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Given the new mobility trends in the corporate environment, there is a chance that you are on the lookout for a software solution that enables you to access your financial documents irrespective of your device and location.
Standard Accounts is an application that allows you to manage invoices, receipts and other aspects of your company's accounting from any device you are using and any location.
Straightforward setup, but slightly confusing interface
First off, you should know that although the account creation is optional, you should create one if you intend to use the application from different locations and on various devices. The procedure is straightforward and ensures a certain level of protection, particularly when it comes to this type of sensitive data.
While it is streamlined and appealing, the UI can be slightly confusing for first-time users who did you use similar programs before. Even though initially you can access the menus to create a new user and company, the system used for new items and saving is not as smooth as you would expect. Then again, perhaps the purpose here was to make you double-check and keep bookkeeping records as clean as possible.
Allows you to issue and manage invoices and receipts
The idea behind the program is to provide you with a versatile environment where you can track the status of your payables and make the company payments at the same time. In addition, the app allows you to record your business transactions, get reports on the different accounts you are using via the general ledger as well as create invoices and record the receipts as you made or receive the payments.
As a side note, you should know that the application can be customized with various modules, such as nominal ledger or cash book, for instance. You can find out more about them from the developer's website.
A tool that grants quick access to your financial data
All in all, if your line of work entails a lot of traveling and working from multiple devices, including smartphones and tablets, then Standard Accounts can help you store and manage everything in one place so that you can access the data anytime and anywhere.







Standard Accounts 6.40 Crack+ Free Download PC/Windows

• Multiple users, easy access
• Bookkeeping and invoicing
• Company management
• 7-day backup

1. Uninstall the old version of the application.
2. Run the installation program.
3. Install the program on the computer.
4. When the installation is complete, start the application.
5. When you run the application, a “standard accounts” window will appear on your desktop.
6. Click on the “standard accounts” tab.
7. Click “Add Account”.
8. Select the type of the account you wish to add.
9. Type in the first and last name.
10. Select the company name.
11. Click on “Next”.
12. Click on the “Add” button.
13. A “standard account” window will appear on your desktop.
14. Click on the “standard account” tab.
15. You will be able to view all the accounts that have been added to your “standard accounts”.
16. Click on any account name to open the account.

1. Click on “Add Account”
2. Type in the first and last name.
3. Select the company name.
4. Click on “Next”
5. Click on “Add”
6. A new account will appear on your desktop.
7. Click on the “standard account” tab
8. You will be able to view all the accounts that have been added to your “standard accounts”.
9. Click on any account name to open the account.

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The best accounting software that lets you use your phone and tablet to keep track of your business in one place. Have multiple users to make sure important data remains secure and safe.


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Standard Accounts Review:



The Standard Accounts app for iOS gives you more security and more flexibility when it comes to organizing your bookkeeping records. It is simple to use and has easy to use apps. For beginners, it is not necessary to create a company if you do not intend to use the application from multiple locations. Overall, this app is a must-have for business owners that need to manage invoices, receive payments and spend less time on bookkeeping.

The app is all about standard and simplified business accounting, starting with the company creation. Once you have created it, you will be introduced to the dashboard with its four sections: accounts, statements, invoices, and monitoring. All the tools you need to do your bookkeeping are at your disposal. For instance, you can create recurring invoices, track your expenses, and get copies of your statements by creating a user and accessing the menus that are available on the app’s dashboard.

But once you have created the company, it will not necessarily be ready to go. Before you start using the application, there are a couple of things you will need to do. The main challenge you will come across is with the application’s interface which is a bit different from many others. But if you have used similar programs before, it should be rather easy for you to familiarize yourself with it.

Once you get the hang of using the app, there are various resources you can use to help you get the job done. The developer is constantly updating the program with new features to help you make the most out of it. As a business owner, you should not hesitate to check the app’s updates. Since you can easily customize the app with custom modules like Cash Book, you can then benefit from these functionalities in your company.

