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APMonitor Modeling Language [Mac/Win] (2022)

APMonitor Modeling Language is a simple declarative language to model chemical processes. APMonitor software supports this language.
This package includes the following components:
– APMonitor Modeling Language Editor for the creation and modification of chemical process models.
– Generic Physical Description Package (P.D.P.) for composing chemical process models with the APMonitor Modeling Language.
– APMonitor Modeling Language – Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for the development of chemical process models using the APMonitor Modeling Language.
– APMonitor Modeling Language – Nonlinear Solvers for data reconciliation, real-time optimization, dynamic simulation, and nonlinear predictive control.

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1. Mathematical Models

The full modeling language can be used to model many types of processes. In all cases, the models are represented using mathematical equations. They can be built using a number of different methods depending on the needs of the problem.
The modeling language is able to handle linear and nonlinear mathematical models. It is possible to compare equations using matrix multiplications to calculate final variables. Processes are defined using the modeling language.
Because the APMonitor modeling language is capable of processing all types of mathematical models, it is ideal for modeling large scale, dynamic, or complicated problems. It can handle relatively complex models as well as those which are simple.
The overall structure of a modeling language defined by a set of instructions:
1. define the number and types of variables
2. define the relationship between them
3. define the equations of the system
This definition is used to make sure that the variables are defined correctly and also to provide a unified visualization of the plant and model.

This section shows how APMonitor can be used to model a number of different processes.
2. Differential Equations

The modeling language can handle equations of various types, including algebraic, linear, and differential equations.
1. Differential equations

These can be written as,

Note that the variables represent physical properties (e.g., temperature or pressure). The variable in the right hand side usually represents the time derivative of the variable.

These equations can be written as differential equation and solved using the APMonitor software using different methods like Impulsive, Differential-integral and numerical methods like Runge-Kutta with stability and transient analysis.

The following equations can be written in the modeling language:

The first two equations are algebraic.
The next three equations are algebraic equations.

The next two examples are algebraic and non-linear differential equations.

The next example is a differential equation and is of second order.

Note that it is possible to type in the variables on the right hand side, it just helps to show that they are the same variables in all of the equations.

The last example is an equation of non-linear second order.

3. Systems of Different

APMonitor Modeling Language

APMonitor is the first software modeler using Industrial Strength Algebraic Equations (ISA) and other well known optimization methods to perform real-time optimization. These open mathematical and industrial standard extensions to traditional optimization software are tightly coupled with large scale nonlinear programming methods to eliminate the critical deficiency of traditional large-scale nonlinear optimization solutions — the inability to perform real-time optimization. Specifically, APMonitor solves the problem of large-scale nonlinear programming methods and the APMonitor Modeling Language by performing real-time operation optimization for complex industrial applications.
APMonitor’s predefined model libraries include chemical process and thermodynamic models, large-scale kinetics, and dynamic physics simulation models for chemical, food, petroleum and pharmaceutical applications. The quality of the models has been validated against nonlinear-optimization hardware operation and lab tests with their corresponding equations. Because of the tight coupling to underlying linear-optimization techniques, once validated, these models serve as excellent additions to or replacements for existing models, or for new models in existing model libraries.
APMonitor includes solutions for nonlinear predictive control and real-time dynamic simulation. These tools are optimized for chemical, pharmaceutical, and food systems with algorithms that enforce integral constraints and real-time constraints. The solutions include economic, safety, and environmental criteria and a single objective solution of nonlinear programming problems. Moreover, APMonitor is a true modeler because the user is not limited to the models it provides.
APMonitor Modeling Language Technical
APMonitor is an optimization software for industrial scale processes. The software is based on industrial strength algebraic equations and nonlinear optimization solvers. The applications for this software include process optimization, simulation and operation control in chemical, food, petroleum and pharmaceutical applications.
The APMonitor software includes the following major modules:

APMonitor Modeling Language (APMonitor-ML)
APMonitor provides a modeling language that provides a standard mathematical notation for describing large scale models. The modeling language is based on algebraic equations with small extra notation for describing chemical processes and mathematical physics problems. Such a modeling language is widely accepted for describing engineered systems.

APMonitor Model Library (APMonitor-ML)
APMonitor includes a model library of chemical reaction and physical dynamics models of chemical process. The models have been tested and validated against both hardware operation and lab-scale tests. These models are built using standard chemical equations and group contribution methods. APMonitor

What’s New In?

APMonitor is an advanced nonlinear model-based optimization software that interprets chemical engineering process simulation models written in the APMonitor Modeling Language (AML). This software interfaces live plant models or allows for the importation of AML files. APMonitor optimizes plant parameters and settings for robustness and economics. These robust plant settings can then be used for simulation, optimization, and troubleshooting of the plant.
Process models are written in the APMonitor Modeling Language. This software understands chemical engineering process models and translates them into advanced nonlinear modeling capabilities. The software is also used to integrate live plant models or to import chemical engineering models written in a graphical user interface.


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System Requirements For APMonitor Modeling Language:

Windows XP SP3/Windows Vista SP1/Windows 7 SP1/Windows 8 (32-bit) SP1/Windows 8 (64-bit) SP1
3 GHz Processor
Minimum DirectX 10/8.1/7
1024 x 768 display resolution
Internet Explorer 9 or later
Mac OS X 10.6.8 or later
Internet Explorer 11
Mac OS X 10.9.5 or later