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Audiffex Pedals 1.0.6 Serial Number Full Torrent

Audiffex Pedals brings you a complete set of 36 plug-ins for guitar, bass, software instruments, vocal and acoustic instruments.
The idea of creating a pedal pack by the expert engineer Dario Polo resulted in exceptional quality. The original product Audiffex Pedals is already a gold standard for professional-level effects at an unprecedented value.
With the release of Pedals V2, the product is further expanded to serve the professional studio as well as stage or home studio in a single package.
Pedals V2 packs the following professional standards:
All the professional level effects are very accurate in terms of the internal sound architecture and mixing techniques. Thanks to this, the sound quality is very high at the production level.
Pedals V2 contains original code based on the DSP technique by prof. Polo that lead to world-famous Da-Ton effects, such as KD3 or MZ-1. Pedals V2 are optimized to only require SSE2 capable processors.
The effects are just as powerful as your favorite pedals from big, expensive companies, yet this is a true cheat compared to the full power of today’s technology, available at a reasonable price.
Audiffex Pedals Standard Effects:
Audiffex Pedals contains 36 plug-ins, listed below. All plug-ins are perfectly balanced for use with a 15-band equalizer.
Automatic pan with 12 different places available (from left or right).
Very subtle compressor for guitar with a powerful boost or reduction.
3 types of compressor with different attack and release times.
2 types of expander-gate with adjustable attack and release times.
10 different types of distortion.
15 bands (80 dB) equalizer with automatic tuning.
Graphic equalizer with 16 bands and variable gain.
4 types of Graphic EQ with normal and inverted filtering, and 4 graphic filters (12 bands).
Vibrato with instant playback.
Pedal freeware
Pedals V2 requires the following software in order to run:
Hardware requisites:
CPU with extended support of the SSE2 instruction set (Pentium III or higher).
Note: However, we recommend SSE2 capable CPUs from Intel or AMD, rather than those from mobile manufacturers.
At least 16 MB RAM (32 MB recommended)
On Windows operating system:
32-bit version of Windows (2003, Vista, Windows 7)

Audiffex Pedals 1.0.6 PC/Windows

These guitar pedals are powered by Audiffex technology for maximum sound quality and professional guitar effects. Each plug-in is more than just a simulation of a hardware unit, but a complete sound generating tool, tested and tuned in order to produce high quality digital product.

It’s very convenient to use our effect plug-ins on a virtual guitar and to make your own sound palettes and effects.
Here is a short description of each of our effect pedals:
AP – Auto Pan
This pedal simulates the sound of a simple conventional pedal which pans the input signal. AP makes the typical guitar sound trippier and more interesting as well as more focused and transparent.
AT – Auto Tuner
Also known as the Tone Bender, the Auto Tuner is one of the most useful effects for guitarists. It fixes the pitch in your guitar, allowing you to continue playing and even to play in other keys than originally were. Just press the Auto Tuner button, hold down the volume control (for a long moment to get maximum result) and then hit the key you want. You are done.
AW – Auto Wah
Often confused with the Crybaby, the Auto Wah is a special version of the Wah with a unique sound. It simulates the sound of an old conventional pedal, but with a wide range. The three settings (only in the VST version) decide the sound of the Auto Wah:
• Wide – gives more of a standard sound with non-fading
• Medium – gives a mid-to-low sound with an effect that gradually fades down
• Short – gives more of a standard sound with a mid-to-high effect.
If you use the Auto Wah feature with the Duration knob turned all the way to 0, you will get a sound that is like to the original pedal, but without a fade effect (like Crybaby does).
CHB – Bass Chorus
The Bass Chorus is a great choice for a triple or a quad effect. The Humbucker Chorus is almost like the octave-up effect, but the Bass Chorus has less effect in the low-end, and is more focused and brighter.
The Bass Chorus is composed by three sections:
• Coil – its gain controls simulate the coils of a Humbucker
• Coil Compressor – it simulates the compression of a Humbucker
• Fuzz – the acoustic treatment of the sound is modulated by an ADSR envelope. It can be set

