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Product Overview With Microsoft® Exchange Server 2010, you can send and receive email messages as if they are being sent from a local computer (that is, from a mail server that is on a local network). A mail server provides all the functionality needed to manage email messages in a network environment. A mail server may be an integral part of a web server installation, where the mail server serves as the central repository for users’ email messages. In addition, a mail server may be installed as a stand-alone application to serve as an email server for your home network, company, or intranet, or a mail server may be used to replace a small business network that uses LAN-based mail. With your choices, you can choose a solution that provides the flexibility needed to meet your organization’s email needs. home, work, intranet, and/or a smal­ business network.Note: Solutions are only illustrated as a download page view, and are not specifically intended to be hosted on a web server. As such, the elements of the installation file (such as the installer, msi file, service executables, features, feature_components and registry edits) can require web server access. For details on the specific requirements for each solution, please contact the product vendor. For information about hosted solutions, contact your hosting provider. Email Server Solutions EMAIL DATABASE EMAIL EMAIL SERVER EXCHANGE SERVER