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What is benefit of using SqlBulkCopy to transfer data to database?

I would like to know what is the benefit of using SqlBulkCopy to transfer data to database. I have read the MSDN documentation and there are many ways to transfer data to database. I would like to know which is the best way to transfer data to database with minimum effort and minimum transfer time?


SqlBulkCopy uses an internal connection for each INSERT,UPDATE, or DELETE statement.
This means that you could be blocked while the bulk data transfer is happening if, for some reason, there are other operations running on the connection that need to be performed.
The advantages are that SqlBulkCopy is quite fast, and it is very simple to use.
Whether you need to use SqlBulkCopy depends on your requirements.
BatchInsert can be used to speed up bulk operations even more:


In addition to the other answers, SqlBulkCopy makes it easy to set up and to use. If you have an existing data access layer (data source, data reader, etc.) then you can:
1) Read from the data source (batch-load)
2) SqlBulkCopy from the data source to the database
3) Execute a stored procedure that inserts the data in the database