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Rise, Tarnished is the new fantasy action RPG developed by Hexage Co., Ltd. At the beginning of the game, your character is literally torn away from the world, and the only thing you can do is move your party toward the light with the hope of returning to the world. The story is deep and full of meaning, because it is about a boy’s painful journey to find the strength to live in the world. The battles become more intense as the story moves to its conclusion, and you will traverse the world in order to complete your quest.

Rise, Tarnished will be available on April 17th for PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system and Xbox One®

Game Features

• The World’s Most Unique Battle System with Even More Than in the Original

A new and exciting type of RPG has been born from the works of Hexage and other developers – the action RPG where players directly compete on both the vertical and horizontal battlefields.

1. Vertical Battle System

In addition to the traditional turn-based battles where enemy units are placed on the field one by one, you can take the initiative to attack the enemy at the same time, before they can attack you.

Your side is losing, when the enemy side is already landing an attack before you counterattack. In these cases, you will not lose if you win the two-player battles.

However, if you lose, you will also receive a defeat point.

You will be able to select the timing to counterattack, but your chance of victory will be affected by the areas that are left unguarded.

2. The Horizontal Battle System

In your single-player missions, you can choose what unit to use in order to attack enemy units in the three different formation types from “Triangle Formation,” “Quad Formation” and “Six Formation”.

• When you are playing as your party’s tank unit, you can control your position in the battle field by moving your tanks in the direction you want them to move.

When you are fighting on the battlefield, you will be able to see the positions of other tanks via the tank map.

You can also freely switch weapons, so it will be possible to deploy a variety of tanks to the battlefield.

• The Reaction System

In your battles, you will be able to


Features Key:

  • The history of mankind’s departure from Eden and a World of Myth
  • A World of Adventure and Mystery
  • Vast World to Explore
  • A Story Told in Fragments
  • Card battles become drama
  • Friendly AI
  • Play Online!


    Joining the online RPG is only possible after unlocking “Tarnished”.
    If “Tarnished” is not unlocked yet, please Open “Tarnished” on Steam and click on the “Download” button to download it on your Steam client.

    Please click on the “Card Battle Competition” button (the button shown in red) to open the Web Browser.
    Please log in to play.

    During the beta testing of “Tarnished”, you can only obtain the key required for the beta testing through participation in the beta test.
    After the beta test, we will decide whether to extend the pre-order period for the limited time.


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      Elden Ring

      There’s a lot of content here, if you are looking for a mindless action RPG with a few new twists on the norm then this might be what you’ve been searching for. But if you’re looking for deeper exploration with an interesting storyline then you’ll be sorely disappointed. But for those who are looking for a good no-frills action RPG with a few new twists on the norm then Elden Ring might just be the thing you’re looking for.

      The Beginners Guide To Elden Ring

      Elden Ring
      Rise, Tarnished and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between.
      Elden Ring is a fantasy action RPG based in the Lands Between, a world where the known lands border on the unknown. Here, the atmosphere of a fantasy RPG meets the atmosphere of a Gothic horror game and the game world is full of variety.
      The world of Land Between is a vast world where open fields with a variety of situations and huge dungeons with complex and three-dimensional designs are seamlessly connected. As you explore, the joy of discovering unknown and overwhelming threats await you, leading to a high sense of accomplishment.
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      FromRPG is a brand new genre that is a fusion of the likes of Final Fantasy, Borderlands and Devil May Cry. It is a large-scale, fast-paced, online RPG/FPS hybrid. The concept is similar to Guild Wars, but the mechanics are far more free-flowing and allow you to use any weapon or maneuver you wish. The game is also praised for its focus on multiplayer and PvP aspects, which allow you to practice your skills and hone them even more.

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      Attack enemies with the Elden Ring.
      The Elden Ring will help you in combat if used correctly.

      Use the Elden Ring’s Bound Effect and Bind Effect to make the fight last longer.
      Elden Rings that are bound to Bound Effects fall off and lose their abilities after that.

      Use Heal or Restore to recover HP.
      Find the appropriate balance between offensive and defensive characteristics by assigning the appropriate Bind Effect.

      Diversify the weapon equipment you possess and support allies with your skills.
      If your stat is balanced, you can easily control enemies with your Elden Ring.

      Use the Elden Ring’s Bound Effect and Bind Effect.
      A huge amount of items can be combined, so you should check all combinations.

      You can control enemy equipment and deal great damage to your enemies.
      You should always prepare for Boss battles.

      Use the Elden Ring’s Bound Effect and Bind Effect.
      Your abilities have bound effects, so you should use them to their maximum.

      Restore your allies’ HP by searching for items.
      Be careful when you use items to heal your allies, as if you are too generous with your gifts, you will lose yourself as a Healer.

      Use Elden Rings that have magic effect abilities to control your allies.

      Combine the equipment of others with items you create.
      You can find powerful items by investigating places where people gather, such as towns and graveyards.

      Use the Elden Ring’s Bound Effect and Bind Effect.
      Do not be so selective when combining items.

      They often create stories with words of power.
      Your current state of play is shown in the equipment you possess.

      Learn from others’ stories and apply new knowledge.

      Learn and learn from others’ stories and apply new knowledge.
      A crash of the game or an abnormal ending, be careful.

      Tell others your current state of play when you enter a town.

      Listen to the whispers of men’s hearts that the wind brings.


      A new fantasy RPG sequel is available for now! The game is released at a high level of quality with great graphics and sound.

      ■ What is the Time to Fire / Mage?
      The game has approximately 7 hours.

      The latest game of the series: Time to Fire / Mage


      What’s new in Elden Ring:

      04 Mar 2013 18:03:55 +0000Three Stooges from the west.YesMan7A47D418-F11B-49B9-91FC-8300D725D03B is a developer blog.


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      Kirby Crockett is a British horror film directed by Sean Leonard and starring Chris Marquette, Philip Hilton, Paul Lazenby and Nigel Fitzpatrick.

      In late 1874, a backstreet abortionist is found dead and near him is a baby in a suitcase, seemingly abandoned in a forest. It is confirmed that the doctor and the baby are brothers from Yorkshire, who are friends since their childhood. Thirty years earlier they had travelled together to India to escape the reputedly unemotional Yorkshire natives, but the memory of that there journey comes back to the doctor. Once there the brothers felt they had accepted the Indian culture and therefore never sent word back to their family that they were safe. The news that the backstreet abortionist and the kidnapped baby are brothers triggers the former’s latent fears and he races back to Yorkshire to confront the violent crime he committed so many years earlier.

      Chris Marquette as William Crockett
      Philip Hilton as Dr. Kirby Crockett
      Paul Lazenby as Job Crockett
      Nigel Fitzpatrick as Thomas Crockett
      Cassandra Harris as Mary ‘Ma’ Crockett
      Alex Miller as Luke Cheydrake
      Nina Marlowe as Mrs Cheydrake
      Andrew Ryne as Inspector Stack
      Ingeborg Paul as Mrs. Glover
      Ronald Lacey as Constable Mercer
      Joseph Delaney as Mr and Mrs ‘Pat’ Cheydrake
      Geoffrey Hounsome as Charles Cheydrake
      David Irish as Chief Editor
      Michael English as Detective
      Ashur Rahaman as Indian

      Principal photography began on location in Yorkshire in October 2015, with post-production work taking place in London, UK and in Hacienda, CA, USA.

      Kirby Crockett was released in the US on February 10, 2018 by IFC Midnight.


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