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■ The Heart of an Action RPG
“Elden Ring” is a new action role-playing game featuring the lore of the Elden Ring from FINAL FANTASY XV. Embedded in the action role-playing genre with a vast world and new gameplay concepts, this is not a series where you can rest. The battles are fast-paced and exhilarating, and the tension is heightened by the highly detailed and vibrant graphics. A rich story with cast and contents to create new emotions of the players is packed in every scene, from the first moment you raise your sword.

■ The Ancient Legend of the Elden Ring
The final chapter of the FINAL FANTASY XV. The ancient legend of the Elden Ring, which has captivated the world as the force of fate, and with it, the last hopes of mankind that is still on its journey to the end of a crisis, open before you.

■ Features

• A Vast World
A vast world with a theme of open fields and huge dungeons in a three-dimensional environment.
• A Revolutionary Action RPG
A new action role-playing game featuring the lore of the Elden Ring from FINAL FANTASY XV.
• A Unique Online Play
An asynchronous online element that allows you to feel the presence of others.
■ Characters, Languages, and Accessories

A Knight, Falcio, lukewarm and laconic. His sword, a relic of the Final Military Order of the Kingdom of Éryn.

A Forceful Female Knight, d’rono, a persuasive and dedicated warrior. She wields a powerful weapon, a weapon that has passed down through her family.

A Cloistered Monk, Gaspard, experienced and cheerful. Also a disciple of the Church of Ivrea.

A device that allows the Runespeaker to manipulate the fabric of space and time. A rare and special crystal, the Glyph is an object that is not only a weapon, but also a symbol of courage. It is made from an intricate structure of the indomitable earth magic of the Elden Ring.

A spear used as a weapon by Falcio’s companions. Its appearance is that of something that has withstood the test of time.

A sword used by d’rono’s companions. A sword forged by a magic artisan of the Final Kingdom.

A book that can manipulate the fabric of space


Features Key:

  • Universal system with a single save game for all playable characters (PS4, PS Vita, Xbox, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC and Linux)

    • Character progression that rewards you with Character Points

      • When a new world map is displayed, earn Character Points (CP) based on how much the map has been explored and cleared

      • The quantity of stones obtained through battles increases when there is an accumulation of CP

      • A new Character Level is acquired when there is an accumulation of 40 CP

      • Various in-game bonuses are available for clearing certain world maps
    • High-quality graphics and a 5-camera system that faithfully reproduces the original VN

      • A variety of dynamic and colorful battle scenes

      • Three-dimensional world map

      • System Exclusive maps, provided by ILMxLAB

      • Character animation that has been carefully crafted based on the original VN

      • Encompassing epic drama
    • A distinctive and fun battle system that seamlessly combines the control of a VN and the logic of a dungeon crawler

      • You can enjoy replaying the battle system as if in a VN!

      • Battle scenes which have been carefully crafted from unexpected angles that fans of the original VN will recognize

      • It is possible to defeat a battle foe by taking advantage of the characteristics of each weapon and augment type

      • There are various ways to fight, such as Tactical Combo and Finish Battle

      • Character Repeating and Leader System

      • A panel that lets you easily check information in the field and at the store
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      Elden Ring


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      Elden Ring Crack + Product Key Full Free

      – A Large World that Challenged the Verbal Learner to Choose their Play Style
      – A Variety of Adventureous Scenarios that Enabled the Verbal Learner to Evolve and Multiply their Senses
      – Evolution of the Verbal Learner as Their Skill Level Increased
      – Character Customization System that Enabled the Verbal Learner to Create Their Own Identity
      – Perfect World, Perfect Action, Perfect Progressive Expansion of the World
      – Story of a Multidimensional Drama Told in Fragments
      – Synchronous Online Play to Connect You with Others in the World of the Elden Ring
      – Guide to a New Lands Between Set in Time and Space
      The Elden Ring is in the middle of a crisis.
      Concerns over the weakening of the Elden forces have sparked fears of a new invasion of the Abyss. The invaders are known to be creatures of great power and abilities. These creatures are not the ones who came from the Abyss before. It is an invasion of unknown origin.
      The Elden Ring is the only safe haven for the Elden people. The Elden Ring must be defended.
      If you play the role of a powerful Elden Lord, you will need to tackle the rumors and unveil the dark truth.
      The Elden Ring fantasy adventure game.
      Explore the world through the eyes of your avatar
      – Find hidden locations, discover secrets, talk to people, and visit the cities all in your quest to discover the secrets of the Elden world
      – Talk to numerous people at all times. They will provide hints, walkways, and other valuable information
      – Create your own character according to your play style, and have a variety of choices to make
      – Choose from 6 types of characters to customize the appearance of your character
      – Choose a weapon, armor, magic, or combination
      – Continue to build your character to grow stronger, as you are stronger when you have a strong connection with your character
      – Assist your party members
      – Discover the Worlds of the Elden Ring
      – Discover the secrets behind the Elden Ring and the creatures which invaded it. The secret is a true story of a multidimensional myth and drama
      – Exploration of a world where once a large castle used to stand and is now a giant tomb
      – A large world where the landscape changes whenever you enter a new area
      – A journey through the Lands Between
      – Vast world that makes the Elden Ring unique
      – Choose an era or history to play in,


      What’s new:

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      —■ 50+ Elden Lords

      —■ All-new Elden Lord-specific dungeon, a long-awaited new addition to the game.

      —■ New quests & Varied Battles

      —■ A revamped, improved system for battle mechanics.

      —■ New UI Improvements

      —■ 2 new classes have been added to the game.

      BUG FIX

      —■ Other general bugs have been fixed.

      —■ A problem with the “Fracture” term & a bug with the “Defeating the boss” on the website have been fixed.

      Elden Ring is the epic story of a young man who is born by a curse of death. His destiny is to spread the curse to the world, and he must be eternally reborn with a new life in order to continue his quest.


      You play as a young man with his power awakened. You are becoming a new protagonist, and you look forward to your adventures in the Lands Between to become a new hero. Rise up to defend the heavens, seek out the secret of awakening, and travel through a variety of lands to bring justice!

      In the story, you will encounter a variety of enemies in various dungeons in the Lands Between. These dungeons include large 3D dungeons with a variety of bosses, and an organized system for challenging boss battles, typical of the fantasy RPG genre.

      You can freely customize your character’s appearance and equipment, making the character reflect your play style. Your choices affect your game progress in various ways. Additionally, you can become stronger and gain access to more potent attack skills.

      Follow a character’s adventures across various lands, and you’ll be able to become stronger and more powerful as you reach new areas.

      You can freely choose the action and play style you prefer, with numerous options for playing the game as you want. This diverse


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    System Requirements:

    Vulkan requires Direct X 12 and the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (or later). It is tested and confirmed to work on Windows 10 1809 or later.
    Windows is required and supported. The Vulkan renderer may be able to run on Windows 7 and below, but cannot be guaranteed to work. We encourage developers to support Windows 10.
    We recommend using Windows 10 or newer.
    We recommend using Intel® Core™ i5-7500 or above and at least 8 GB of memory for the best experience.
    Surface Pro


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