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* Countdown calendar application.
* Optionally allow user to enter a custom message.
* Countdown date time panel is hidden.
* Countdown date panel is populated by the date of the event.
* Countdown count changes as days/hours/minutes/seconds/days to a future date.
* Provide a custom countdown counter of days.
* Automatically resizes to fill the screen.
* Uses less memory than similar applications.
* Default countdown date to 0000-00-00.
* Copy as-is to your hard drive.
* Windows 95, NT, 98, ME, or Windows 2000 required.PARIS (Reuters) – France has announced a European arrest warrant and an extradition order against Brienne, a former French intelligence officer who is charged with treason over a second series of leaks that revealed secret documents about Muslim radicalization in France.

Brienne, who is accused of passing on names of Muslim men with suspected links to Islamic State to a third person, was caught on a live TV address in the government’s economic recovery budget speech in late April.

His arrest and extradition to France are the latest in a crackdown on the French intelligence community, after an investigation was opened against four current or former operatives for leaking the documents.

“Thanks to the investigation we have carried out, Brienne is now being brought before the competent courts,” a judicial source told Reuters.

The informant, a 37-year-old married father-of-two, was assigned to various intelligence services, ending up with the DGSI after it was formed in 2010.

He was assigned to work undercover in an Algerian population and conduct an assessment of radicalization.

He is accused of passing on the names of at least 20 individuals on two occasions to the third person, of which eight are currently being prosecuted for terrorism.

The discovery of the first leak and the capture of the informant leading to the second episode sparked a diplomatic row between France and Algeria, with Algeria’s foreign ministry summoning France’s then foreign minister Laurent Fabius, accusing him of lying to parliament and to Algeria.

Back in France, the affair triggered intense debates in the media and among politicians, especially because of Brienne’s status as a “protected witness”, a status designed to protect spies and informants.

A judge on Tuesday ordered that he remain held in custody ahead of the trial.


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With countdown, you will never miss the most significant dates of your life.

Stoptime is the first and fastest professional stopwatch software. It also has the features of a calculator, a clock and a date and time calendar. Stoptime is a professional time-management tool designed for business and scientific purposes. Includes both free and professional versions, and works with Windows 98/NT/2000/XP, Win95/98SE and Mac OS 9/X. Downloadable freeware, demo and full version, and also license for sale or freeware license purchase.
Why do you need Stoptime?
1. Provides a convenient way to see the time difference between 2 events;
2. A bit more flexible than stopwatch software;
3. Features a stopwatch, a calendar, a clock and a calculator in one;
4. Allows you to export a file for further analysis.
1. 5 different timer modes, including 1D 7D 0D and 10D.
2. Measure time difference, including Time Lapse, Split Second, Delta Time and Delta Time List.
3. Powerful Date and Time Calendar.
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6. A built-in micro-processor accelerates time measurement.
7. Graphs for Time, Date, Clock, Calculator and Time Calendar can be saved as image files, thus can be used for further analysis in several programs.
8. Allows to export the times data to other software.
9. Allows to save and load units.
10. Allows to save and load multiple units into the units list.
11. Allows to save and load units as image files.
12. Allows to save/load time segments.
13. Allows to convert calculation results to units.
14. Allows to analyze time segments.
15. Allows to toggle between use of short-hand and mouse style.
16. Allows to toggle between 15″, 17″ and 19″ wide date / time windows.
17. Allows to use your favorite graphical user interface style.
18. Allows to toggle between a small counter at the bottom of the time window or a large counter at the bottom of the counter top, visible all the time.
19. Allows to toggle between

What’s New In FoxWare Countdown?

This countdown timer gives you a countdown until any date. You can set a specific date or select a recurring date. FoxWare Countdown will display a calendar to show the remaining days. You can double-click on the date in the calendar to change the date. Time can be set to the minute or hour. The date can be set any time between 1 day to 1000 years!

Version: 3.14 Build Date: 11/15/2011
Download Date: 4/14/2012
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Migrate from Cached.NET 1.2 to 2.5

I have the following error while Migrating from Cached.NET 1.2

CS0246: The type or function
name ‘Cached.Net’ is
obsolete. Please refer to for a
list of replacement names.

How can I resolve this?


Delete the solution in C:\Users\Shauno\Documents\Visual Studio
2010\Projects\FrameworkCache\FrameworkCache and delete the
Cached.Net reference that it was trying to use. Then add the
project again, and rebuild.

MSDN: Upgrading to.NET Framework 4

The present invention relates to a chuck for a machine tool for chucking a workpiece in the form of a circular flat disk, the chuck including a first part secured to a first surface of a spindle and carrying a plurality of jaws receiving the workpiece, and a second part secured to a second surface of the spindle and carrying a plurality of jaws urging against the workpiece.
In a known machine of the above-outlined type (see U.S. Pat. No. 4,505,476), a chuck of that kind is mounted on the spindle in such a way that, by means of a screw connection, it can be coupled rotationally and axially relative to the spindle. By means of this screw connection, the second part is rotated by the spindle, such that the jaws of the second part are moved

System Requirements:

Requires the.NET Framework 4.5.2 or later versions.
Ports and Rates
The following ports are available:
● UDP: 45,439
● TCP: 9,719
The following rates are available:
● UDP: 15 to 30 ms
● TCP: 15 to 60 ms
Additional ports can be purchased from the App Store at a cost of $4.99.
UDP and TCP endpoints can be accessed in