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Floating Clock Crack Free Download For PC [April-2022]

Floating Clock Crack is a beautiful classical clock with a beautiful floating desktop clock. It’s so lovely, that it looks just like an oil painting. It is not only a desktop clock and a calendar, it also can be your intelligent alarm clock, you can set its alarm sound, every time every second you wake up, one great Cracked Floating Clock With Keygen will come to your desktop; and you could find it easier to know exactly the time, how long have you wake up and you will gain some time for swimming in the morning and you also could cool down your high blood pressure with swimming. So it is a relaxing product.
What is great about this product, if you are a computer user, it is an app, no need installing it on your computer, you could enjoy it after download it. It is so easy to download. just go to its download page, then download and install it to your computer and enjoy.
1. Realistic floating clock
2. Alarm clock function
3. Sleep timer
4. Call reminder function
1. You can change the alarm sound if you have some alarm sound in your system.
2. If you choose sleep timer, it will default to every minute.You could set it to every 10, 20, 30 minutes, 1, 2, or 3 hours.
3. You could choose alarm clock with sleep timer to be default clock and check out the alarm sound every minute.
4. When you set alarm clock every second, it will trigger every second.
5. If you set alarm clock every second with sleep timer, it will also wake you up.
6. You can choose show desktop clock icon and desktop clock together or not to see the desktop clock in this floating clock.If you want you can set desktop clock to be visible together with desktop clock icon or invisible.
7. This floating clock is a art, just like a real oil painting.
8. There is a romantic sticker to bring the elegance to your computer desktop.
9. You can choose the color you like:red, green, blue,pink, yellow, orange,white,black,purple,brown, and gray.
10. You can preview calendar and clock in your daily.
11. It’s convenient for you to log in your social network, You can have the function to switch with facebook or twitter.
12. You can add your favorite calendars to your mobile phone or tab in this app, so you could know your

Floating Clock

Floating Clock Crack For Windows is an attractive Windows application used for displaying the current date and time. The application is more than a clock and can easily be seen on the desktop. Apart from the standard Floating Clock Crack Free Download, you can also use it as a system tray notification icon. More interestingly, it can also be hidden.
The floating clock is designed to look like a thermometer. It has an analog clock face at the top, surrounded by various clock hands.
The thermometer indicates the current time with the aid of a digital clock face, and the hands are used to indicate the time. This is a simple floating clock, and does not need to be constantly plugged into a wall socket. All you need to do is move it left or right, up and down, and click once or twice. It has a great memory. From the moment you point it to the top right corner of your screen, it will stay there until you move it away from that corner. Moreover, you can move it to any corner of the desktop. The application interface has a bright and clear color.
Very good looking
Can be easily moved to any desktop corner
No more than 12 days can be viewed on the analog clock face
The application’s startup time is considerable
Requires the latest version of the.NET framework, versions 4 and 5, which are supported by Windows Vista and Windows 7 (Windows 98 and Windows XP users will not be able to make use of this function).
Not suitable for only one user
It is a Windows application and it is not portable
No more than 12 days can be viewed on the analog clock face
Requires the latest version of the.NET framework
Requires the entire.NET framework
Does not show a graphical representation of the currently active month
Does not show a graphical representation of the currently active week
Does not show the date on the analog clock face


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Floating Clock Crack+ Keygen For PC

A floating clock style widget with hands will help you to keep track of time. You can set the hours, minutes, or seconds.
Floating clock is an extension for most major browsers which provides a convenient method to set any time and date in a dialog that floats in the corner of a browser window for easy reference and use.
■ Adjustable Hours, Minutes and Seconds.
■ Title, Title2, Title3 and Title4 for all instances.
■ Customizable Font, Number formats, Font Sizes and Colors for all instances.
■ Hours in 12 hour format.
■ Style for all instances.
■ Has full Javascript Object Notation support.
■ Floating dialogs.
■ Full CSS and HTML support.
■ Built-in display of The Weather in the Cities.
■ Built-in display of current day and month.
■ Set any two digit year.
■ Set any two digit hour, minute and second.
■ Create Custom Calendar by replacing empty days with correct day names.
■ Create a list of all dates in the past with just one mouse click.
The weather widget is an extension for most major browsers which provides a convenient method to quickly get current weather and other related information.
■ High resolution weather images from all major US cities.
■ Full Javascript Object Notation support.
■ Colorful stylish appearance.
■ In addition to the current weather, you can also view the Weather Forecast, Day Forecast, Temperature in Fahrenheit, Temperature in Celcius, Current Temperature, Degrees of Humidity, Cloud Cover and Wind Speed and Direction.
A live countdown widget that uses the exact time to your event to countdown and to the exact minute or second to tell you how much time is left in your event.
Choose from dozens of widgets in more than 7 styles.
The date/time widget is an extension for most major browsers which provides a convenient method to quickly get current time.
■ Choose from 12 or 24 hour.
■ Choose between Day, Month, Week and Year.
■ Has a solid state, highly visible dial indicator.
■ Does not use an analog clock face and will stay synchronized to your system time.
■ Allows you to choose between 7

What’s New in the?

Floating Clock is a Windows application which keeps tabs on time and day of the week. It is an attractive clock that stays in a semi-transparent background and follows the user’s mouse.
Floating Clock creates a clock window for you in the same way that Windows does and this enables you to see the time in a standard format. It displays the clock by either the hour, minute, and second, or the day, hour, minute, and second.
You can open a link to a website such as Yahoo or Google to select a set of dates from which to choose, or you can enter your own set of dates manually. Additionally, you can use Gmail’s time picker to select a time to be set as the current time. When you know an exact time to set, you can set it as the date’s current time and it will be correct for that date.
To align the clock to the user’s cursor, you can drag it around the screen. A small double-arrow button appears in the lower-left of the clock, and you can drag this to reposition the clock.
The clock comes in two colors: dark gray and black.
Floating Clock Requirements:
Floating Clock needs Internet Explorer in order to work.
Floating Clock Installation:
Floating Clock is easy to install. A single executable file can be run to install it and it will immediately appear in the Start menu. Alternatively, you can move it to a menu group where it will appear as a sub-menu.
Floating Clock Features:
Two operating modes: day/night
Customizable clock face with shadows
Show time in two different ways: sunrise/sunset and time
Adjustable clock face size
Brings up a menu whenever you use the clock
Clickable numbers
Mouse wheel to change time
A string of seven different clock faces that are available for selection
With Floating Clock, you can easily set a specific time on your computer by dragging the time onto a window. Once a selected time has been confirmed, an arrow will appear and the time will be changed to that specified. To change the current time, move the mouse pointer over the arrow until it turns yellow. If you want to move the time backward, hold down the left mouse button. If you want to move the time forward, hold down the right mouse button.
Floating Clock Performance:
Floating Clock is a friendly tool that works really smoothly. It takes little to no time to set the time,

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, or XP
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo CPU or equivalent
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: DirectX 9 graphics card with 256MB video memory
Hard Drive: 2 GB available space
Sound: DirectX 9 compatible sound card with 128 MB of memory
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Other: The web browser used to access the resource should be updated to the latest version