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The Elden Ring is the underground secret society of humanity dedicated to protecting the world from the coming darkness.
The Elden Ring is a themed action game that takes place on the scale of Greek mythology.
* A Fantasy Action RPG, Tarnished
—A fantasy themed action RPG suitable for those who enjoy playing RPG action games, which has elements of personality and character of Greek mythology and Ancient Greece.
—A fantasy themed action RPG where you adopt the role of “Elden Lord” with great power as a god or a hero.
—A fantasy themed action RPG that is full of variety.
—A fantasy themed action RPG which allows you to freely develop your character.
—A fantasy themed action RPG that has a challenging difficulty curve.

* Visceral Challenge, Beautiful Graphics
—A fantasy themed action RPG that has a high sense of challenge.
—A fantasy themed action RPG that has stunning visuals made with the Unreal Engine 4.
—A fantasy themed action RPG which has a high-end engine.
* Diverse Characters, World, Gameplay, and Music
—A fantasy themed action RPG which provides a variety of characters that allow you to choose your favorite hero.
—A fantasy themed action RPG with vast world that has three dimensions and a variety of settings.
—A fantasy themed action RPG that has a detailed and engrossing storyline that will tell you of the conflicts between gods and humans.
* True-to-Life Real Combat
—A fantasy themed action RPG that has serious combat which you won’t be able to turn off.
—A fantasy themed action RPG with true-to-life combat that enables you to deal your enemies a satisfying blow.
* Multiple Skill Types
—A fantasy themed action RPG with skill types such as magic and physical ability.
—A fantasy themed action RPG that allows you to use a variety of skills through the support of various skill types.
* Various Settings for Diverse Games
—A fantasy themed action RPG that has a variety of settings with multiple dungeons.
—A fantasy themed action RPG that has numerous settings and dungeons that are dynamic.
—A fantasy themed action RPG that has a large variety of settings and dungeons.
* Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO)
—A fantasy themed action RPG that can also be played in a multiplayer environment.
—A fantasy themed action RPG that can also be played in a multiplayer environment.
—A fantasy themed action RPG that


Features Key:

  • Classic Exploration & Action.
    A classic RPG Exploration and turn-based action style combat action game has been developed where everything besides the protagonist faces a turn-based battle. Explore the Lands Between utilizing an item you take from the dungeons to find Gems called Mills to improve your skills, in a world where optional quests and side quests open up as you progress through the story.
  • AI Boss Battle.
    In a world where you can have 2 to 4 players on one screen, battle can be intense. In addition to using physical attacks, you can use items like Toshao, Chima and Aoi to arrest time and other special attacks to defeat your opponents.
  • Classic Voice Acting & Character Development.
    Legendary voices such as Tatsuya Nakadai (Sword of the Stranger, Final Fantasy 7, Noein) assist in an even richer drama as an epic story unfolds.
  • Gears of Stigmata.
    The main weapon has gone beyond “smallness” to be as powerful as it was developed to be. Gears with multiple uses and covers a wide range of attacks, making any method of defense useless.
  • Easy Ability Use & Game System.
    Even if you have no experience with game systems, Tehvir allows players to easily control the abilities that they learn. Admit your sin, grow up, rescue the lost soul, and more. Also, as you complete quests, Awax increases the stat Strength to quickly defeat enemies. Find Gems that change the world and try new things.</


