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Photoshop For Windows Download Free Free Download

Most documents of any kind should be saved as a PDF file when you use the web. The reason is that PDF can be viewed on a computer monitor, on an e-reader, or online. Some other file formats, however, are designed for a specific purpose and can’t be viewed on a computer monitor, tablet, or e-reader. Some formats are better for print than for web presentation. You don’t need to bother with this kind of file conversion unless you are going to prepare a document to be printed. In Chapter 15, I cover how to make a PDF file that you can send to a printer.

However, if you’re going to use print, the best format to work with is PDF.

Figure 13-1 shows Photoshop CS5 opening a document and saving it as a file type of PDF.

Photoshop enables both raster and vector-based editing. For now, just focus on the raster type. I go over vector work in Chapter 14.

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The well known platform Adobe Photoshop is widely used for image editing. It has so many features like editing color, cloning, painting, masks, etc. One can customize the type of a mask according to the purpose.

Therefore, the process of image editing is so difficult and time consuming. The main reason behind this is the tools and the features which are really beyond imagination.

Someone can say that there is nothing special in it. But if it’s your first step into Photoshop then you will be very happy to see that this simple tool can give you a fair idea of how this professional tool works.

The process of image editing involves so many things like retouching, cropping, red-eye removal, color correction, etc. And in reality, everything needs a medium for making changes. Now you can use one of the best mediums in your Photoshop for that.

For instance, this massive selection tool gives you a good deal of options to remove even a single pixel. You don’t have to hover over it and then you can remove it like a vector. It is actually a vector tool.

Photoshop is a professional tool for the designers and experts. But to make your work effective, you have to know all the tools and features of Photoshop. So, you will have to learn Photoshop by yourself. So, here’s a simple guide for you to learn Photoshop in 30 mins.

Step 1: Setting Up Photoshop

First, click on the Photoshop icon on the taskbar of your computer. The software starts immediately. Photoshop adds a window on the computer screen.

Now click on the File Menu and select Adobe Photoshop Elements from that menu.

A new window will appear on the screen. On the top left corner of this window, you will find a menu titled ‘Welcome to Adobe Photoshop Elements’. Click on it and then select Photoshop from that menu.

Now you are on the main Photoshop windows.

Step 2: Basic Features

You can name your Photoshop file by yourself. But it is better to name it with a description as a name.

So, now click on the Photoshop file you want to edit. You will find various options in the menu on the top right corner.

The most important items are the following:







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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Drainage for 2nd gen & higher motors make an amazing difference

Mild Spoiler

Drainage is an amazing difference in the life of your motor. Imagine a pump that last over 10 years, 50 years (it was common for the originals of our motors to live over 60 years); being a long time motor that was 100% reliable, so as the old dad pumping away and finally giving up the ghost as he gets up to 60 years old.

How about drilling a hole and draining half the oil in the half cylinder, saving maybe a quart of oil?

That is what I did in the 80’s for my 1st gen motor. Went back to change my oil in the summer, and when I dropped the motor down was surprised that it worked just as good (and better) as the oil was drained off.

There are many other advantages to a bucket not to mention the fact that the bucket saves a quart.

A lot of people argue about not letting the oil go down into the magnet because of the saturation issue. I have found that there is not a problem. However, with the 2nd gen motors I had a problem, the magnet left significant traces on the oil. However, with the 3rd gen motors I had no problem. I always drained all the oil from the magnet but for a 2nd gen motor I like to have the magnet down. As long as you dont have an oil sludge, it should not be a problem.


“How about draining the oil out of the magnet” was a bit like putting a large sponge in a drain and drawing the oil through the sponge. The magnet is like this sponge, and the oil is your water. The water will not stick to the magnet, and the magnet will not interfere with the oil.Valve’s Gabe Newell says that hardware games like Half Life 3 are still very important to the company and will remain so for the foreseeable future.

Speaking with Polygon, Newell said that while the gaming industry is often seen as a race to the bottom, Valve still has a workable model where it attracts AAA releases while also working on smaller titles.

“We can’t compete in the fast-and-loose fragmentation of the industry, but we’ve had a decade or two where we had the financial ability to work on a new Half Life,” he said

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Pentagon agrees to $1.4bn award to defense contractor for drone program

The Pentagon has agreed to pay $1.4 billion to one of the biggest foreign contractors working on its drone program, following a years-long dispute over what the U.S. military owes them. The Pentagon says the payments are intended to end the legal dispute between the companies.

Machinists Local 1572, the union that represents workers at the Unmanned Systems Center at Eglin Air Force Base in Florida, told the Guardian that talks had finally come to an agreement, with the Pentagon agreeing to make regular payments to the contractors for their use of government property.

“The union is in a good position,” said Bill Kovar, a vice-president at the union. “The $1.4bn is a positive step forward, but it’s just a small step towards what we’d like to see.”

The union represents over 3,000 workers at the Eglin center. It launched a lawsuit last year after Delta/Titan, a British defense company, refused to pay $22,000 owed to a former employee of the center. Delta’s contract with the military is set to expire in October, and the new contract being negotiated is expected to extend the contract by one year.

Delta and the Department of Defense had blamed the delay in payments on the union filing a union organizing campaign at the center, with Delta claiming it was unfair labor practices.

In a recent email to journalists obtained by the Guardian, the union disputed the Pentagon’s claims. “This is not a union matter,” it says. “Delta-Titan was simply using the unacceptable tactics of demanding money with no plan to actually pay the claim while having no intention of paying the claim at all, until forced to do so by Judge Shelley in a lawsuit that concerned their contract to provide the materials, equipment, components, etc. to the US government at Eglin AFB.”

In a statement to the Guardian, the union said the $1.4bn payment would be made over three years. The union said the Defense Department withheld contract payments to Delta and Titan as punishment for its organizing campaign.

“Delta-Titan has been working for the U.S. military at Eglin for many years and we welcome the constructive stance the Department of Defense has taken towards the company,” said a

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