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Name Elden Ring
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In the land of Elden Ring Serial Key, a power-hungry lord is set on conquering the world. He and his subordinates control the forces of evil, while the heroes strive for the glory of the dawn.

Together with two heroes, you can perform quests and meet new people. The heroes you have conquered will join your party, and you can overcome the great challenges in the land and fight for your cause.

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– A vast world that is divided into three regions. A world of unparalleled beauty, boasting a wide variety of geographic features.
– A multilayered story. A story that can change depending on how you behave during the adventure.
– Build the character you want to play and form your own party.
– A third-person RPG that freely mixes action and strategy elements.
– Endure the hardships and manage the flow of battle with a battle system that gives you control of the action.
– Battle to the death with opponents throughout the game.
– Enjoy the rich and detailed graphics, with over 100 pieces of armor and weapons.
– Form your own party, and invite your heroes to battle.
– Experience a journey of epic depth and drama, with a true story in fragments.
A total of 11 customizable characters that feature divine charm.
– A world that is a mixture of different elements that define the Elden Ring.
– Characters that can undergo different transformations as you play the game.
– It is possible to customize your own character.
– You can find many heroes to help you in battle.
– Apart from dual-, triple-, and quadruple character characters, the game also allows for the formation of a quintuple-character party.
– An entirely new battle system.
– The action you undergo is directly connected to the strength and alacrity of your actions.
– A story that connects the world’s three regions, with a mixture of fantasy and myth.


– We want you to feel the impact of you and your comrades when you defeat an enemy. Therefore, we’re working on improving the destruction effects of your attacks.
– We’re adding the PEPUSSA II to the game, and you can obtain the enemy’s set of equipment before defeating them.
– The battle system, that has both offensive and defensive aspects, has been improved


Features Key:

  • Brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord!
    – Calamitous adventures await!
    – Fight with fierce opponents in open areas or put up a fierce battle in large-sized dungeons
    – Build your own custom world with many unique elements
    – Battle in the Dynamic Local Multiplayer Play Area!
    – Play with strangers in real-time or invite your friends
    – Beautiful graphics and music, full of action
    – A wide range of items including weapons, armor, and magic
    – The WARPEN rarity is a character that was raised by a war god to be the strongest character in the Lands Between, and is at the top of the combat league rankings.
    – Meet the WARPEN who was raised as an orphan and share the path of joy and glory together.
  • Dynamic online play letting you enjoy the ease of communicating with others!
    – PvP battles such as world rankings, guild wars, and clan wars
    – Online collectibles and achievements
    – Events such as quests to go with the storyline
    – Face-to-face PvP interactions in a wide variety of maps, including:
    Overgrowth! Impenetrable battlefields! A castle labyrinth! A mysterious ruin! Wild land!
    * The details will be announced later.
    – With “Co-op Battle”, you can enjoy the sense of virtual communication and travel and compete with other players in special events.
  • – In real play, you can simultaneously browse with the ‘loop’ and ‘tap to look’ functions.
    – Using the ‘tap to see’ function, you can easily check the details of the area.
    – There are also various details that you cannot see without the ‘tap to see’ function.
    – For example, you can see the names of items, the battle status, the contents of the shopping list and the items in your equipment.
    – If it is time for the real game, simply start the ‘loop’ to go to the next realplay area.

    Copyright: NIFTY NIFTY 2015 All rights reserved. Cheer up and enjoy!

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    Elden Ring Activation

    – 7/10-8/10 [eldenring]




    In order to realize the development of the game, we will soon release more information with details of our upcoming game, Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring 2022 Crack and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between.
    ■The MYTH System
    The game’s unique system, which is yet unseen in games before the release of Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring Activation Code and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between., is a multilayered game where you can enjoy the two-way aspect of the interactive myth that has a large appeal.
    ■Two-Way Myth
    On one hand, it is the game that emphasizes the story that will be interesting for the players, which has been conveyed in a more natural way as an interactive system, and on the other hand, it is the system that is implemented without interrupting the operation of the game and allowing the players to freely enjoy the game.
    ■Interactive Myth
    The myth, a story that is implemented in a broader sense, does not just show the history of Tarnished, but the story of the whole lands between.
    Three main myths that have a significant impact, individually, on the history of Tarnished, the story of other lands between, and the world of the game, the players can freely experience, so the myth will be the most interesting aspect of the game.
    The development of the game will be progressing in tandem with the expansion of the myths. Furthermore, the product that will be developed will take the form of the first expansion of the main story.
    ■Character Creation System
    A new character system that has a significant impact on the main story, where you can create your character in the form of customization and decide what kind of character is completed through four stages that can be freely combined.
    ■Main Story System
    The single player story is very exciting in a different from other games.
    ■Master Skill System
    The game allows the creation of a hierarchy of skills for the user to freely choose a skill combination suitable for their


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    What’s new:

    ]]>Mon, 13 Jul 2018 19:00:00 +0930Days of Summer – Day 12: Move Forward Like Eliath
    Suspense and shiver, heavy atmosphere and jump from joy, and fairs and courtesies to be observed as many times as it is able!

    The Land Between is an oppressed and sealed-off land. Over the course of about 400 years, the Noxians have incited the ire of the sleeping gods into violence. After a brutal war, and with the aid of an army from across the Northern Continent, Noxian demons’ voices sound in the land. In the heat of battle, a young drummer boy named Eliath burned himself out of awe upon witnessing their godly power. In doing so, he pledged his life to the Elden Ring, a divine weapon that was past into the care of the Shadow Savants. After a while, the Ring’s director vowed to grant Eliath’s wish of finding and awakening true power. The young drummer boy was delighted to discover that he had come to the Land Between with a power deep within the fort; just follow the sound of soul-sinking cries of the people, and his wish will be granted. The young drummer boy decided to adopt the name “Eliath” and perform the virtue of increasing the Ring’s power, but, upon his original intent to awaken his godly power, he awakened a rage deeper than human-level — something he had forbidden himself to acknowledge — and for it, the power he acquired was nothing but an empty shell of an Eliath. He cursed and reviled the Drummer, and returned to the Land Between entirely unaware of its true realm.

    Eliath’s character increases along with the Ring’s power and strength as he travels the world, and he will learn the days of the gods, hand-in-hand with the Land Between, in line with other characters. All he has to do is mingle


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