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1. **1.** Select the Editing Layer in the Layers panel to make it the active editing layer.

As long as you are using an active layer, you can make changes to the layers on the image.

2. **2.** Press the letter A (for Edit on a Layer) to open the Layers panel of the Tools Options dialog box.

The Layers panel is divided into the following subpanels: the Layers panel (if not checked in the view options, as shown in Figure 4-1), the Paths panel (if it’s not checked), the Channels panel, the Hand tool (or the Paths tool), the Transform tool, and the Content-Aware Move tool (if it’s not checked).

3. **3.** Click the Fill and Stroke button at the top of the dialog box to access the Fill and Stroke dialog box.

**Figure 4-1:** The Layers panel.

In Chapter 5, I show you how to select objects in an image and work with layers to draw and paint on them.

4. **4.** Choose the Brush tool from the Tools panel.

If you don’t see the Brush tool on the Tools panel, click the button for the Tools panel to be displayed in its default position on the upper right of your screen.

See the sidebar “Adjusting the color, contrast, and tonal values” for a brief explanation of how to edit the brush as you paint.

5. **5.** If you’re working in RGB mode, click the color selector on the right to choose a color.

Chapter 7, “Editing Individual Colors,” explains how to choose different colors.

If you’re working in CMYK mode, click the Color Picker button on the right. The color picker is a nice touch, because it gives you a clickable palette of colors. See Chapter 8, “Using the Adjustment and Color Control Layers,” for information on color choices.

## Adjusting the Color, Contrast, and Tonal Values

Selecting and adjusting the tonal values is the fastest and easiest way to update the look of an image. Adjusting the color, contrast, and tonal values all have the same effect: they change the colors and adjust the contrast in the image.

While this process seems rather simple, you’ll learn more about setting the ton

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It works on Mac OS X 10.5 or later and Windows XP or later.

Download the latest version of Adobe Photoshop Elements

Update: Adobe Photoshop Elements doesn’t work with Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite, so we’re now only recommending this version.

6 best Photoshop alternatives for beginners

Adobe Photoshop is an advanced tool, and even with some tutorials you might need to spend hours to make an edit.

Photoshop alone is too complicated for many users. That’s why we’ve created these alternatives that can help even new users get started.

We’ve tried to find these alternatives on systems that are easy to use so anyone can create graphic design that looks professional and will impress your friends.

6 Photoshop alternatives for beginners – (Free)

Here we have selected the six best Photoshop alternatives for beginners.


The GNU Image Manipulation Program has all the features of Photoshop and has a simple user interface.

It’s often mentioned that GIMP is a Photoshop clone, but it’s actually a lot more than that.

GIMP is an open source image editor for photo manipulation, drawing, and print making.

It supports all major image formats as well as all major picture formats on Windows, Linux, OS X, BeOS, FreeBSD, NetBSD, Solaris, and many other operating systems.

Image formats that it supports are:


Here are all the features you can do with GIMP:

When you first open the program, you’ll see an empty document to start drawing.

Open an image in GIMP using any of the four image files.

Using the context menu, you can scale the image or move it.

You can crop the image, apply filters, add text, and much more.

You can also draw text using any of the text tools.

You can add all the layer effects that Photoshop offers, like Hue/Saturation, layer styles, and layer effects.

Adobe Photoshop CC 2018 For Windows

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