [level:15, Skill Rating:63, HP:C


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    Elden Ring (Tactile) Impressions


    Everyone knows the voice of the voice actor and such, but I’m pretty sure all of us have got people who loved the voice. Take a look at the following sentences, and you might be able to hear the voice actor as well.

    BAM, SORRY, CANT READ THAT EXACTLY… ok its Zaela. I was so excited to try out this game when I found it at a different location and everything was straight up awesome. When the group here finally found it after hours of putting it on display because i didn’t have enough hands to carry it, no joke. We were like “OMG we finally found it” and it was like “wait a sec, what is that?!”. It was like opening a time capsule. The fact that they kept this in the game is really cool. Gave one to the group here and said “you decide what to do with this now, but also look for me in RIFT”. Came home and I checked it out, and I am in awe of the quality of this game. If there was any doubt in the quality or massive amounts of RPG games in this style – they need to be working on another game. This was a fantastic experience and I highly recommend it if you are remotely interested in the fantasy type genre. I think they are opening it up again in January, but I won’t be there because I don’t think I can justify missing a previous game and then missing a future one, but you should go and check it out for yourself.

    The Story

    As a veteran of the Elden Ring Knights, the player embarks on a quest to save an acquaintance and accompany him on an adventure to the north. The player, who assumes a new name and identity, grows as a character in turn, and thus eventually becomes a new Elden Ring Knight.

    The Characters

    Character development allows players to freely change the name and class of each party member, and also add in new members in the field. I like the method that level up stats to the predetermined number of points at the end of each level instead of gradually leveling up stats. Also, the developers changed the number of points required to level up to reflect the increased level.

    Each character has multiple skills, and you can allocate points to individual abilities at any time,


    Elden Ring Crack Free For Windows

    1. Sword and Shield
    Sword and Shield is an action RPG where you can enjoy massive battles with other players!
    For the first time, controlling a medieval army with a tactically manipulated formation is possible. Experience a visceral battle that defies monotony!
    2. Navigation
    In addition to controlling your character, you can use other players’ characters. Experience the thrill of battling with them in multiplayer!
    ** Online Play
    In addition to Local Multiplayer, the game supports online play. A variety of different modes, including Map Voting and Guild War, allow you to play with others.
    ** Standard Maps
    A variety of world maps are included, along with different types of dungeons. Use these maps to enjoy variety in battle!
    ** Unique Battle Mechanics
    All the players in this RPG have their own 3D costumes. As you equip weapons, your attacks and spells will have increased effects and power!
    3. Online Guild System
    You can assign your character to a Guild. Use this Guild to play together with other players, create a Guild Fleet, and participate in Guild War.
    4. Character Customization
    A variety of costumes are included in the game. You can experience each character’s personality through their own individual design.
    5. Find and Train a Mercenary Companion
    Use a Mercenary to increase the effect of your weapons, armor, and magic. You can level him up by increasing his energy level, and even equip him as your sidekick!
    6. Summon System
    ** Deploy your own Summon Slot
    Summoning is a core part of Tarnished, and Summon Slots can be obtained from defeating enemies and rewarding yourself.
    ** Level up Summon Slots
    Each Summon Slot has its own Level, and you can obtain better Summon Slots as you level up.
    ** Summon Monsters using Summon Slots
    Summon Monsters to join your army in battle. In battle, you can change the Summon Order, and even deploy them in formations. Summon Slots can be leveled up through repeated use.
    7. Class Customization
    This game offers a variety of classes. Choose between Warrior, Rogue, and Mage. Different roles can be assigned, and your abilities can be customized as you progress.
    8. Loot System
    From monsters, bosses, and pedestals, you can earn materials necessary to level up your weapons, armor, and magic.
    ** Loot for your Mercenary
    You can obtain materials to equip your mercenary from monsters, bosses, and pedestals. As you


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    A new fantasy action RPG project developed by the famous CG studio Sphere CG, Rise of Tarnish has been released. Rise of Tarnish is a very active project of Sphere CG, with important updates announced on a monthly basis. Please support us in our お待ちしています!

    At the same time, on 1/29/2017, the Sphere CG Factory will hold a closed Beta Testing Event for a portion of our users, selected through an application. Those who wish to take part will be required to purchase a limited edition apparel for Sphere CG’s Rise of Tarnish project and a special item.
    There is also a special BBS ticket to get in for opening hours only.
    If you have any issues connecting with the closed Beta Testing Event, please contact us directly.

    Mon, 23 Jun 2017 01:00:49Thu, 27 May 2018 19:03:0415215196Ecchi and Fantasy


    Every week, new ad-veils of the fantasy nature will appear in the various fashion and design shops.

    The fantasy nature’s energy is notable, and its aura is clear from the beginning. No matter how much it concentrates on tidying up, it’s an exceedingly complex and overbearing energy and on top of that your words can be harmful. But even as you are about to say something that will make you the fodder of ridicule and scorn, perhaps said words are observed as beautiful, and you will somehow manage to save yourself. Yet deep down, you’ve found the truth: there


    Free Elden Ring Crack [Mac/Win]

    1. Unrar.
    2. Go to “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\elden ring\data\dlg” and extract the files.
    3. Open game and patch it through Steam UI.
    4. Repeat steps 2 to 3.
    5. Use “ModCntrl + Windows + Space” to launch the game.


    1. If you have problems with game installation, please try to disable Virus and Adware Protection on your computer.
    2. If Steam doesn’t recognize your game, delete the old ones and replace it with the ones in this site.
    3. If the game crash when starting it, reinstall steam client if you have it installed and try to disable some add-ons.
    4. If mod crash when starting it, don’t be surprized if steam doesn’t find it. Just unistall the game and reinstall it.
    5. If you find a bug, please report it on the Bugs forum.<?php
    * This file is part of Swoft.
    * @link
    * @document
    * @contact
    * @license

    namespace App\Utils;

    use App\Contracts\ITransportInterface;
    use Swoft\Transport\Http\HttpClient;

    class HttpUtils {

    * 发送HTTP请求
    * @param $url 所需的HTTPS地址
    * @param $method 请求方法,可选,其他请求参数需设置到元素上
    * @param $param 所需的HTTP请求参数,如果不需要,可以直接不设置,不然会�


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