In terms of the application’s functionality, this app integrates with Quickbooks, so you can get your business accounting info from one app. You are not required to create a company for the app to work. Once you have created one, you can start making use of the account, statement, invoice and monitoring functionalities.

The best part of the app is

Standard Accounts 6.40 Incl Product Key [Updated] 2022

CompanyCreate and save a company.
Company email is required to create and save companies.
BudgetList invoices, budgets, and cash flows
You can view totals by day, month, and year.
Accounting List the accounts used
You can have accounts in any country by simply choosing from the list.
General Ledger List the accounts used in the general ledger
1 view of account (Snapshot & Detail)
With a currency converter.
Bills Listing all bills for a customer
You can list bills for a customer by Customer, Vendor, PaidDate, Duedate, Amount, DaysToPay, DaysRemaining.
Employee Listing all the employees.
You can list all the employees with a name, hourly wage rate, number of hours, and a password.
Company billing and invoicing
Generate invoices and receipts (including VAT invoices and receipts) and export to PDF.
Add customer receipts to invoices.
View invoices received from a customer.
View list of customers and go to details of a particular customer.
You can search for customers by customer ID, name, and address.
Receipts can be exported to PDF
Print reports.
Company settings
You can generate different types of invoices, receipts, and reports.
3 views of each receipt.
Add columns.
Single receipt format.
Multiple receipt formats.
Recurring receipt.
Recurring receipt can be defined by number of days for next cycle, days to pay.
Add accounts to report.
Create reports in PDF.
Add columns to reports.
You can calculate the days remaining to pay an invoice.
You can use the fields to modify the report.
Print reports on company’s printer.
Recurring report can be defined by number of cycles, days to pay.
Schedule report.
You can log details from the last hour.
Audit Print and email.
Mail report to a specified email address.
You can customise the reports.
Define the type of invoices that can be created.
You can save and import the company.
App Privacy Statement
Standard Accounts Privacy Policy
Login details
Login/Sign Up
User name and password are required for your login.
User name and password is required to add an employee.
The company’s name, email address, and password are required for the company settings.

What’s New in the?

✓ Help file, fast access to help
✓ Backups, fast access to your data
✓ Create reports, fast access to your data
✓ All accounting transactions, all in one place
✓ Setup folders, fast access to your data
✓ Account types, you can change to your requirements
✓… More

On this page you can download the latest version of Standard Accounts (Free To Try) for your Windows OS.
Standard Accounts is a Accounting Software.
It was developed by Promologus.
Version 3.06, available for download from our website, has been released on 07/05/15 and is signed by the vendor.

You can choose to download Standard Accounts v3.06 free now. This product is avaible for download from our software library.
To download the setup you need to visit the software publisher’s website and follow the on-screen installation instructions.
Standard Accounts is a Accounting Software developed by Promologus.

You can run Standard Accounts on the following operating systems: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista.

Standard Accounts – Free To Try – Download

Standard Accounts Description

Standard Accounts Description:

✓ Help file, fast access to help

✓ Backups, fast access to your data

✓ Create reports, fast access to your data

✓ All accounting transactions, all in one place

✓ Setup folders, fast access to your data

✓ Account types, you can change to your requirements

✓… More

See Full Description

If you like the application you can install it, for free, for evaluation period of 30 days. After the period you can decide whether or not to keep the software or uninstall it.

Standard Accounts requires the following minimum hardware configuration:

Processor: Intel Pentium 4 1.6 GHz

RAM: 1024 MB

Hard disk: 512 MB

Standard Accounts has been downloaded from our website 50,792 times. The most popular version is 3.06, which is downloaded 50,664 times. Downloading is absolutely free and does not require registration.

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System Requirements:

Windows 95 or higher
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The Trial Version of Compaq Cluster 7.0 includes the following:
When you register for the Trial Version of Compaq Cluster 7.0 you will be sent instructions on how to download the software, and you will be sent to the instructions section of the Cluster website for quick reference.
Product FAQs
Compaq Cluster 7.0 Technical Support
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