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* Viewing Tools: _**Figure 13-1,**_ _left_ : The new program’s View menu can be found by clicking the View button. The whole screen can be panned and zoomed with the cursor. _**Figure 13-1,** right: The new toolbox has a history of recent tools that are context sensitive and can be recalled using the keyboard or mouse. Here are the keyboard shortcuts in the Mac version for the most-used tools in the toolbox._
* Navigating Tools: _**Figure 13-2** _: The History panel on the left shows recently opened and modified files.
* Layers and Colors: _**Figure 13-3** _: The new History panel has been simplified and includes a context-sensitive tool tip that explains the functions.
* Edit and Transform: _**Figure 13-4** _: The new Edit panel includes basic editing functions and filters.
* Text and Camera: _**Figure 13-5** _: The new Text panel offers basic tools for fixing text and applying clip art.
* Develop and Color: _**Figure 13-6** _: The new Curves panel offers basic Lut adjustments, such as Hue, Saturation, and Lightness and curve adjustments in the forms of Curves, Detail, Highlight, Shadows, Darkroom, and more.
* Pattern: _**Figure 13-7** _: The new Pattern panel gives you access to a broad range of pattern adjustment options, including Soften, Drop Shadow, Invert, and others.
* Repair and Gamut Warning: _**Figure 13-8** _: This pane gives you access to the Advance function, which is used to correct color, tone, and exposure.
* History: _**Figure 13-9** _: The new History panel is used for nondestructive editing. Use this panel to switch back and forth between the original image and the modified image without worrying about losing any of the originals.
* Move and Crop: _**Figure 13-10** _: The new Crop panel is used to select the exact areas to crop and can be used either nondestructively or destructively.
* Preview and Print: _**Figure 13-11** _: The new Preview panel enables you to visually examine the current state of your image. This is a great tool to help you determine which changes to make to your

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In this article we will learn about all the Essential Photoshop tools, which are:

– The Basic tools

– The Image Adjustment

– The Filter

– The Layers Tool

– The Brushes Tool

– The Raster Effects

– The Pattern and Gradient

– The Vector Tool

– The Adjustment Layers

– The Adjustment Paths

– The Export to Web and JPEG Format


This tutorial assumes that you have a basic knowledge of the Photoshop interface. The video tutorial uses the Photoshop CC 2018 but all the information can be carried over to Photoshop 2018.

1. Basic Tools


The Basic tools are used to perform various editing and adjusting processes on your images. These tools include the following:

– Foreground/Background

– Curves (Adjustment)

– Brush Tool

– Pen Tool

– Free Transform

– Eraser tool

– Fill and Stroke

– Healing and Clone

For this tutorial we will learn how to work with the Free Transform tool.

1.1) Free Transform Tool

1.1.1) Basic Tool


Click the Free Transform tool on the Toolbox.

Place the Tool on the Toolbox so that you can draw around the image. The tool’s arrow icon will be show a white line.


Click and drag the tool over the image window.

When finished, click outside the image.

You will see the transformations of the image. Click the image again to reverse the transformation.

1.2) How to Remove Objects from the Image

1.2.1) Basic Tool


Click the Free Transform tool.

Place the tool on the Toolbox so that you can draw around the image. The tool’s arrow icon will be show a white line.


Click on the image and drag the tool over the image window to select it.

– Click the image again to reverse the transformation.

2. Basic Image Adjustment Tools

2.1) Curves (Adjustment)



Click the Adjustment Tool icon on the Toolbox. You will see a dialogue

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How can I create Text with UIImage on UILabel using swift?

This is my program to add image with text :
@IBOutlet weak var bgView: UIView!
@IBOutlet weak var label: UILabel!
var image: UIImageView = UIImageView()

override func viewDidLoad() {

bgView.backgroundColor = UIColor.init(red: 239.0/255.0, green: 227.0/255.0, blue: 199.0/255.0, alpha: 1.0)

image.contentMode = UIViewContentMode.scaleAspectFit
self.image.frame.size = CGSize(width: (bgView.frame.width – label.frame.width)/2, height: (bgView.frame.height – label.frame.height)/2)
self.image.clipsToBounds = true

@IBAction func pictureTapped(_ sender: UIButton) {
self.image.image = UIImage(named: “star-example.png”)

self.label.text = “star”

It’s ok but I want to add image not only 1 image, I want to add multiple image on UILabel. How can I do this with the swift?


When you do a new UIImageView it is created by default as the centre of your frame.
This is because the centre of your frame is your (0,0) coordinate. This is the default behaviour of all CALayer objects.
You can customise how it works by setting the frame property of the UIImageView. You can do so in your viewDidLoad method.
override func viewDidLoad() {

What’s New In Adobe Photoshop 2021 (version 22)?

@CR11]^. This data is represented using the Circos graphic (Fig. [1c](#Fig1){ref-type=”fig”}) in which protein-interaction data is over-plotted to show co-expression of the proteins as grey concentric rings and the interaction data as black lines^[@CR12]^.

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System Requirements For Adobe Photoshop 2021 (version 22):

OS: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (64 bit), Server 2008 R2 (64 bit), Server 2012 R2 (64 bit)
Processor: Any processor that supports SSE4 instruction set (SSE4 is available in all recent versions of Windows.)
Hard Disk Space:
10 GB available space
DirectX 9 with latest drivers (not recommended)
Additional Notes:
The Mac version of Crashlands