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What Makes Photoshop Different From Other Graphic Software Programs?

Unlike other programs, Photoshop makes it easy to modify multiple layers. In other image editing software, only the top layer is editable, which means you have to do all your editing work on a single layer and then export the image to your final format.

Photoshop enables you to position multiple layers behind one another and edit them independently. The main advantage of this is that you can make edits to the mask of a layer without affecting the rest of the image.

With other image editing software, you can only edit the top layer and it’s merely a shortcut for “copy and paste” the top layer under another layer.

Another difference in Photoshop is that the program has many more blend modes, including recolor, multiply, overlay, and hard light blend. These make it easy to apply different effects and keep your image from looking flat by applying layers of adjustment.

There are a number of Photoshop tutorials that walk you through its basics and discuss what the various layers are and how to adjust them.

Five Best Photoshop Training Programs Online

The best-selling Photoshop course is from Adobe, and provides a comprehensive overview of the program as well as practical, real-life-type training that instructs you in making professional-looking images.

This course gives you all the tools you need to use Photoshop to modify your image and achieve your creative vision.

It contains several big bonuses that cover topics not covered elsewhere.

The course is short, with 43 pages of content. Most courses at this length limit their students to three or four weeks of training, but this one lasts a full month. That’s plenty of time to learn the basics of using the program.

In this course, you get lots of data on how to work with layers, including a discussion of masking, working with smart objects, using adjustment layers, and using brushes and paths.

Best Photoshop Templates

The Adobe Photoshop templates are designed to be easy to use and to present attractive designs that use familiar graphical tools.

You don’t have to be a Photoshop expert to use these templates, but if you are, you may enjoy the convenience of having a ready-made design.

This Photoshop template packs plenty into a single frame, providing workspace for three to four different work-in-progress frames for close compositing, layer masks, and color-correction areas.

This is a perfect layout for graphic

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While Photoshop is a more widely used program, Elements is still used in many cases. For our purposes, Elements is the OS X version of the software, but similar Windows and Linux software is also available.

For more information on Elements, visit the official website.


Similar to Photoshop, Photoshop Elements has many useful tools that help you edit images. You can:

Resize images (extending or contracting the edges while maintaining the aspect ratio. This is useful when you want to fit an image on your screen).

Rotate, flip, mirror, change cropping, and crop images. Cropping images means that you can remove unnecessary areas without losing any of the content in the image. You can cut the image into many parts and rearrange them in any way you want.

Add special effects to images.

Save your work in various formats, including JPG, PNG, GIF, and TIFF, as well as PDF and EPS.

There are also many basic image editing tools and filters, including the following:

Image smartness: Crop, rotate, and flip images.

Blur and sharpen

Channel, color, and adjustments: You can adjust colors, brightness, contrast, saturation, etc.

Adjust digital and natural media.

Remove red eyes and white spots.

Change the picture book.

Duplicate, cut, draw, fill.

You can also use other tools, such as drawing and selecting tools, text and vector tools, the ability to quickly undo, an alternative to the layers system, and more.

Adobe Elements CC 2019

Free updates for the lifetime of the software.


This software is available for Mac and Windows and comes in a free version (student license) and a paid version (Creative Cloud version).

The student license is free for personal and commercial use. There is no limit on the number of users or the number of computers (scans, printers and monitors, etc.) The program is updated automatically.

The Creative Cloud version is more expensive but is updated automatically every month. It also has three additional features:

Adobe Stock: You can use images from Adobe Stock as layer masks and edit them.

Adobe XD: A collaboration tool that allows you to share your drawings and projects via the cloud.

Adobe Classroom: Learn how to use the

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Backbone Marionette RadioGroup Accessing Individual Radio Elements

I have two Radio inputs that I am displaying in an organizer block. The information is backed up with JSON, and the values in the JSON feed to the view and radio button label. Upon selecting either radio button, I need to be able to check the check box. It appears that the radio group is “wrapper” for these elements, so I can not use a ‘group’ attribute. Any ideas on how I can access each individual radio elements?


A radio button is usually meant to apply a group action or selection. In your case, you are selecting an item. In this case, the expected behaviour would be if each radio button has a different value, the unchecked radios would have a value of 0, and each checked radio would have a value of 1.
You can create a similar behaviour by having each radio button have the same value, and if the value is 1, the radio is checked, and if it is 0, the radio is unchecked.
It seems you have a simple set of radio buttons, so I suggest you use the default behaviour (nothing selected and others selected as default). If you want to do it better, you can look at this fiddle (not tested).
The collection must be notified of the change of selected option, so I had to use a custom collection view.
All is a matter of taste, but it seems that the radio buttons are not the best element for this kind of screen (but it’s just me). I would recommend you consider using a more standard kind of input (button, select), with some custom styling.
Hope that helps!


Instantiate an object in a Factory class

I have been working on c++ templates and I found an interesting case.
I am trying to instantiate some objects in a Factory class, but the problem is that I need to pass a generic parameter to the Factory class.
Here is what I want to do in Python:
def make_something(item, n=n):
n = item
# This part is the important part for the question, how do I have access to the n value?
return list(n)[0]

# This example should return: [“b”, “c”]


Do you really need to instantiate the Factory class? Is

System Requirements:

Windows XP/Windows 7/Windows 8
2GB RAM minimum
1.3 GHz CPU or faster
40GB HD space
The more traditional role-playing game experience is created by speed and selection: you can switch from one target to another, run away, perform an attack, block, or use items. In traditional RPG games, you can carry over your resources and character to the next game. With the Switch to 3.5D features, you only have to make a few choices, and you’re good to go!