Motorcycles: HHD Online Player (Aadukalam (2010) – HD Rip – 720P – X) [2021] ♛

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HHD Online Player (Aadukalam (2010) – HD Rip – 720P – X) [2021] ♛


HHD Online Player (Aadukalam (2010) – HD Rip – 720P – X)

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How to get my Django 1.3 app to work when moving from localhost:8000 to

I am developing a Django 1.3 app that works when I run the server on my local machine at localhost:8000. Now I am trying to move the development version to the web server on my local machine at It looks like the sockets are not being bound. What is causing this?
My socket connections look like this when I run the server locally:
[27/Oct/2012 17:11:03] “GET /test/ HTTP/1.1” 200
[27/Oct/2012 17:11:03] “GET /media/js/docs.js HTTP/1.1” 304 332

But when I run it on the web server, I get:
[27/Oct/2012 17:15:28] “GET /test/ HTTP/1.1” 200
[27/Oct/2012 17:15:28] “GET /media/js/docs.js HTTP/1.1” 304 332

and the server is running on port 8000. I’m using freebsd and the command I use to start the web server is:
python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8000

I found the problem, and it was the QUOTATION MARK after the 1.0. Now that I know the problem, how do I fix it? There must be some escaping or something but I don’t know what.


You either have to quote the port in the binding section, like this:
listen = (‘localhost’, 8000)

or use {} to indicate the port range of 8000-8000, like this:
listen = (‘127.0