Classic Cars: Silent Hill 2 Fitgirl Repack

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Silent Hill 2 Fitgirl Repack

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Silent Hill 2 Fitgirl Repack

The mod has been out for a while but not too many people have properly downloaded it because it only has a 12.3 MB download and it’s kind of hidden, so we wanted to get it onto the front page, but at the same time, we didn’t want to make anyone have to download another file.

It’s a mod called “Silent Hill 2 FitGirl Repack” for PC, and it contains all the same features as the original version, plus a single installer and launcher. Instead of having two separate executable files, the mod is now all in one file, which is more straightforward for people to get it.

The name of the file is “Silent Hill 2FitGirl Repack.exe” but there’s also a “Silent Hill2FitGirlRepack-data.7z” and “Silent Hill”. The download size is about 7.1 MB or less. The contents are two files of 6.4 MB and about 500MB of compressed audio data.

With this mod you don’t need to worry about the audio engine or anything else buggy in the game. Instead, just watch the stunningly beautiful graphics and flawless animation. To do so you’ll need to use the included XSplit screen capture tool to record the footage, or use your webcam. You can use the included video player to synchronise your video and play the game at the same time, but there’s no option to switch between the two thanks to a UI bug. You can follow the modder’s progress too.

An incredibly impressive showcase of the long-in-development Silent Hill 2 Enhanced Edition PC mod. This is just one of the most interesting, and fascinating projects we’ve seen in some time. We love the story, the art, the subtle audio and visual tricks, and the hope that it gets fixed on PC too. Even if you don’t have a copy of Silent Hill 2 on PC, you’ll likely enjoy it.