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* _Adobe Photoshop CS3 Training_ : If you’re new to the image-editing software, you want to know what it can do and how to make it do it for you. Video tutorials explain all. For beginners, they teach you how to create layers, adjust brush settings, choose and edit tools, and create and edit selections, as well as many other editing skills. (However, they don’t cover importing new images into Photoshop, which I cover in Book IV, Chapter 2.) When you’re ready, _Adobe Photoshop CS3 All-In-One For Dummies_, by Nancy Nall, covers it all in-depth and goes into extra depth for those who want to get into the more advanced features of Photoshop.

* _Photoshop For Dummies,_ by Holly Carter and Steve Brown, gives an overview of Photoshop and talks about basic features and tools. _How to Photoshop: The Complete Guide,_ by Jody Jamieson, Susan B. Hillman, and Susie Carrakt, shows intermediate and advanced users how to create photo-editing projects.

* _Photoshop Elements 12 For Dummies_ (published by Wiley), by Brett McLaughlin and Ben Moody, shows you how to edit photos with all of Elements’ editing options, from color and light adjustments to advanced tools, layers, and selections.

## Exploring the Basics of Photoshop

Regardless of whether you’re a beginner or an experienced user, you know that the most important aspect of any editing application is how well you understand its features. You want to be able to quickly apply an edit, have confidence that what you’ve done is correct, and be able to undo your work, if necessary.

You can create a document in Photoshop by dragging and dropping a photo onto the program’s workspace or by clicking a New Project icon. You can also create documents in Adobe’s other programs, such as Acrobat, Illustrator, and InDesign, by creating the document in the other program and opening it in Photoshop.

When you first open Photoshop, you see a workspace that contains an image window, two or more editing windows, and a menu bar. The image window contains the photo you’ve opened; the two editing windows enable you to work on your image using either a raster application or a vector graphics program. The right editing window contains tools and menus that are handy for editing photos, whereas the left editing window contains tools and menus that are useful for working

Adobe Photoshop CS5 For PC

Learn how to use Photoshop Elements the right way.


1. Learn Photoshop Elements

1.1. Download PS Elements

1.2. Setting up and installing Photoshop Elements

1.3. Learn the new version: Photoshop Elements 2019

2. Create images with Photoshop Elements

3. Edit images with Photoshop Elements

3.1. Edit, crop and resize images

3.2. Create and edit images with layers

3.3. Smart Objects

3.4. Create Photoshop actions

3.5. Filter effects

3.6. File types and filenames

4. Create a beautiful palette with Photoshop Elements

4.1. Create a new blank palette

4.2. Set up the palette

4.3. Make a flat palette with gradients

4.4. Use Auto Color

4.5. Make a color wheel

5. Use graphics and filters to create awesome images

5.1. Apply adjustments and corrections

5.2. Use Adjustment Layers

5.3. Use the Adjustment Brush

5.4. Use the Gradient tool

5.5. Smooth photos with the Smart Sharpen filter

5.6. Make and apply quick masks

5.7. Make filters and actions with built-in editing tools

6. Create a selection with help of the Pick Tool

6.1. Create selections with the Quick Selection tool

6.2. Make a selection with the Magic Wand tool

6.3. Select with a mask

7. Create dynamic effects with Photoshop Elements

7.1. Use the Content-Aware fill

7.2. Use Photoshop layers for 3D-like effects

7.3. Make objects move with an action

7.4. Use the liquify filter

8. Use Adobe Photoshop Tools to automate your workflow

8.1. Create actions with Adobe Photoshop Tools

8.2. Edit images and actions with Adobe Photoshop Tools

8.3. Use Adobe Photoshop Tools to create and edit layers

8.4. Edit your actions with Photoshop Tools

8.5. Use Photoshop Tools to create 3D-like effects

8.6. Use Photoshop Tools for fill effects

8.7. Use the annotation tool

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## Chapter 10: Pen and Paths

Drawing with pens or pencils can be much easier than using Photoshop brushes. Most art supplies contain the Pen tool, which allows you to draw and manipulate shapes, such as creating an eye. You can create Photoshop files directly from pens and pencils.

If you want to draw on top of an image, you’ll need to create a path first. Although Photoshop offers a variety of paths, including polygonal (such as squares and triangles), bezier, and arc, there are some limitations to using pens and pencils.

1. **Creating Paths**

Photoshop contains a Paths and Patterns collection that contains a plethora of paths and patterns for you to use in your work. In this chapter, you’ll learn how to create vector or bitmap paths. A path is a virtual line that you can use to create all kinds of effects, including patterns and vector effects.


What’s New In?

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