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In the Lands Between, there is a legend that grants wishes for the dead. If you wish to become an Elden Lord, and then activate your skill in the Rank Management, a new legend will be offered in the next game.
Elden Ring Serial Key game is a fantasy action RPG that can be played solo or online with a group of friends.
In a world where peace and order are kept, a war of blood has begun between the once-united realm of Elden and the malicious Elden Empire. The end of this war is now at hand. The world is divided into two opposing alliances.
The alliance of Elden, whose people are blessed with the power of the knowledge of Elden Rune, dwells in the land of Entha.
The alliance of Empire, whose people are blessed with the power of the greed of the black flame, dwells in the land of Idhe.
In the Lands Between, clans wishing to become an Elder Lord, will offer their services to either alliance.
The head of a clan makes decisions on behalf of the entire clan. The clan chief is expected to protect the wishes of his clan.
The Elden Rune is a powerful power bestowed upon a few people that specializes in the enhancement of their individual power and that of their clan.
The first Elder Lord whom destiny chose was Tarnished. Thanks to the Elden Rune, he came to be regarded as an Elder Lord of the Elden Alliance. His clan, Tarnished Clan, has become the strongest clan of the alliance.
Elder Lord Tarnished has a power that can not be compared to any other. As he specializes in the enhancement of the power of his clan, and as he has been chosen to become an Elder Lord, a mysterious power appears in his body and he can no longer be killed.
Before the time of the war, he lived in the peaceful land of Idhe in a person called Tarnished Demon Lord.
However, he now lives in the world of Elden.
It is said that the clans of the alliance are the descendants of the legendary beast that once roamed the world of Idhe. With their forebears, the bonds of covenant have been renewed.
Together with the men from Tarnished Clan, who have pledged loyalty to him, Tarnished has played an important role in restoring the “dignity of the clans” in the midst of a war between the clans and nations of the realms of Elden and Empire


Features Key:

  • A Variety of Combat
    Learn a variety of weapon combinations, armor combinations, and magic combinations. An even battle develops when you strategically choose the proper armor and magic for the opponents you face.

  • An Epic World Wide Duel
    Duel in real time with up to 4 players world wide. As you engage in combat with other players, pay attention to the dialogue and the conversations between the other characters, and enter the interaction with individual players.

  • Much More Than PvP
    Dozens of elements contribute to the excellent PvP matches. Support for 37 weapons, 74 armor, and 34 Magic effects, as well as unique forms of strength, stamina, and magic gained through different methods of rousing your strength and becoming a Lord of the Elden Ring.

  • Fully Orchestrated Composition
    Composition that sensually reflects various kinds of music and visually creates a huge image with character shading.

  • A Superior Skill System
    Use the rhythm of the songs and the legendary weapons to create music that reflects your heart. Achieve soft combos, heavy combos, and explosive combos while using the different effects of the weapons.

  • An Epic Storyline
    A storyline that changes with the course of combat. A tale that unfolds upon completion.

    Elden Ring deep strategy – Bossable quests and the Oath Necromancer

    Bossable Quests
    You can battle bosses in dungeons. These dungeons contain previously encountered monsters with the same level as the characters. Hiding for a few days to equip your adventurers with the optimal weapons and armor, you can challenge the monsters in these dungeons one after another. You can freely customize the showdown with the monsters, so you can take your enemies on easily.

    Oath From the Necromancer
    During the quests, you can raise a level 5 hero by having at least one of the categories of monsters you have


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    You can easily create a customized character. You can customize your own appearance, skills, weapons, and armor.

    You can create a character with four options: warrior, mage, thief, or ranger. You can easily change the mix and increase the level up points and the experience points.

    You are free to switch weapons and change them at any time. You can also customize them using the material available.

    Furthermore, you are free to select a class and a skills level. You will learn these skills in the course of the game. Many skills can only be learned when you level up. You can try them out by using the “training” function.

    The landscape in the game is beautiful and this is reflected in the atmosphere. Depending on the area you are in, there will be different conversations or quests. The “guilds” can be easily seen in the game. They offer the player a chance to challenge their skills. You will also see many creatures and monsters, which add to the feel of the game.

    The online part of the game is unique. You can meet other players and be on good terms. You can set up a guild group or simply get into a dialogue with the other players. You are free to go on land, go to other islands, and even travel to foreign countries. You will meet other players from various countries.