Audiffex Pedals 1.0.6 Free X64

The Pedals package contains 36 guitar pedals. 27 of them are new (10 new guitar pedals: Bass Chorus, Guitar Clean Preamp, Guitar Crunch Preamp, Guitar Graphic EQ, Guitar HiGain Preamp, Guitar OverDrive, Guitar Power Amp, Guitar Phaser, Guitar Preamp, Guitar Speaker Simulator, Guitar Tone Control and Tremolo) and nine of them are old versions of the original pedals (4 old versions: Bass OverDrive, Bass Preamp, Bass Chorus, Guitar Clean Preamp and Guitar Graphic EQ).
The following page will display all the descriptions of the effect pedal plugins.
What’s new in the effect pedals packages?
– New processing modules: Guitar Clean Preamp (preamp), Guitar Crunch Preamp (boost) and Guitar Graphic EQ (modulation)
– New voicing module: Pedal Preamp (gain)
– New module: Effects Player. Allows you to load, save and share your own presets.
– An independent parameter called Presence gives you an easy control to add presence in the signal chain.
– We have tried to make the effects true to the original sound. This was something we were not able to achieve with our first release, therefore we had to limit ourselves to the possible shortcuts. If you are an early adopter and you can spend days in mastering the original sounds, you will have to reevaluate our pedals. But on the other hand, if you want a fast and easy tool, it can be a great advantage. If you have any questions about our quality control we would be happy to get feedback from you.
– Every plugin is automatically assigned to their correct effect context (Channel, effect chain, soloing, recording) by the plugin manager of course.
– All our pedals are seamlessly switchable in/out of your song/effect chains. You can connect as many effect pedals as you want, but they will not be disconnected when you remove a plugin.
– The power of our pedaling, basically, is now based on our powerful Sound Engine. It is probably the best solution to create unique sounds in a minimal amount of CPU time. This was made possible due to the efforts of our audio programmer.
– All the effect pedals now support summing mode. This means you can now mix them with your instruments in multitimbral mode. If you have to make use of the effect pedal in an old version of your sequencer, this new feature provides a comfortable solution.
– The amp simulation module now delivers a realistic

What’s New in the?

Audiffex Pedals package provides a complete set of 36 plug-ins for guitar, bass, software instruments, vocal and acoustic instruments.
AP – Auto Pan
AT – Auto Tuner
AW – Auto Wah
CHB – Bass Chorus
BD – BPM Delay
DTB – Bass Distortion
FLB – Bass Flanger
GEB – Bass Graphic EQ
BLG – Guitar Blues Drive
ODB – Bass OverDrive
PRB – Bass Preamp
PHB – Bass Phaser
SPB – Bass Speaker Simulator
TCB – Bass Tone Control
CH – Chorus
CLG – Guitar Clean Preamp
CM – Compressor
CPG – Guitar Crunch Preamp
DT – Distortion
EC – Exciter
EG – Expander Gate
FL – Flanger
GEG – Guitar Graphic EQ
HGG – Guitar HiGain Preamp
LC – Level Control
NG – Noise Gate
OD – OverDrive
OT – Octaver
PAG – Guitar Power Amp
PE – Parametric EQ
PH – Phaser
PW – Pedal Wah
RV – Reverb
SPG – Guitar Speaker Simulator
TCG – Guitar Tone Control
TR – Tremolo
Audiffex Pedals Requirements:
Windows 95/98/2000/XP/2003/Vista.
The original programs should be installed on the hard drive. The installation can be carried out from desktop or DVD.
If it is installed on DVD then you can start the installation from DVD – this is a better way than to install the programs one by one.
You need at least following version:
Altoist VST
The original program (as far as we know) is necessary for correct operation.
To install
– load setup.exe, follow the instructions
– before installation, make sure that the original files are in your Computer.
– If any problems occur, contact the support department.

Windows 97/98/Me/NT/2K/XP/Vista
You can download the driver to the hard drive (as in Step 3), and then choose “Load” option for the drivers. The driver will work from the hard drive.
If you are using a DVD, go to disc 4 and follow the instructions.Q:

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System Requirements:

Requires 4GB RAM.
For high resolution textures, 8GB RAM recommended.
Minimum of 500MB free space on hard drive.
Requires a 3.5” or larger removable disk.
Preferred format: H.264.
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