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Download ★★★

Download ★★★






Weight Diet For Outlook Crack + Product Key For PC [2022]

Weight Diet for Outlook Free Download is a useful tool designed to free your Outlook mailbox from the superfluous e-mails. The program’s easy-to-use wizard interface guides you to the most important tasks that are performed by the application in a few simple steps.
Removes the superfluous e-mails: Finds the duplicate, old and obsolete e-mails, move them to archive, delete or compress them, as well as clean your mailbox up to 20% of its size.
Compresses file attachments: In case you need to compress file attachments to disk, Weight Diet for Outlook Crack For Windows will save your time and you do not have to wait until the attachment has been downloaded.
Optimizes your CPU memory: For each of the files you move or compress, Weight Diet for Outlook Crack Free Download optimizes memory usage of your system to get a more responsive Outlook.
Is compatible with all Microsoft products: Supports all versions of Microsoft products such as Outlook, Exchange Server, Microsoft Office XP, Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Vista.
100% safe and easy to use: It’s very easy to use a Weight Diet for Outlook. It’s designed to maintain your privacy. You can view your archive or delete the e-mails yourself or you can have the program to do it automatically.
Weight Diet for Outlook is easy to use and very intuitive: It is easy to use, easy to learn and the output of actions can be previewed.
Make sure you have the program’s full version before you purchase it: You need to purchase the full version to get all tools included in Weight Diet for Outlook. You get the same support as the full version.
Why you should use it: No other tool offers such an advanced set of features. You can delete or archive the messages right away, as well as compress them to disk, saving lots of your disk space.


Easy Steps:

1) Download the full version of Weight Diet for Outlook to your PC.
2) Run it and follow the easy steps of the wizard.
3) When you have finished you can view the result of your actions by preview the e-mails.


Access your e-mails anywhere.
Weight Diet for Outlook will not modify your original mailboxes in any way.
Eliminate the unnecessary e-mails.
Decrease your time spent on deleting old e-mails.
Eliminate obsolete and wasted disk space.
Get the most important e-mails to you.

Weight Diet For Outlook Keygen For (LifeTime)

* Remove Stale Emails
* Move Emails to Archive/Trash
* Reducing Paper Copies
* Clean Your Inbox

– Eliminate obsolete e-mails by moving them to Archive
– Delete junk e-mails (like spam, ads, and random crap) with one click
– Move copies to archive before you print
– Control how much trash is kept
– Empty trash daily or keep trash archived
– Set Email Auto Archive schedule
– Adjust Inbox size
– Choose to have a Trash as well as an Archive folder
– Sort emails by sender, subject or date
– Distribute your Inbox by Folder
– Auto Move messages to appropriate folders after they are read
– Move Copy to Archive after they are opened
– Default Mailbox Size
– Move selected files to disk
– Customized message headers
– Decide to delete emails immediately or postpone them for archive
– Edit headers in Bulk
– Change default folders for Archive and Trash
– Edit emails settings like move limit (number of emails to keep on disk) and delete limit (number of days to keep old mail)
– Rules based filter
– Many more…

2) Create rules for messages based on a regular expression

3) Filter your messages by sets of rules

4) Move selected messages to archive

5) Sort your messages in various ways

6) Download messages from your mailbox at once or individually

7) Specify your default mailboxes

8) View messages by date

9) Archive your messages daily or weekly

10) Set automatic Archive schedule

11) Create your own view of your messages

12) Duplicate e-mails are never deleted!