    I have played the game for a few days and the game does not feel like I am doing something different. I was able to play the game for about 10 hours a day and I would still play for hours after finishing the game. I enjoyed the atmosphere and the variety of the game. I also felt that the game was quite fun. I had a lot of fun playing with my friend and wanted to do the same when I play with other players.

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    Though it is not currently part of the development schedule, the game is currently under development with a hybrid graphics engine.

    For more information, please see the feature list below.

    【Feature List】
    -Creator System

    ◆ Creator System features
    – Customize and Manage the World

    Set your own hero’s appearance and the number of hearts in battle.
    Customize the world so that you can design the play environment in which your hero’s special skills and weapons develop.
    Each world has its own background, such as a fantasy world or a map of the Earth.

    – View a Special View

    The dynamic world changes dynamically in real time.

    – View a Tasteful View

    View the world from a perspective that gives you a sense of peace, beauty, or calm.

    ◆ Features of the Creator System
    – Special Skills and Weapons

    There are many special skills and weapons.
    Each can be generated randomly and even exchangeable with other characters.

    – High Ability Growth Through Optimized Combinations

    Develop the capabilities of the weapons and the skills that you create.

    – Battle System

    Build up your courage in combat!

    ◆ Gameplay: The Conflict between the Gathering and the Creation

    The conflict between the gathering and the creation is the central conflict of the game.
    You must create monsters by gathering souls to fight against the gathering, which is done in a large scale.
    Then, you must fight against the monsters to gather additional souls for gathering, which is done in small scale.

    * World Talking Point features
    -A world with character.

    Over the course of many centuries, the mythical and historical world has developed a rich atmosphere.

    -Individual Place for Every World

    Place that each player can control is made up of a large world map.
    You can freely roam around it.

    – Multiplayer Features

    Connect the world via the network.

    -Social Links

    For the first time in the history of the RPG genre, play with and against other players!

    * New Story process features
    -Exciting Scene

    An ongoing story from beginning to end.

    – New Game Structure

    New characters and high quality graphics.

    ◆ New Characters and Graphics
    * NEW CHAR


    What’s new in Elden Ring:


    PILOT PLAN — Lead or support up to 5 characters, and lead your army to victory in PvP or PvE battles!

    COMPREHENSIVE MULTIPLAYER — Multiple modes of play; in a single game, you can join one of four campaigns, perform PvP battles with other players, or form alliances and travel to the Lands Between together.

    CAMPAIGN BRUSHES — Change the battle terrain at the click of a button. Utilize the vast terrain to play strategically.

    MODULAR WARRENSHIRE — Treat yourself to a massive new map! Fill it with your own creations, and develop unique, free-to-use content!

    MASTER BATTLES — Test your battleground mastery with maxed-out stats and a full-scale battle! The tree of battle tactics will open up as you become stronger.

    ENHANCED MAP SELECTION — Immediately see the location, contents, and stats of any battle map.

    Note: Due to the difference in online environments, some content and features are only available in specific regions and may be disabled depending on your location.

    733916Thu, 25 Apr 2016 09:03:03 +0000Mon, 01 Jun 2016 13:09:13 +0000Alawar Studios alawar-studios372278


    Alawar Studios announces the release of its new Fantasy Action RPG in the Land Between! You play as a warrior bent on a holy mission. Through guided solo adventure, or cooperative play with other warriors, you forge your path, by laying down faith in your own cause; a testament to your resolve and inner strength, as you travel the lands between in the service of your lord, and escape the grasp of evil!
    THE PUZZLING WORLD OF THE LAND BETWEEN. Welcome to the Lands Between, a mystical world formed by the bickering of two parallel dimensions. One side is a cruel, suffocating desert landscape, and the other a lush, meditative forest


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    How To Crack Elden Ring:

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    System Requirements:

    The game runs on Windows XP SP3 or later with DirectX 9.0c.
    All supported video cards can be used with the game
    There are some graphics settings available for you to adjust for best visual experience
    For the best gaming experience we highly recommend you have a dedicated graphics card and a 64MB video card (for current AMD and NVIDIA video cards).
    The game features a console mode which runs on low settings, reducing some of the graphical fidelity. We recommend that you play the console version in order to enjoy the game at its best!


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