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at the same time, lizaraction apologized for his injuries but couldnt continue unless silphirs hands were healed. then, lizaraction sat down on the floor and said, sorry, i injured you. he looked down at the shattered body of the piria. it reminds me of the one that killed my father, achjumun.

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Dare to Lead
The leader does not make the plan. The leader does not set the tone. The leader does not normally say what to do. The leader does not dictate the path the team must take. The leader is actually the one who must forge the path for the team and set the tone and the direction. And most of all the leader must inspire the team, he must lead them, not tell them what to do.

The three basic points to remember are the following:

Communication. This is the most important point to remember. There are two parts to this point. First is communicating the leader’s intent to the team as clearly and effectively as possible. The second part to this is communicating the facts of the situation they are in and communicating the team’s intent to fix or improve the situation as clearly and effectively as possible.

Inspiration. This is the point where the leader inspires the team. It’s just as important as communication. But, inspiration has a different nature. It is the leader who, through their own actions, shows the team how to believe in their own abilities and believe in themselves to accomplish the goal at hand.

Direction. This is where the team gets to use their individual talents and abilities, do what they want to do and focus on a common goal, and accomplish it. The goal of the team is to accomplish a common goal, to be able to repeat the activity successfully in the future.

What goes into the plan, the tone, and the direction. These are a set of actions which require a leader to do. The actions are not set in stone, and any leader can do them or fail to do them. The actions are basic things such as communicating to the team their intent, communicating the facts of the situation, and inspiring the team and communicating the team’s intent to fix or improve the situation. These are the most important things leaders have to do. Nothing else will be acceptable or good enough.

Rules of the Game
What is the game the team is playing? The game is “Do the best you can, and the best you can will suffice.” It is the same game you play when you are taking an exam in school, college, business, your family, your job, anything. It is about doing the best you can, and the best you can will suffice.

The rules of the game the team plays are the basic rules for a game. The rules are