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    Firiona Tarnished of the Band of Heroes.
    Lulled by the sound of the weather, I was deeply enraptured in a moment of rest. But then, a sharp cry pierced the air. As my consciousness soon crashed into reality, I saw a man frantically trying to scream for help. His eyes bulged in terror as his body trembled incessantly. He turned back to me, frantically pleading for my help.
    I slowly got up and placed my hands on his thin shoulders. “Are you in trouble?”
    He nodded and burst into tears. I suddenly felt lonely and incredibly sad at the sight of him. I shook my head with a soft sigh, and he immediately stopped crying.
    “Thank you,” he said. “If it were not for you, it would’ve been a terrible fate for me.” I was surprised, but I just shrugged it off.
    “No problem.”
    A faint light suddenly shone on the corner of his eye, and he turned around to look at it. I followed his gaze and saw a pair of elegant and exquisite shoes just lying at the entrance to a dark corridor.
    “What the…,” he murmured in shock. “It’s some kind of protection against evil spirits.”
    I shook my head in bewilderment. “I don’t know. They look like a pair of fancy shoes, but they must have some meaning.”
    “Maybe they are related to Lady Pekot. They are famous shoes. No man can resist their romantic charm. I just couldn’t help myself.”
    “That’s true.” It was a well-known fact among the populace. I was suddenly very interested in seeing the shoes, so I reluctantly followed my client.
    “Master!” He turned back to me, his eyes still staring at the shoes. “Hey, if you were in trouble, why didn’t you run away?”
    I looked at him for a while, then turned away in shame. He tried to be friendly, but he was just a client.
    “Oh, Master…I’m sorry. Please understand.”
    “Don’t worry. Just come with me.”
    “Oh, thank you.” He followed me out, without a single tear.
    We made our way into a dilapidated building and followed a quiet corridor to a spacious room. It was dark, but a rich and luxurious atmosphere permeated the room.
    “What kind of place is this? I can’t seem to find the


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    ■ The Game’s Features

    ▼Gather Your Allies

    Explore a world full of excitement and challenge. Join an alliance to strike a blow against the enemy together.

    ▼ The Character and Believability of the Game

    You’re in for a thrilling adventure with a rich world of excitement as you fight alongside an army with powerful allies.

    ▼ The Life Cycle of an Ally

    Allies who choose you over others are registered in their world. They can grow up, and if a certain level is reached, they will be released from service.

    ▼ The Character Growth of Your Ally

    You can register in numerous alliance in order to fight together with your allies and earn experience.

    ▼ Alliance Management

    Having a minimum ally number, you are required to keep up and develop your alliance.

    ▼Asynchronous Online Sharing and Connection

    This is a multiplayer RPG, which allows you to communicate with other players online.

    ▼ Combat System and Stylistic Features

    Having no predictable turn structure, the combat system is intuitive and strategic, with many elements at your disposal.

    Gameplay Online Game:

    ■Play Information

    ▼ Gather Your Allies

    Use the map to fight with other alliance members.

    ▼ Alliance Management

    You are required to manage your alliance members, to which you have the right to assign them.

    ▼ Character and Belief Evolution

    In the character development system, your character will grow as you advance.

    ▼ Combat System and Stylistic Features

    The combat system is what fans of the game already know, and an intuitive and strategic combat system that has many elements at your disposal.

    ■ Playing Field Map

    We plan to implement various types of maps with various aspects, such as massive dungeons, which allows you to play with a large variety.

    ■Heritage Information

    The game contains lore of Erda in a beautiful theme. The new fantasy action RPG story is born from this world.

    ■ Story of an Alliance

    In order to avoid the fight that breaks apart an alliance, all the participants decide to make a contract with the gods to form an alliance.

    ■Production Plan

    We are preparing a prototype that will allow you to play at a character creation stage.

    Thank you for your support! We are doing our best to create a new action RPG game with


    What’s new in Elden Ring:


    Play Now

    Sun, 29 Jul 2015 13:52:40 +00002016-08-01T10:33:48+01:00 Great Saiga If I stood at the brink and took time to greet the dawn, there would be no coming back from this despair. I sat on my haunches in the half-darkness at the edge of the paling faint light, embraced by the stench of the “flowering forest.”

    Moonrise just beyond the pine forest as I sat and stared into the distance.

    Something I’ve never seen before — the silhouette of vultures against the dark sky.

    You see, I’ve seen this valley many times before — each time on this bleak winter day in 1989 at the very beginning of this time-leap, the vultures come out to greet the new day.

    I tried to follow their flight in those first days of summer, but they were almost impossible to track in the absence of the sun. No way could I find them in that terrain — too many aspen, too many pine, too many snowy birches around the forests.

    And, perhaps even more important, I knew too little to make sense of their numbers.

    In the summer they come in ones and twos, following the sun around the sky.

    Now, though, they’ve grown.

    The scruffy bird bunch had multiplied into a crowd, looking for somewhere to land.

    And there’s not a squirrel


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