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The Elden Ring Game is a fantasy action RPG in which you will assume the role of a Tarnished. You are a wanderer who fights in the Lands Between after the elder god “Elden” disappeared. It is said that you were the cause. You will be directed by the Elden Ring and live in a world where various factions fight for control over the Land. What sort of movements can you make in such a place? What path will you choose?


The Elden Ring is a skillful martial art which has its roots in a divine power from the mythology of the Kingdoms and the realms of the Lands Between. It is characterized by its unique fusion of Saber and Musou. It is said that a Tarnished who masters the Elden Ring will become the true master of the Elden Ring.


The characters will live through a world full of exciting and memorable events. Just by playing the game, you will inevitably witness everything.


The Lands Between, which is being ruled by an evil lord, is divided into five regions. You will be assigned to a region, and your quest will begin as a valiant Tarnished.


The battle system is characterized by its free movement, its acrobatic actions, and simple controls. You are directed by a “grappling system,” which allows you to grab your enemies. The battle system incorporates both a free movement system and a characteristic action system.


There is a comprehensive action strategy that you can develop. Various combinations of actions, depending on the situation, are presented to you.


You will decide what to do in the fight scenes from a battle map. At the same time, you will have to choose the right map for you to fight in.


Online battles, PVP (Player vs. Player), PVE (Player vs. Environment), PVE Custom, and Tutorial Battle are available, and it is possible to select them freely at any time.



An epic story full of twists and turns. The Lands Between, which is being ruled by an evil lord, is divided into five regions


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Completely Free to Play.
  • A Unique Fantasy Action RPG
    You can play the game in a variety of ways whether you are a champion of strength or a sympathizer for the weak.

  • Customize your Character
    Customize your character’s appearance by combining weapons and armor that you can find or acquire, thus establishing a play style that suits you.

  • Easy to Play. A Flash game for beginners.
    The lag and delay in low-spec PCs are never felt in the game, so even beginners can play comfortably.

  • Complete Laptop or Mobile compatibility.
    Whether you play with a mouse or touch screen, the game is easy to play.

  • Choose your own Difficulty Level.
    You can choose your own level of difficulty, from the Easy setting to the Hard setting.

  • Online Game System where you can directly connect with other players.
    You can choose your partner from the online system, as well as friends and acquaintances who have played the game before, in order to develop your own party.

  • A different course and events for each stage
  • Completely Free since the release of the game
  • Elden Ring is in Official Contest Day 2017!

    As part of the Elden Ring Official Contest Day 2016, the official Elden Ring contest and carnival is now open for entries!
    The Elden Ring Official Contest Day is an event where you can develop and upgrade your own character, as well as voice and animation releases, posts, etc., in order to earn your winnings!
    *Please note that eligibility requirements for the Elden Ring contest apply on the Official Contest Day.*

    Elden Ring Official Youtube Channel is Open!

    The Elden Ring Official Youtube Channel is open!
    Check it out!

    Elden Ring Official Site is Open!



    Elden Ring Download [Updated-2022]

    VICTORY OF OLYMPIA Online game

    Finally a great franchise!

    Put together a great team with





    Fantastic Developer

    A mix of new and old mechanics combined into a surprising and fun genre.


    I was like, “Whoa, whoa, whoa.”

    I was like, “Whoa, whoa, whoa.”


    It’s like a fantasy novel!

    It’s like a fantasy novel!

    Do we need an article about each title?


    Do we need an article about each title?

    It’s like a fantasy novel!


    When I first saw the cutscenes, I was like, “Wow.”

    I was like, “Wow.”

    I was like, “This looks good.”

    I was like, “This looks good.”

    “That’s the feeling I want to aim for.”

    “That’s the feeling I want to aim for.”

    “This is the climax!”

    “This is the climax!”


    Thank you for making the videos for the development.

    Thank you for making the videos for the development.

    Thank you for making the videos for the development.

    Thank you for making the videos for the development.

    The facial expressions are amazing.

    The facial expressions are amazing.

    The facial expressions are amazing.

    The facial expressions are amazing.

    Brilliant Work

    The game world feels alive.

    The game world feels alive.

    The game world feels alive.

    The game world feels alive.

    I want the game to go well.

    I want the game to go well.

    I want the game to go well.

    I want the game to go well.

    I wonder if this game will be liked by everyone.

    I wonder if this game will be liked by everyone.

    I wonder if this game will be liked by everyone.

    I wonder if this game will be liked by everyone.

    The game definitely has a good visual presence


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    1. Type and Equipment
    • Familiar way of game operations with visual novel like dialogues and choices.
    • Registration is necessary before starting the game.
    • In the custom area of the NEW FANTASY ACTION RPG, you can freely create your own unique character.
    • You can keep using your character in battle in the game and in other areas.

    Online game:

    1. Type and Features
    • Continuation of battles online.
    • Communication channels such as in-game mail and trade chat.
    • Character growth and development through the “PvP Battles.”

    Character and Place System


    Character Development

    * Several types of weapons, armor, and magical items
    * Formation and specialization of units
    * Exchangeable “Attributes” of weapons, armor, and magical items
    * Development of the magic power-up system
    * Daily system that allows you to freely increase the amount of experience you receive for meeting the requirements of the daily quests
    * Training system that allows you to increase the strength of the attributes that you most use

    Play Style

    * All units can be freely switched using the system of formation
    * Choose your play style (Warrior, Mage, Ninja, or Hunter)
    * Training your units, improving their statistics, and equipping items to improve their combat capabilities
    * As a result of playing as a certain play style, you can increase the skills and stats of your units

    • Characters in Fate/Grand Order can be dressed up in fashionable costumes and fight alongside each other in “Battles.”

    Battle System

    * System of simultaneous actions by the same system that cannot be used with the system of formation
    * Equipping the items that your units have chosen
    * Leveling-up and receiving additional levels to the attributes of your units

    Characteristics of the Lore System

    * Story of each country can be read in brief sections, and the more you play, the more the full text of the story can be read
    * The stories of Fate/Grand Order are set in the Lands Between, a wondrous region where all of history’s conflicts have taken place
    * Or, do you remember the times in the story or world of Fate/Grand Order well?
    * You can get in touch with the world of Fate/Grand Order by playing a large role.1. Field of the Invention
    The present


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    The moon’s waning crescent looks as if it is caught within the vast, misty sea —

    The dusk is darkening as the pangs of evening seep into the sky,

    The grumblings of the surging ocean all but drown out the night’s soft pitch-black seas,

    While the wind and waves of the vast, vapid sea lap against the island’s scattered boulders.

    As usual, no answer is forthcoming.

    Is it presumptuous for me to ask this of you?

    No, I should not have spoken so boldly.

    But I have longed for such peace…

    If it is that you expect your answer, then all I can do is to send you off on your journey.

    We have finally arrived at the place to which all of you must go. Now, the time that we have waited for is upon us.


    There, above the desolate winds on the decaying iceberg,

    A ladder stretches into the darkness, beckoning to an other dimension.

    You return, beads of sweat across your face.

    The other Elden Lords notice you immediately, greet you earnestly.

    “The EGLO VANISHENG CHUKO! Thank you for waiting for us. Welcome! Welcome! Have you been well?”

    “You have no need to take it anymore. You are free of the Labyrinth of Lost Souls, as you have asked.”



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