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Name Elden Ring
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Elden Ring Cracked Accounts belongs to an action RPG genre where you actively fight with monsters and obtain a high sense of satisfaction and challenge from the combat.

Unlike other action games, Elden Ring is an RPG where you control a character that changes through the course of the story, rather than directly controlling the enemy or attack.

You control your character’s life through the use of a special line of words, which is acquired by learning magic and interaction with other characters.

Characters you meet in the world possess words of power that are needed to acquire new abilities or acquire a new attribute.


• Adventure RPG
• Online RPG
• Multiplayer

• Online

– Online: Multiplayer arena
– Online play is supported through a specialized server. You can connect with other players in the world and play together.
– As you connect with other players, you receive a notification when their online play is closed or a lot of other statuses.
– Your game data and items are transferred when you connect to a new server.
– The server is not compatible with multiplayer, such as World Tour or the in-game voice chat is not supported.
– If the player disconnected from the server, the game data and items remain.
– Your character and items are not transferred to another server.
– We recommend that you play with an internet connection with a speed of at least 5Mbps.

• Character

The player character is a party member that can be freely customized, including their appearance and dress style.

In addition to sex and appearance, you can change the class and attribute of the class of your character, and customize skills and items.

When you customize your character, it is reflected in the other characters and the color of the characters’ eyes changes.

Character classes are divided into four categories according to the structure of the attribute system; Warriors: Warriors possess high stamina and the attribute of defense; Mages: Mages possess high magic and the attribute of attack; Scholars: Scholars possess high intelligence and the attribute of speed; Shamans: Shamans possess high luck and the attribute of strength.

Attributes exist in two categories: Attack attribute and Defense attribute. If your attribute is high enough, you will receive an effect when you use an item.

Although you can change your character’s attribute at any time, it is hard to change your character’s attribute to be good without


Features Key:

  • Create a character to choose from a variety of basic classes, such as a melee character, a ranged character, or an arcane caster.
  • As you explore the Lands Between, go in search of new dungeons, find creatures, or battle with your allies.
  • Expand your Tarnished Relic by leveling it up to increase the strength and number of equipped elements.
  • Dance around a virtual ring, match gems together, and master magic to create unique attacks.
  • Equip different types of weapons to improve your attack and defense.
  • Construct walls and traps in dungeons, uncover secret items, and find a variety of paths to create a tactical experience unique to your play style.
  • Level up your armor, make magic grow, and customize items and weapon elements to suit your style of play!
  • Discover the following items: Rings, armors, weapons, magic nodes, armor elements, etc.
  • The effect of the downed Revenant on the location of the Revenant Crusher in the dungeon.)
    • Time Machine (world view mode, select buttons to adjust your positions when you place the character to the location of your choosing.)

    Cycle Revenant Crusher’s position (world view mode, to select arrows to quickly cycle the position of your character.)
    • Watering hole (similar to a raid boss on the board) (helps determine a reward after battle.)
    • Treasure box (placed automatically) (reward while you fight)
    • Map screen (character map, friendly (reward while you fight), enemy (reward while you fight), explore (reward while you fight), etc.)

    Create a dungeon as you prefer.

    Background music that reflects the excitement of fighting your battles. (3-4 songs.)

    Select a skin color: black, blue, white, red, etc.

    Customize various menus and single player settings, as well as the position of random enemies and see your battle tactics.

    When selecting a skin color, you can change the color from black to the above listed colors on any items in the inventory.

    Customized button titles on the


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    [Emulating the rhythm of a Harvest Moon game, the game features the ability to stop at any time during the day, to raise the farm animals, to take a shower, to sleep, and to clean. In addition, the heat of the hot spring and the chill of the waterfall are experienced and utilized at the Tarnished Inn. When you have time, you can hunt and fish for gold, and even take a bath. And, there are many events and quests too!]

    May 24, 2014

    -The Door to the Vast World has been opened. The time has come to let yourself be carried away!

    The world that was once covered in a gloomy haze appears in front of your eyes, awaiting you at the end of your journey. Are you ready to go in?

    -The Verdict of your Friends: The Game Guide

    1. Introductory

    • Adventurers play a variety of roles.

