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There is a price to pay for the convenience of using Photoshop. It doesn’t work for all image types and won’t handle images created in other programs such as Corel PhotoPaint. Also, Photoshop does not offer features for converting images from one type of program to another.

Some of the basic tasks and features you can expect to find in Photoshop include the following:

Brightness: Adjust the brightness of any portion of the image

Color: Apply a color filter to change the color of the image

Contrast: Adjust the overall contrast and intensity of the image

Curve: Adjust the shape of the brightness curve in the image (see Figure 4-1)

Hue/Saturation: Adjust the overall color in the image (see Figure 4-2)

Levels: Adjust the overall brightness and dark/light balance of the image

Poster: Align objects or a background (see Figure 4-3)

Sharpen: Fine-tune the sharpness of the image

Smoothing: Reduce the amount of pixel information in the image so that it becomes softer

Split Toning: Adjust the colors of portions of the image (see Figure 4-4)

Torn Photo: Reduce bleeding or tearing of photos

Vignette: Make the image appear to be darker in the corners of the image

Wipe or Bleed: Reduce the amount of white background in an image

Photo by Damon Liebling

If you can think of it in Photoshop, you can probably create it.

**Figure 4-1:** The Levels dialog box enables you to increase or decrease the overall image brightness.

**Figure 4-2:** Adjust color by clicking on the area to be modified and dragging the color you want to the color swatch.

**Figure 4-3:** You can align objects and the background by using the Object Snap features.

Photo by Damon Liebling

**Figure 4-4:** You can use the poster feature to align objects and titles or align objects with a background.

Using Photoshop Elements

If you’re a beginner, may we suggest starting with Photoshop Elements? It’s a full version of Photoshop that’s available for free. You can view the tutorials and how-tos on the web at

If you’re interested in Photoshop Elements, make sure you have a solid computer (

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Adobe Photoshop Elements is mainly used for making photo manipulations and personal work. But it also has plenty of features for graphic designers and web designers.

In this tutorial, we will show you how to create a realistic Christmas card. You will learn how to enhance the details of the image in Photoshop Elements. We will also show you how to create an Instagram image that can be used on your social media profile.

Creating a Christmas Card

In this tutorial, we will only use the stock photo and image editing features of Photoshop Elements. However, you can modify the PSD file to include any additional effects that you like.

To edit the Christmas card properly, you first need to do a bit of research on the correct theme, and then create a background image.

Let’s get started.

1. Create a simple picture with Photoshop Elements

Click the Insert tab, then the Photo and select a template or drag a picture from your computer’s disk.

Then drag the picture to the canvas.

Set the following options:

Keep the Smart Objects

Adjust the amount of text and color

2. Enhance the Details of the Photo

Click on the Fill and Adjustments and then click the Curves button.

Drag the tones down to tone down the image as shown in the image below.

Then click OK.

Select all the pixels using the Magic Wand Tool. Go to Select > Modify > Expand.

Go to Select > Modify > Invert.

Select the Red layer and deselect the Purple layer.

3. Duplicate Layer

Duplicate the Red layer.

Set the following options for the new layer:

Keep the Smart Objects

Resize to 1096 x 640

4. Blend the layers

Move the Blue layer below the Red layer.

Create a new adjustment layer and select the Overlay blend mode. Go to Select > Modify > Blend if necessary.

Move the two layers below each other.

5. Adjust the Lighting and Colors

Select the last layer. Click on the Adjustments button. Then select the Exposure – More.

I set the Exposure of my image at -0.75.

See the effect in the image below.

Then go to the Hue/Saturation tab, and drag the Hue slider to Lighten the image.

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Kampala, Uganda (CNN) Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni has signed into law the Anti-Homosexuality Bill, despite strong opposition from politicians, religious leaders and several of his own party members.

The bill was approved by parliament last week and now goes into effect 30 days after it was published in the official newspaper.

Under the law, LGBT people will face up to life in prison and two years in prison for consensual sex. LGBT Ugandans will also face life in prison for being transgender.

It states: “Whoever is proved to have engaged in a sexual act with another person of the same sex shall be punished with life imprisonment.”

Ugandans will also face up to a year in jail for “public behavior promoting a homosexual lifestyle.”

Homosexuality is already illegal in Uganda.

The law was pushed through by Museveni.

It stated that “any homosexual practice is a crime against humanity and against the values of the society.”

Although parliament supported it, all 85 MP’s that voted on the bill didn’t support the anti-LGBT law.

Several MPs said they voted against the bill because they were promised certain things for supporting it, including re-election to parliament.

Some MPs said they’d be imprisoned for supporting the bill, and have faced death threats and been physically attacked for doing so.

The opposition claimed there were “dozens of promises” made by Museveni and his government in exchange for the bill’s approval.

Although the bill was supported by most of the ruling party, several MPs voted against it.

The High Court is currently investigating whether the law will be enforced, but Museveni is known to be confident that it will be, no matter the outcome of the court’s inquiry.

Uganda’s law to ban ‘homosexuality’ launched today. It is being called the strictest anti-gay law in the world. The president says ‘it’s not my aim to persecute homosexuals but to protect the institution of marriage. #FreePeoplesVote#Right2Decide — Nick Power (@npower) January 14, 2018

‘It’s a disaster for my country’

Hopes of overturning the law were slim, but the high court is expected to deliver its verdict early next year.

Museveni has said that implementing the

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Reading lines from text file to List[string] C#

I’m trying to read lines from a text file to a list of strings. The text file only has a few lines. This is what I tried:
using (StreamReader r = File.OpenText(“TextFile.txt”))
string line;

while ((line = r.ReadLine())!= null)
string[] chunk = line.Split(Environment.NewLine);

foreach (string item in chunk)

but as I mentioned earlier, the lines in this text file only have a couple of lines.


Since you have only a couple of lines of text, you’re going to be reading into memory what would be essentially just a bunch of garbage. If you stored the lines in a text file, opened it and read the contents of the file instead of using a StreamReader, you wouldn’t have to worry about manually setting up that StreamReader (which is a lot of code for only a few lines of text).
Additionally, your foreach loop isn’t going to do what you seem to think it does – you’re only adding the first item to the listbox.
Here’s what you should do:
List chunks = File.ReadLines(“TextFile.txt”)
.SelectMany(line => line.Split(Environment.NewLine))

System Requirements:

64-bit operating system (Windows 10 or higher)
USB mouse, keyboard and speakers (mouse not required on Windows 10)
DirectX 11 hardware acceleration (Windows 7, 8, or higher)
Minimum specs are:
Wear and Tear
We’re not saying you need to have the latest and greatest computer, but to keep things simple, we want to use a system that’s reasonably cheap and will last for years. Not a flagship, expensive new laptop. Think of