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For users who work with large numbers of important emails and need to keep them for long periods of time, the default storage and backup features provided by the email clients or services might not be enough.
If you use Microsoft's Outlook to manage your emails and you are looking for a quick way to save your emails outside it, then you might be interested in what MessageSave has to offer.
Backup your Outlook emails with just a few mouse clicks
With its self-explanatory name, MessageSave is an efficient and unobtrusive Microsoft Outlook add-in that provides you with all the necessary tools and features for archiving and backing up your Outlook emails.
Plainly speaking, it helps you save your Outlook messages on your computer's hard disk, network drives or any other external storage device.
Integrates itself with Outlook's ribbon toolbar and contextual menus
Assuming Microsoft Office is installed on your computer and subsequent to MessageSave's installation, the add-in is smoothly integrated with Outlook's ribbon toolbar. Consequently, from the Home tab, you can access all the add-in's functions with a single mouse click.
Even simpler, you can save your messages by right-clicking them, as the add-in also integrates with Outlook's contextual menu.
Provides you with a wide array of options for backing up your emails
The add-in makes it easy for you to organize emails in file system folders, save them to MSG, TXT, EML, MBOX, VCF and ICS formats, as well as backup their whole contents, including the attachments.
It may look simple, but MessageSave actually comes with a set of advanced features that make it possible for you to sit back and relax. It can automatically save messages following specific or custom Outlook rules or using a programmable scheduler.
A small add-in that makes Outlook a bit better
Its set of functions make this add-in especially useful for users who need to keep emails alongside other important documents, store them for legal compliance, keep an accurate trail of their messages, or simply need to standardize their company's email storage policy.
All in all, MessageSave is an efficient software solution that extends Outlook's email saving functions.
This add-in is exactly how a good software solution of this sort should be: unobtrusive, easy to use, lightweight and easily accessible.







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