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HD Online Player (Nagina (1986) Hindi Movie DvDRip Xvi)

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WASHINGTON (AP) — The public defender in the case of the 7-year-old charged with killing his 6-year-old sister says his client did not do it and he would rather never see the boy go back to jail.

Colin Ferguson made the comments in a phone interview from his office in Wisconsin.

Asked how it felt to defend the boy, Colin Ferguson said: “They’re out of my hair now. I don’t have to look at that face anymore.”

He said he will be calling an expert child psychologist once he gets back to Wisconsin and the defense team has time to do its own investigation.

The judge found sufficient evidence to charge the boy as an adult.

The 6-year-old who was killed was Jamesiel Sanchez, his half brother. The death happened May 2 at their home in Milwaukee.

Tony Travers

Tony Travers is a journalist and author who has written for New Scientist, The Times, The Guardian, Salon, The Times, and The Independent. Travers is also the author of Darklore: The Secret History of Witches (St. Martin’s Press, 2004) and The Nine Kings: Chess, Murder and the World’s Greatest Game (St. Martin’s Press, 2008) which was a Sunday Times bestseller. In The Nine Kings, Travers explores famous chess players in detail, and has noted that the only game played within the confines of the Russian court in the early 20th century did not involve Nimzowitsch or Capablanca, but instead chess and its key figures Polugaevsky and Tukmeneff.

When writing about chess, Travers has claimed that he is interested in the rich culture surrounding the

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That case, decided in 1993, cited neither the earlier contradictory decision in Ewer nor the more recent decision in Mills. In Ewer, the court mentioned the fact that the train had collided with something in its tracks as part of the overall set of factors, noting that its discussion of the case was limited to the issues of whether the decedent had committed suicide or been thrown off a bridge. This Court finds that the language in Ewer is substantially less clear and significantly less well-reasoned than in Mills. The decedent in Ewer was not a party to the underlying action, and it is unclear whether he even knew what his co-workers were doing at the time of the accident.
The Court is persuaded by the Ninth Circuit’s observation that when faced with cases such as the one at bar, that the Supreme Court has “engaged in selective refinement of the Fourth Amendment’s `reasonableness’ standard in the law enforcement context.” Despain v. City and County of Honolulu, 44 F.3d 1489, 1494 (9th Cir.1995) (citing Graham v. Connor, 490 U.S. 386, 396 n. 10, 109 S.Ct. 1865, 1871 n. 10, 104 L.Ed.2d 443 (1989)) (emphasis in original). The Ninth Circuit explained that only a few Circuit Courts of Appeal, led by the First Circuit, have concluded that “Fourth Amendment law governing use of force in the law enforcement context ought to be judged by a standard of reasonableness measured in the light of an officer’s on-the-spot knowledge and circumstances

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YouTube is turning out to be the place to find the most amusingly bizarre music video and unlike usual you don’t have to leave this site to enjoy the greatest hits. The YouTube video, posted by YouTube user Matthew Everette, has amassed more than 6.9 million views since it was uploaded to his account. The video features Mexican entertainer and singer, Manchita. As you can tell, the English subtitles are hilariously wrong, but the video is still decent viewing if you’re feeling masochistic.

Reddit user Lucid_io (who is sporting an amazing live-tweeting skills) has discovered a little known fact about the Mexican Manchita. Not only is she not a woman, but her name is actually the Spanish masculine.

Here’s the original video

As Lucid_io explained:

As I watch the video I realize something: the female translator is speaking with a cute and feminine voice. The translation is flawless, but when listening to the original video you hear the supposed female voice as a male, with a rather rough, sardonic and masculine way of speaking. I guess, for the voice-over artist, this had to be the “softer” version, more pleasant and pleasing to the ear, so that the viewer will not have the opportunity to get any other idea about the style of the song. I know this sounds totally wrong, but if you translate the words of the video, in the subtitles, you will find that the lyrics are written in Spanish and then translated to English.

So, if you don’t speak Spanish, don’t be confused by a video that seems like