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Windows Style is a cursor theme developed for the CursorFX application. It features a futuristic mouse cursor with a small Windows logo placed in the center of it.
In order to use this theme, you must install CursorFX beforehand. Once you do so, simply access the application, open a new package and import the new theme.
Windows Style contains a theme for normal cursor states, such as standard and help select, working in back, busy, precision and text select, handwriting, unavailable, North (Vertical) resize, move, alternate select, hand and button.
With the help of the settings provided by CursorFX, you are able to edit properties for each mouse state when it comes to the hot spot coordinates, number of frames, looping mode, interval between frames, alternate and scripted animation. Plus, you can import your own graphics with the PNG format.
The theme smoothly integrates into CursorFX and didn't cause the program to hang, crash or pop up error dialogs throughout our testing. It certainly brings a new and exciting appearance to the operating system's interface, although it hasn't been updated for a while.
On the downside, Windows Style does not feature special effects, trails or sounds. Nevertheless, it should certainly satisfy users who are looking for a modern approach to the mouse cursor's look.









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Keyboard Shortcuts
Oculus Rift Support
High Fidelity 3.0 Support
Object Management Support
Programming : Type “Wssave-Programming-” for more information
Usage reports tool
1. Import this package into CursorFX
Download Windows Style Product Key Cursor Theme
2. Select “Windows Style Cursor Theme” from the “Save as type” drop down menu
3. Add the “cursor folder” to your CursorFX preferences
4. Select “Windows Style Cursor Theme” from the “Cursor Packages” drop down menu
5. Import the package
6. Name the package and place a shortcut for easy access
7. Enjoy!
What’s New in Windows Style Cursor Theme
Theme Folder Moved to Desktop
1.0.3 – 2/18/2017
Fixed a bug where the theme wouldn’t install on Windows 8.1
Updated CursorFX Preferences to reflect the new naming conventions
*Windows Style may not work correctly on Windows 8
*Windows Style will not install properly on Windows Vista
*Windows Style may not install correctly on Windows 10
The key combination “Ctrl + Alt + Shift + Pause / Break” should be used when opening preferences from within CursorFX.

Thanks for this awesome cursors!
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Good evening to all.
I have a problem that I hope you could help me out with.
I wanna make a cursor from you but I can’t download it and it seems like someone has already made it.
Means I don’t know how it works.
I hope you could help me out, cause that one I just wanted to try.
Thanks in advance.
Best regards,


Click CursorFX -> Computer
Click Settings
Click All Programs
Choose “CursorFX”
Click “Import”
Click “Import Special” and browse to the.thmx file that you wish to import
Click OK and refresh your desktop images

This should open up an import window with this cursor in it.


If you have a qucik recap of this folder:
Cursors Galore

Open CursorFX and select “Home”, click “File”, click “Import”. Select the location of the.thmx file you downloaded and click

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* The most popular Windows cursor theme for CursorFX
* Windows Logo in the center
* Ugly mouse cursor is hidden for best graphic results
* CursorFX Settings editor used for settings import & export
* Graphics are png format
* No special effects, trails or sounds
* No need for third-party cursor themes
* Fully compatible with other cursor themes and software such as CursorBlaze
* Does not work in macOS Catalina or Windows 10

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Windows Style Crack

This cursor style features a futuristic futuristic mouse cursor with a small Windows logo placed in the center of it.
294 KB

Smart Button Theme [0.9][1.0] is a new cursor theme for CursorFX. It features some useful buttons located in the bottom left corner of the mouse cursor.
These buttons will be displayed by default whenever you use the theme. They allow you to activate the CursorFX package manager, open CursorFX Settings and close the application.
The package manager is located within the Settings menu so that you can navigate there via the Smart Button. It allows you to update, remove or reinstall CursorFX without having to close it.
These settings also provide you with a way to modify and remove the buttons. You will be able to toggle them off, their color and their positions.
Should you need any help with the settings, a small help file will provide you with the default values.
Smart Button Theme Features:
– 1 button: Open the CursorFX Settings application
– 2 buttons: Show and hide CursorFX
– 3 buttons: Close the CursorFX Settings application
5 MB

Mars [0.6.1][0.7.2] is a glassy 2D mouse cursor theme for CursorFX. It’s currently in the testing stage.
The mouse cursor features a transparent Mars background, featuring two different detailed pictures of the planet.
There are 3 settings to customize the look:
– Mars Background: Select the picture of the planet that will fill the entire glassy stage
– Mars Mars: Select the graphic of the planet
– Mars Axis: Change the axis text (direction) of the planet (bottom, right or left)
2 MB

Nuclear Zero [0.3][0.4][0.5][0.6][0.7] is a glassy mouse cursor theme for CursorFX. It features two different detailed pictures of the world’s nuclear arsenal.
It contains 3 settings to customize the look:
– Nuclear Zero Background: Select the picture of the world’s nuclear arsenal
– Nuclear Zero Ticker: Select the graphic of the world’s nuclear arsenal
– Nuclear Zero Axis: Change the axis text (direction) of the world’s nuclear arsenal (bottom, right or left)

What’s New in the?

– Multiple cursor states included: Default, Active, Help, Business, Alt/Hot, Active Text, Busy, Working In Back, Precision, Hand, Button, Mouse X, Mouse Y, North (Vertical), Mouse Wheel, Mouse Keys, Error, and North (Horizontal) Resize.
– Hot-Spot Coordinates: Standard, Vertical, Horizontal, Custom X, Custom Y.
– Number of Cursors: 3.
– Animation Styles: Live, Stored, Autoposition, Autoposition – Random, Autoposition – Regular, Mouse In, Mouse Out, Mouse In – Mouse Out.
– Animation Mode: Mouse-Wheel, Wheel-Mouse, Mouse-Keys, Hand-Mouse, Mouse Keys – Mouse Keys, Mouse Keys – Mouse Keys – Mouse Keys, Hand-Mouse, Hand-Mouse – Mouse Keys, Hand-Mouse – Mouse Keys.
– Loop Mode: Repeat, Mouse Keys, Mouse Keys – Random, Mouse Keys – Repeat, Mouse Keys – Repeat, Mouse Keys – Repeat.
– Preset: Z-depth, Cursor Import, Frame, Frame Rate, Time, Time Count, Mouse X, Mouse Y, Hot-Spot X, Hot-Spot Y.
– Additional Settings: Delay, Delay Time, Delay Count, Mouse Cursor Settings, Mouse Cursor Settings, Mouse Cursor Settings.
– Color for Long Cursor: Yellow, Color for Hot Spot: Green, Color for Disabled: Gray.
– Graphics:.gif or.png.
– Destination Folder: Currect Folder.
– Guide Cursor: No, Yes.
You can download this package from here:

If the file is too large for your Dropbox account, you can download it from here:

Windows Style Requirements:
– CursorFX, version 1.1 or later.
– CursorFX package.
– The Windows Style cursor on a Black background.
– CursorFX Python script.
– Adobe Photoshop.
Installing Windows Style:
– Extract the contents of

System Requirements:

A dual 2.66GHz Intel Core i7 CPU
8GB of RAM
500GB of storage
Must be on a Microsoft Windows 7 or later operating system
Not sure about the Mac version? It works just fine on OS X 10.8.5 or later, but I haven’t had the opportunity to test it on later versions.
We use this script to create an Ubuntu boot USB and install our favorite GNU/Linux distro. This isn’t for new users, it’s for those who are tired of constant tinkering with un