    • Game Guide is provided.

    1. IntroductoryAdventurers play a variety of roles.Game Guide is provided.

    • Game Guide is provided.

    2. Quest Quests

    2.1 All the Quests in a Category

    • There are three categories: Battle, Magic, and Gathering Quests.

    2.1.1 All the Quests in a Category

    • For Quests in each category, there are 5 NPCs to talk to, and their names have been changed.

    • The first to reach the goal of each category will receive a battle cutscene and will become an NPC.

    • The name is the same in the English version and the Japanese version.

    2.1.2 All the Quests in the Battle category “Unraveling the Story” Help! “Make New Friends” Many Battles Await “We Are the Elden Lord” “A Fragment of the Story” “Find the Enemy’s Base” “I Can Fight By Myself!” “A Journey”

    • To be performed from left to right: “The Summoning�


    Elden Ring Free Download [32|64bit] [April-2022]

    *Please do not download copyrighted material. The game contains copyrighted material and is meant for use in educational institutions.

    Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between.

    No game news, just game packaging and gallery of screenshots.
    Any comments, questions, or bug reports are welcome. Thanks for looking.


    Arts Core, Ren’ai, and DarkGod for development.

    KDMG, Title, Pzmf, and MisterX for voice acting/texting and dialog editing.

    Kevin MacLeod (

    Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

    Thank you for your interest in our game. We created a new forum called the official Elden Ring Facebook Page ( for feedback and any questions you may have. Enjoy the game and thanks for all your support!

    The bad news is that there’s no sales-for-previews at this time; this is purely so that we can obtain review scores. The good news is that we finally have a good page for you all to rate the game, and we’re very excited to see the results! I know that if a game has a high rating, it means people enjoyed it a lot, and that it has a good amount of replay value. So I’m sure you’ll try to play the game a lot.

    Sorry for the slight delay in getting the review page up, but we got a bit distracted and had to do a bunch of other things. Hopefully, with the release of the game and this review page coming out, you’ll see a little increase in sales!

    (also sorry this is a long review)

    The story of the game:

    The main story of the game takes place in the Lands Between, a barren land full of danger that separates the human world from our world. As stated earlier in the story, in this land, one can find any and all things. However, the power of the dark gods


    What’s new:

    “GOKUU” “The power of the west is unstoppable!” “The strength of the east is emerging!” “A hundred years ago, as the Earth swayed on its axis, a dazzling comet descended.” “It crash-landed far from the Milky Way, to the animalistic plains of a strange planet.” “There, a young boy stumbled upon a legendary creature – a creature of bone, known only as” “MASTER EVIL.” “Master Evil’s monsters roamed across the land, destroying all that opposed him.” “But then, when he was once again flung into a strange and distant Earth, the young boy changed his destiny.” “And with him, the legacy of Master Evil… unsheathed and spread.” “Aflame,” “Episode 1:” ” THE END OF EARTH the sun there is such power as no man can grasp.” “New-written words.” “Now… complete, with more than two hundred signs.” “I came across a stone tablet that allowed me to decipher the words, and I can tell you the place where it came from.” “The Ice Age.” “And the world is nearly gone.” “It has been called “The Epoch of Prosperity”… but it is really the beginning of the end.” “Before the new Earth emerged, there were no Sky People.” “We were treated like beasts.” “Those who rule the Earth are worshiping false Gods of greed and power… that have no place in our world.” “Those who have no Heaven to be reborn into, will live out their lives as slaves and savages.” “A true World of Woe awaits.” “You must fight.” “You must help a true World of Woe come to be.” “Urashima Tarou is the world’s hope.” “Urashima Tarou is his name.” “GORNER” “It’s just a girl.” “Is anything wrong?” “It’s just when I think of him, thinking of him, I’ve got this.” “It’s the first day he escaped from Light Tribe’s prison.” “I have been waiting for you.” “Did you build this?” “What happened with Light Tribe?” “You’re…” “I’m sorry.” “If you’re sorry, then let me go!” “Let me go!” “Gone.” “Simply gone.” “The animal has the horns.” “What?” “Oh, no!” “Gut them out.” “The sooner we find them, the better.” “Silence


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