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Aside from Photoshop, Chapter 2 introduces you to the tools and features in Bridge, a standalone image organizer, and Photoshop Plug-ins, which allow you to extend Photoshop’s functionality.

The Quick Way to Work with a RAW File

Photoshop can work with a RAW file format or a TIFF file format. A RAW file is a digital negative that contains a full tonal range that can be expanded upon in post-production. A RAW file can contain the information to produce prints with all of the colors and details. A TIFF file is a digital file that stores the information as a collection of pixel values that cannot be expanded upon in the normal workflow. However, when you open a TIFF file, you can see the image as it is.

A RAW file is the workflow of a professional because the file contains all of the information to produce a print. The file can store all of the visible data, which includes everything from the image’s overall color, lighting, and details to how the image will print, how the image will look when printed, and whether it will be black and white or color.

You can open a RAW file in Photoshop without converting it to a TIFF file. Because a RAW file lacks the extra information that a TIFF file has, working with RAW files is not as intuitive in Photoshop as with TIFF files. To best work with RAW files, a user needs to understand this workflow and what is needed to open, edit, and save RAW files.

The file format for RAW files, like TIFF files, is also lost when the file is exported to another application. Therefore, when exporting a file, whether it’s from Photoshop or another image editing application, always save a backup of your file as a different file format.

Understanding RAW Files

While a TIFF file is a digital file format like a RAW file, RAW files aren’t simply enlarged and saved versions of a TIFF file. A RAW file is a true digital negative with a tonal range that doesn’t lose any detail when converting it to a TIFF file. A RAW file stores the visible data in the file, and a TIFF file stores data that isn’t visible in the file, including the light settings and color values, and therefore isn’t visible.

The relationship between a RAW file and a TIFF file is similar to the relationship between a negative and a print. If you open a RAW file in Photoshop, you can see the visible data in the file

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