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AutoCAD Crack+ [Mac/Win]

The company reported $2.3 billion in sales in 2015, as compared to $2.1 billion in 2014. Autodesk’s net income in 2015 was $458 million, compared to $452 million in 2014.

Autodesk’s shares traded in the range of $37 to $59 from 2012 to 2015, a decrease of 56 percent. The highest price for a share was $85.97 in October 2008, and the lowest price was $30.65 in April 2009.


AutoCAD (short for Autos Digitalis), is a computer-aided design and drafting software application developed and marketed by Autodesk. It is used for creating 2D and 3D technical drawings and drafting for industrial and commercial design, construction, and management. It has become widely used in the manufacturing industry.

AutoCAD comes in three editions: AutoCAD LT, AutoCAD WS and AutoCAD LT WS.

AutoCAD LT is for users with only basic drafting and design skills. It is primarily used for creating simple 2D drawings. It has a number of tools, such as line, polyline, curve, arc, and text, which are used for creating simple 2D drawings. It is also capable of creating 3D drawings by using 3D objects such as blocks, axis, drafting accessories, and 3D geometric entities.

AutoCAD WS is for users who are not only capable of creating simple 2D drawings but also capable of creating more complex drawings, such as those requiring 2D and 3D plotting and rendering. The user interface is similar to AutoCAD LT, with many of the drawing tools available in both applications. However, for creating complex 3D drawings, AutoCAD WS allows 3D drawing with more graphical features than AutoCAD LT. 3D modeling tools are also available in AutoCAD WS.

AutoCAD LT WS is for users who want to create complex drawings, and include tools to design and create 3D models.

Autodesk plans to launch a new version of AutoCAD in 2020.

CAD Software


AutoCAD is used by architects, engineers, designers, drafters, and many others in many different industries. It is commonly used in the construction and engineering industries, and in the manufacturing industry.

Autodesk has products that allow users to create 2D, 3D, and BIM (

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Support for AutoCAD files have been incorporated into file systems, such as m: drive on Windows. On the desktop, AutoCAD files can be directly opened in the AutoCAD application itself, without a separate program. Files can also be opened in other applications that can import AutoCAD files, such as Microsoft Word. The import of files from AutoCAD is carried out by DWG Readers, which are included with AutoCAD and come in various forms (e.g., plug-ins and add-ons). Because AutoCAD files are a subset of the PDF file format, they can be created from Adobe Illustrator files, as well as other vector graphics files.

Operating system and software
AutoCAD and its derivatives are available on all major Microsoft Windows operating systems. AutoCAD is included on Microsoft Windows and can be installed as part of a Microsoft Office suite installation. The Office 2007 suite includes AutoCAD as part of the standard installation. AutoCAD for Windows, the AutoCAD family product for personal computers, is available for Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP. AutoCAD LT was released for Windows 7 on July 20, 2009. AutoCAD is not available for MacOS X. However, AutoCAD can be used on a Macintosh computer running OS X if a Windows-based version of AutoCAD is available on the same computer (i.e. via Boot Camp or Parallels).

AutoCAD version history

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AutoCAD Activation Code PC/Windows

Press X to register.

Choose your country to install.

This wizard will help you.

Wait for installation to finish.

Now you have registered Autodesk.

Open Autodesk Autocad.

You will be asked to create a new work space.

Select a location to store your project and save it.

Now you can open your file in Autocad.

Autocad is activated.

Note: When you have been registered, you can create a workspace that has a universal access.

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Syrian government forces have pushed Islamic State militants out of half of Raqqa, Syria, marking the beginning of what the U.S.-led coalition says is a months-long battle to retake the city.

The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) announced the capture on Sunday of the rest of the northern half of the city, including the historic Umayyad Mosque and much of the commercial district.

The capture of half the city underscores the importance of the battle, which now goes beyond the capital of the self-declared Islamic caliphate to a vital city in the heart of Syria’s oil-rich northeast.

The SDF announced on social media that it had surrounded the remaining ISIS-held districts of the city, suggesting that the battle to completely drive out the extremists is only just beginning.

The offensive, which began on June 6, was preceded by a nearly month-long bombardment and evacuation of civilians from parts of the city held by ISIS.

The U.S.-backed SDF includes Kurdish and Arab militias and is supported by the U.S.-led coalition in its fight against the Islamic State group.

Syrian government troops have also been involved in the assault, but their presence has been minimal due to an offensive by Russia and its allies on rebel groups in the province of Idlib.

SDF spokesman Kino Gabriel said the coalition supports the Syrian government in the battle for Raqqa and that U.S. warplanes have been involved in the campaign since its beginning.

The SDF has begun preparations for what it says will be the most complicated part of the operation: the clearing of western Raqqa, where a U.S.-backed military coalition and Russian planes are targeting the nearby Tabqa air base.

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said U.S. troops have been providing “advice and assistance to the SDF in the continuing fight for Raqqa.”

What’s New In?

Import and insert symbols. Quickly add symbols from a Symbols panel and modify attributes like text and description, scale, and typeface.

Enhancements to the Dimension tool. Get up to 50 percent faster with Quick Dimensions. Use the Dimensions panels for measuring lengths, widths, and angles and set paper millimeters.

Select tool enhancements. Easily specify a range of selectable objects and the rest of your drawing is automatically selected. Change select behavior with a new Select panel.

Sketch Overlay :

Eliminate wireframe calculations with Sketch Overlay. Sketch ontop of other layers for instant rough-sketching, freehand editing, and overlay vector. (video: 6:35 min.)

Layer enhancements. Quickly access layers on a grid or change colors.

Layer filters. The new Layer Filter is a library of common layer visibility settings and settings by line type. Change the color of the lines on a layer.

Inspect to help you find changes. The new Inspect feature displays actions, commands, and buttons from the command palette. (video: 1:10 min.)

3D Tools

3D Enable and the New 3D tab. Select new commands for setting up the 3D workspace, opening models, and viewing them in the 3D workspace.

3D Edit. Easily navigate with snapping, snap points, and LazyS, a no-frills 3D annotation tool.

Edit the 3D Model Space. Make parallel, perpendicular, and angled planes, convert faces to edges, remove elements, rotate and translate objects, and apply perspective.

3D Hide. Hide all or select faces in a model. (video: 1:30 min.)

3D Print (Cloud) :

View models and parts in a browser. Print model parts directly from your browser, using a free cloud service.

New View Commands. Easily view a 3D object in the 2D viewport.

New Snap Menu. Snap to view from an edge or an interior corner of a 3D object.

New Speed Rotation command. Rotate an object up to a specified angle in 3D space.

New Snap to align. Align to a 3D axis. Align to the Z axis at a snap point. Align to a snap plane.


System Requirements For AutoCAD:

Windows 10 (64-bit)
Intel Core 2 Duo or better
1.2 GB Hard Disk Space
Internet Connection
Peripheral devices: mouse, keyboard, microphone, webcam, game pad, joysticks
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