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the economy of the united states was converted from one of scarcity to one of abundance. the individual was expected to work hard for a living, but as time went on it was possible to make a living by working a simple job at minimal cost. the individual was expected to use his or her wages productively as well. the surplus value generated by the increased productivity of labor was used to pay off the federal debt and stimulate further productivity gains in the economy. this debt-debt-debt cycle generated a clear picture of american economic growth and a positive effect on business and consumer confidence.

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the following table shows the production of almost 100 commodities during the first quarter of the twentieth century. despite the tremendous increase in the production of clothing, the number of employed dressmakers, their wages, and the cost of clothes for workers remained relatively constant. the last three columns show the value-added, the labor content, and the value of the products (table 1).


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* @copyright (c) 2012-2019, Pierre-Henry Soria. All Rights Reserved.
* @license GNU General Public License; See PH7.LICENSE.txt and PH7.COPYRIGHT.txt in the root directory.
* @package PH7 / Tests / Framework / PhpUnit

namespace PH7\Framework\Test\Unit\Constraint\Array;

use PHPUnit\Framework\TestCase;
use PH7\Framework\Constraint\Constraint;

class AssertArraysAreEqual extends TestCase
* @test
* @covers \PH7\Framework\Constraint\Array\AssertArraysAreEqual
* @return void
public function assertArrayEqual()
$array1 = array(
‘Test 1’ => ‘value’,
‘Test 2’ => ‘value’,

$array2 = array(
‘Test 1’ => ‘value’,
‘Test 2’ => ‘value’,

$this->assertSame(Constraint::ARRAY_EQUAL, new Constraint($array1, $array2, ‘Testing’, ‘\PH7\Framework\Constraint\Assert\Array\ArraysAre