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Scott’s Nixie Tube Clock is a cool looking clock for your windows desktop that looks like an old-style nixie tube clock. You can also choose to display the clock as a vacuum fluorescent display (vfd).
The clock is intended to be a conversation piece and a way to spruce up your otherwise drab windows desktop. The clock uses a transparent background and window frame that makes it blend right into your desktop.
Note: Free for non-commercial use.







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A freeware wallpaper with a nixie-tube-clock with a cool glowing-effect and your Window Desktop in the background. Installed in about 5 minutes to your Windows Desktop with just one mouse click.

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Scotts Nixie Tube Clock Crack+ Free Download

Display Nixie Tube Clock
Display in and out of sync with Windows clock
Display the time on the clock’s built-in thermometer
Synchronize to BBS timer
Display in and out of sync with the system clock
Easy to set-up
Auto-detects the time from Windows system clock

Nixie Tube Clock is an exclusive software designed to help you get the colors and the time correct at all times.
If you own a nixie tube clock or are thinking of getting one, you must use Nixie Clock. It is the only program that will help you get the colors and the time correct in your nixie tube clock.
Nixie Clock is a powerful piece of software that allows you to set the color of the time display to the exact color you want to see.
You can choose to display the time in 15 minute increments as well as 10 minute increments.
Setting the color of the nixie tube display is easy. Simply select the color you want by clicking on the selected area of the display. After selecting the exact color you want to see, you can choose to have the time display synchronized to your computer’s system clock. This feature is available only with nixie tubes.
In addition to the time display, you can also choose to display the current temperature and the monthly weather cycle for the selected location.
After setting up the colors and temperature, you can save your settings for later use. The time and colors can be changed at any time.
NOTE: All the settings are saved in the memory of your nixie tube clock. If you reset your clock then the saved settings will be lost.
Nixie Clock includes these features:
– Display colors of the time for nixie tube
– Display clock with nixie tube clock or VFD (vacuum fluorescent display)
– Display 10 minute or 15 minute time
– Choose to sync the time display with the system clock or not
– Set a minimum temperature for display
– Display temperature
– Display cloud formation for selected location
– Display temperature and time on the thermometer
– User interface with transparent background and window frame
– Auto Detection of Time from Windows system clock
– Save settings for later use
– Load settings for later use
– Easy to change clock color, temperature, time and sync with system clock
– See the time in all 12 hours
– Display date and time in 12 hour format
– Display date and time in 24 hour format

Scotts Nixie Tube Clock Crack+

-Displays hour and minute hands of an old style 32, 65, and 100 nixie tube clock
-Displays new style green and red daylight displays (instead of the usual black and white)
-Option to display an analog or digital display
-Displays the date
-Works as a vfd (vacuum fluorescent display) or a nixie tube clock
-Option to turn on the display and hands with a single button press
-Intended to be a conversation piece for the home office (or showroom)
-Optimized for Windows XP (and Windows 7)
-Suitable for all types of Windows desktop backgrounds
-Optimized for 2-4K displays
-Can be run without a monitor (for use with your TV’s video output)

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A super cute clock, by the description alone. I have really been wanting to build my own clock, and this looks to be the perfect test project.
I’ll have to build one in one day… with a few additions.

I love this clock. Simple and elegant. I’ve been looking to get a couple of clocks to upgrade my desktop, but there is always something about the build quality that puts it off a bit. This one feels like it would work great.

Maybe I should thank you for putting all those great looking clocks on the Frustrated Clocks site. I have ordered a few from there and will never look at another clock website.

Hi everyone,I’ve heard great things about the clock and seen it reviewed on several sites including some Linux ones.
I’ve only had it a couple of days and have so far been very impressed with the ease of use of this clock.
The clock is easy to set time, date, alarm and many other things, just got a little confused with the full screen window stuff at first, but that was easy to resolve.
The clock looks great on my monitor, it matches the look of my desk perfectly and fits in with the rest of the desktop.
I found the only thing I really miss is the nixie tubes, but I understand these are no longer made.
If anyone has any experience of the clock, please let me know, I am very new to these kind of things.
Best wishes

Nice, I love those clock displays, but the ones that are digital do not look right on my desktop, even when in

What’s New in the Scotts Nixie Tube Clock?

Key Features:

Clock with transparent background (opaque just enough to see how the clock works)

Hold your head way back and look straight up to see the clock

Clock set in a transparent window frame

Clock in a vacuum fluorescent display (vfd)

Clock uses a simple clock face with easy to read numbers

Choose which time zone your clock is in

Clock can be turned off when you are sleeping

Clock can be turned off at night when you are in bed

Clock uses very little power (Just enough to make a sound when it’s on)

Clock has a full range of audio (continuous tones) to match the “click” when it’s on

Lightweight (small enough to mount on a desk or laptop shelf)

Optional power can be used so it will run when you want

Steady sound (not a ticking sound)

Clock makes a natural sound when it’s on (it sounds like a regular clock

Timer (optional)

Auto on off (optional)

Warning: Do not use all battery as the clock will draw power from battery

Display Size: From 2.75″ tall to 10.25″ tall.

Display Scale: From 1/4″ tall to 2.5″ tall (1/8″ = 1/16″)

Battery Time: 16 hours when operating off battery.

Battery Compatible: Batteries capable of holding a charge of at least 10 hours can be used with this product.

There’s an alarm clock with a full range of audio, a timer, and a completely silent operation mode. And you can choose to turn the clock on for a certain amount of time or on continuously.

Customize the clock with Windows Media Player. Click here to see a list of Microsoft Windows Media Player plug-ins.

The Scotts Nixie Tube Clock is a very cool digital clock you can use in the darkest corners of your home. The clock uses a transparent window frame that lets you see exactly how the clock works and make it blend right in to the desktop. Watch the video below:

If you want to watch the time on the clock from your bed, you just need to hold your head way back in your pillow. You can also hold the clock at eye level and look straight up to see the time.

The main clock face has large numbers and you can chose which time zone the clock

System Requirements:

– Supported OS: Windows XP Service Pack 3 (SP3) or later
– DirectX: Version 9.0c (9.0.2800.1028)
– CPU: AMD Athlon XP Processor 2500+, or comparable Intel
Core Duo or better
– Memory: 512MB RAM
– Hard disk space: 200MB available space
– Video memory: 128MB
– Sound card: DirectX 9.0c compatible, stereo
output with DSP support
– USB: 1.1 port