13) Move e-mails to archive while they are being processed

14) Be persistent in archives by storing emails as drafts

15) Find them again when you come back later

16) Set your mailbox size as 1MB, 5MB, 20MB, 40MB, 80MB, 120MB or 200MB

17) Create or remove rules for various issues

18) Be notified as soon as an e-mail arrives

19) Edit the Mail Headers of your e-mails

20) Make sure that all your archives are kept in one place

21) Compress your attachments

22) Move your messages to other destinations

23) Permanently delete selected messages from

Weight Diet For Outlook Crack+ License Key Download

Weight Diet for Outlook lets you speed up Outlook by selecting files you don’t need to open to view their content, and moving or deleting obsolete emails in your mailbox. It reduces your mailbox size and increases your Outlook speed, because it moves all your archived messages and temporary emails on the disk.
Weight Diet for Outlook does not archive, delete or purge your private messages, it does not require any mailbox modifications.
Benefits of Weight Diet for Outlook:
Cleaning and organizing your mailbox helps you to make your Outlook faster and more useful.
Weight Diet improves your Outlook speed by saving space in your mailbox, and enabling you to work faster.
Weight Diet compresses file attachments and empties your mailbox as part of the routine cleaning process.
Outlook Toolbar and Windows Menu:
Weight Diet works together with Outlook. It installs the toolbar extension, and appears as the first option for the “Search” menu in your toolbar.
On the Windows menu you can use the “Folder size” option to view the message size of each of your folders. You can then easily see which folder is using the most space.
Weight Diet for Outlook benefits are highly customisable, and can be disabled if the user prefers not to use the add-in.
Weight Diet for Outlook is very easy to use. From the installation wizard you can add new email accounts, sort your mailboxes, and easily move or delete obsolete messages.
Installation requires no logins, passwords or other accounts, and does not use a hard drive to store mail archives.
Weight Diet for Outlook features:
1. Weight Diet works on all versions of MS Outlook from 2000 to the latest major version 2007.
2. Weight Diet is set to automatically run as part of the Outlook start up and shut down sequence.
3. Weight Diet reduces the size of your Outlook mailbox, without modifying your mail architecture or settings.
4. Weight Diet can be set to automatically delete incoming mail based on the size of your mailbox (rule) or to simply delete the mail based on your “Delete after” rules.
5. Weight Diet can be used to compress any file type from any location on your hard drive.
6. Weight Diet notifies you when you are saving a new mail to disk.
7. Weight Diet can be set to automatically move or compress file attachments to disk.
8. Weight Diet can be set to move or compress file attachments when compressing a single mail message.

What’s New In Weight Diet For Outlook?

Weight Diet is a free software program developed by Bigsoft. The setup package is about 976.98 MB (102652640 bytes) when donwloaded.
A personal productivity tool that assists you to manage your mails and maintain a healthy file on your hard drive.
This tool provides many useful and innovative functions, which help you manage your email on your computer in a quick, easy, and convenient way.
This tool is easy to learn but provides maximum functionality, so that you can manage all your mails very quickly.
It allows you to reduce the size of your e-mails by compressing and moving them to a folder on your hard drive.
You have the possibility to move and compress file attachments to disk, delete duplicate emails, as well as eliminate obsolete messages.
You can watch the progress of the operation, so you can see how your email files are getting smaller over time.
The tool allows you to set up a schedule for the automatic execution of each operation, so you can save your time by eliminating the repetitive work.
You can also have more control over the size of your email database.
To make the tool more convenient, it allows you to add personalized extensions to a mail filter.
This way you can select e-mails on a particular topic and process them quickly.
Weight Diet has been optimized for Outlook 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016 and it runs on all Microsoft Windows versions between XP and Windows 10.
We transfer right for promotion Weight Diet for Outlook database. It may be a cracked/pirated version or fully legal version. We cannot be held responsible.
What is new in official Weight Diet for Outlook (1/7/2018) update:

Important notice

We are not saying that the software does not work. On the contrary, we are saying that we have a full version of the software and it runs perfectly on our system. Our belief is that your system maybe different, which is why we have decided to share with you the experience that we received.

You can get it at the below link by downloading it and try the application. If it works, then you are free to download it from below link. If you get different kind of problem while using the application, then you can ask me in the comment section of the post. I will try to help you in the best way.

Downgrade process:
We can’t help you to downgrade your application to old

System Requirements For Weight Diet For Outlook:

OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 (64-bit versions only)
CPU: Intel® Core™ i3 @ 2.4 GHz or better
Memory: 3 GB
Hard Disk Space: 400 MB
Internet Connection Required
Graphics: DirectX 9 graphics device with 256 MB video memory
Sound Card: DirectX 9 device with 128 MB memory
DirectX®: DirectX 9 or DirectX® 11
Other: PC emulator
Screen Resolution: 1024×768
Processor: Intel