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RAMses is a software developed to be just a simple PC RAM memory optimizer.
You can monitor RAM status and automatically free a customized value. This version allows save your personal configuration for all sessions.
Use it carefully, it’s a BETA version!


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RAMses Crack + (LifeTime) Activation Code Free X64 [Updated]

>> EASY TO USER: very simple, not need any configuration
>> UNLIMITED CONFIGURATION: You may add your own parameters to be shown in the menu
>> PRECISION CONTENT: You can monitor RAM status, and automatically free a customized value
>> PERFORMANCE: Show and Free RAM bar for all windows, you can free a customized value to show the RAM content in each windows
>> INDICATE QUANTITY: The indicator title and displayed RAM content for each window. It’s recommended to use the option “allocate RAM” in progressbar
>> MESSAGES: If RAMses detect a problem, let you get the error message or the reason of the failure, then try to clear that error.
>> AUTOMATICALLY SAVED: You can copy/move your RAMses configuration, it’s very useful.
To install the RAMses, just run the setup with “Run as Administrator”.
>> Windows XP
>> Windows Vista
>> Windows 7
>> Windows 8
>> [IMG]
To run RAMses, follow this steps:
>> Extract the “RamsesSetup.exe”
>> Go to “C:\Program Files\RAMses”
>> Run “RAMsesSetup.exe”
Enjoy it
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Thanks a lot for using my software

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RAMses Crack+

1.Main Function:
Open Port 80, the RAMses will automatically share a connection with the web server. The RAMses will collect a dynamic statistics about the used RAM and send the information to the web server.
The web server will send an HTTP request to a script file:

Input the URL of the Web Server and a value you want to monitor:
• The URL of the web server will be the same from web server to web server, this web server will automatically work with RAMses.
• A value:
– for RAM: HH:MM:SS, seconds used on RAM
– for Memory(Total): HH:MM:SS, seconds used in the entire system
• A value, the number of seconds for value: HH:MM:SS, seconds used in your system.
– For total memory, input the number of hours, minutes and seconds.
– For RAM, input the number of seconds.
Connect your 4G USB cable to your mobile phone and remove the SIM. Connect your computer to your modem, USB cable and power cables.
4.Directly connect to LAN and open the browser of your mobile phone or smartphone.
5.Set the IP or host name
6.Input the IP or host name or IP :
• For RAMses: 80
• For the Web Server: 80
7.Logout and close the webpage.
Use these statistics to balance your resources in the monitor, you can also turn it off.
• This is a BETA version!
1.RAMses: Mac OS X 10.6 or 10.7
2.Web Server: Mac OS X 10.6 or 10.7
3.Mobile Phone with internet connection
4.Modem with USB or FireWire
5.Power Supply
6.USB data cable
This software is the property of (who own the website and we have this message to inform you that we do not guarantee about its performances or all the features may change soon.Tag: Jersey

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RAMses Full Version For Windows [2022]

Unlock new features with the premium version of RAMses.
Discover the Full Version.

Modern design & fast speed.

RAMses offer a streamline and intuitive interface.

Monitor & Manage RAM Memory Usage.

Save your Configuration.

RAMses Create A Standard Look & Feel.

RAMses System Requirements:

RAMses requires Windows 7, XP, Vista & Windows 2000, all supported by a minimum hardware requirements which is needed to run RAMses.

The minimum hardware requirements for RAMses are as following:

100 MHz Intel Pentium III (2 MB) 1.2 GB free memory (2 GB recommended)

The installation of RAMses requires 4.5 GB of free disk space. All the main functions require a Free Space Minimum of 5 MB.

RAMses is not compatible with Windows Vista or Windows 2000, but will work fine with Windows XP.

Note: RAMses recommended RAM capacity for Windows XP is 1.5 GB and 5.1 GB for Windows 7. However for Windows Vista and 2000 the recommended RAM capacity is 2 GB.

Please read the help file included for more information on RAMses features and settings.

RAMses Features:

RAMses provide you with the following feature list:

System Manager:

RAMses provides system manager options:

RAMses allows you to manage your RAM memory usage throughout the system and provide you with detailed status on the RAM usage. Each RAMs statuses are managed in order to monitor RAM memory usage and free the available RAM memory.

RAMses memory optimization lets you define a fixed value which RAMses use to manage free RAM memory. You can simply select any value in the range of 0 to 4 GB and specify the value to use for your system.

RAMses configuration allows you to save all the RAMs settings and just need to restart your system once. The configuration is saved in the file which is currently the same as the selected default configuration. The default RAMses configuration is saved in the following path of your RAMses main folder: [Program Files] / RAMses / Settings.

RAMses allows you to modify and edit the default configuration file which is saved in RAMses configuration folder to add new configuration and modify the existing. The configuration is saved as a.bcfg file in RAMses folder.

Note: RAMses must be rebooted once the new configuration is applied.

Application Manager:

What’s New in the?

This program is a trial version, it is the beta, but works very well. You can use it without problems, but it’s better to go to for version the most complete and improved.
Please, if you see any bug please, send an email to
If you find your configuration on RAMses is not working, please send your configuration so I can merge with this one or send a new version.
RAMses screen (Default)
OS: Windwos 10, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1
RAMses screen
RAMses version:
This version is a beta, so can have bugs. Do not pay attention because it works very well.

Windows, Mac.
Audio recording, CD and DVD burning, player support.
WAV, MP3, ogg, FLAC, AIFF, WMA, AC3, MPEG, MP2, MIDI, MOD, ADPCM, MIDI, TTA, “NOCD”, “RIFF” or “SST” recordings.
CD, DVD burning, player support.
Playback support.
You can schedule play tasks. You can select “repeat” from one second to one hour and automatically load tracks from dvd disc or cd.
You can also load, stop and restore the last playlist.
You can use a score to execute by computer or the correct score automatical
You can use a keyboard to record the score, however, it is not convenient.
When it’s embedded, the program is not shown in the task bar.
You can receive the score from hotlink to the website.
You can record over or around a file.
You can check the CPU usage for every memory area.
You can select your prefered sound card to record.
You can use record with or without sound.
You can configure cdda.ini to change the cdda cue.
you can use noapime to prevent track burning dvds even if you get the message that cd+dvd are full and can’t burn.
You can use the user directory for save file.
You can use the same folder for save file.
You can automatically restore the last session.
you can choose to record your keyboard.
you can record you own score.
You can record with multiple meters.
You can record with multiple channels.

System Requirements:

OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8/8.1
Processor: 1.5Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo
GPU: 256MB (or newer)
OS: Windows 7, 8/8.1
Processor: 2.0Ghz Intel Core i3
GPU: 512MB (or newer)
OS: Windows 8/8.1
Processor: 2.0