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To disable in-game V-Sync, follow these instructions:
In the Nvidia control panel, go to the ‘Manage 3D settings’ option.
Choose to ‘Manage 3D Settings by clicking the clock symbol in the lower-left corner of the screen.
Click ‘Acceleration/Virtual Super Sampling’.
Uncheck the ‘Enable V-Sync’ box.
Note: this disables your PC’s screen refresh rate, so you’ll need to use an external monitor and set its refresh rate to 60Hz.
As an alternative, you can turn off the V-Sync settings in the graphics settings on your computer; this is an option that should be available from the system’s control panel, depending on which version of Windows you are running.
However, note that this may cause graphical glitches and artefacts when your computer is under load.


06.12.2017 · The Xbox One can only use 2D images for background textures. You won’t be able to play next-gen games with a CRYSTAL DEFENSE V3 SE; they can only play 1.5D images.
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Go to the beginning of the fight with Chris, and ensure you are sufficiently close.
When Chris is about to use his hands, quickly press the trigger twice. If done correctly, Chris will drop to the floor.
Select Chris and press Circle to enter the holding pattern, preventing Chris from punching you while you get up your bearings and brace yourself. Chris is on the ground, and can’t hit you.

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Autonomy are already some way off the pace of their previous record but they are already in pole position to win the drivers’ title, having only been a point behind
Ferrari for much of this campaign, and will be one of the favourites for the title in 2012.

They are known for their sound in-season strategy and have proven over the past few years that they will be capable of managing a title challenge come season’s end, but
they have their work cut out with the Red Bull cars in their sights.

Jenson Button, however, will be one of the main men in Autonomy’s quest for a fifth title. The 2008 champion is in a better place now that he is driving for his
home-town club rather than one of the giants of the sport, but he will feel that his past experience will stand him in good stead as the season wears on.

All in all Autonomy has a good chance to claim another title but they will only be truly crowned champions if the performance of their drivers is on par with
their ability.[Arteriogenic lymphedema: a rare vascular complication