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SpeedCrunch nLite Addon is a simple and powerful desktop calculator, which can easily replace the default Windows calculator. It offers support for simple and more complex calculations, such as trigonometric, logarithm or square root functions, along with constants (pi, e).
Make simple arithmetical calculations
The provided interface is straightforward and clean, divided into the computing area and the numeric keyboard, which also includes the most used functions. To enter the values, you can either use the mouse or the Numpad keyboard.
Check the history for older answers
Plus, you can import calculations from a text document and find the answer with just one click. The result list can be exported to a plain text file. The records history may be cleared at any given time to make space for more recent calculations.
Compute trigonometrical and logical functions
Among the offered functions, you can insert absolute values, logical, sine, cosine, tangent, cotangent, natural logarithm, cube root, decimal representation, arc degrees, as well as exponential, fractional part, product, and radians. The “Variable” menu, displays the values for pi, phi and the current answer.
Learn the area and perimeter of 2D and 3D forms
In addition, the app also provides a small math book with handy formulas for 3D (sphere, cube, cone) and 2D (circle, sector) objects. It would've been a great help, especially for students, if the book also included other geometrical shapes, like rectangle, hexagon, square or pyramid.
Calculate astronomical, chemical or nuclear constants
Another nice function is the “Constants” feature, which comes with constant values from categories such as astronomy, atomic, nuclear, electromagnetic and physico-chemical. From the settings, you can change the unit, result format (e.g. binary, octal, decimal), Radix character (dot, comma), and the app's behavior.
Feature-rich desktop calculator
The bottom line is that SpeedCrunch nLite Addon is a reliable application that comes in handy when you need a simple yet function rich calculator to make both simple and more complex calculations, functions and variables. The program can be used as an independent app or integrated into nLite.







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+ Support for a wide range of units, including binary, octal, decimal, etc.
+ Highlighted cells can be selected, copied and pasted.
+ Clear Result list or import existing calculations.
+ Convert results to other units or result format.
+ Pressed calculations history.
+ Use constants (pi, e, phi) in your calculations.
+ Can you remember all the units? Let the application remind you of the appropriate units for your calculations.
+ Easy to use interface, with a list of functions at the bottom of the page.
+ Full support for various input tools, including mouse or the Numpad.
+ Password protection for an added security.
+ Full-screen mode with no taskbar.
+ Supports Windows 7, Vista, XP and 2000.
+ Works with Arabic, Cyrillic, Greek and Spanish keyboards.
+ Supports English, French, German, Italian and Spanish languages.
+ Works with all Microsoft Office versions (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other macros).
+ Supports all installed languages.
+ Integrated with nLite. The program may be started from nLite programs folder.
+ Integrated with nLite 2.6 Beta. The program may be started from nLite programs folder.
+ Integrated with nLite 2.6 Beta. The program may be started from nLite programs folder.
+ Integrated with nLite 2.6 Beta. The program may be started from nLite programs folder.
+ Integrated with nLite 2.6 Beta. The program may be started from nLite programs folder.
+ Integrated with nLite 2.6 Beta. The program may be started from nLite programs folder.
+ Integrated with nLite 2.6 Beta. The program may be started from nLite programs folder.
+ Integrated with nLite 2.6 Beta. The program may be started from nLite programs folder.


You may be able to do this with a macro in Excel or some similar program.

Open Excel
Click on the Insert tab, in the code area click on the button Code, then paste the following into the code area
Function ActiveCell() As String
ActiveCell = ActiveCell.Address
End Function

That will convert the cell you click to a string representation of the address of the cell.

Then use that function in your code

SpeedCrunch NLite Addon (Final 2022)

Fast, Easy To Use and Safe to Use.
– Convert/Cancel: When rotating any object, to cancel the rotation, touch a Scale button. To resume the rotation, touch a Rotate button.
– 2D & 3D calculations: (Follow these steps to enter 3D models.)
To rotate, choose the desired axis.
Rotate: Touch a button to rotate.
To stop the rotation, touch a Cursor button.
Turn Rotation off: Touch Rotation.
– Magnifier: By holding a Scale button down, the user can increase the zoom factor.
– Zooming out: By releasing a Scale button, the user can switch to zoom out.
– Zoom in: By holding down a Scale button, the user can turn the zoom level up.
– Zoom out: By releasing a Scale button, the user can switch to zoom in.
– To get back to the original zoom, select the last scale and rotate by twice.
– To reset the zoom, toggle Zoom on and off.
Convert between plan: Touch Rotate.
Convert between any of the following: Touch Scale.
Convert to Scale: Touch 0.
– Back to zero: To get back to the original scale, touch the Scale button.
– In-place: Touch Mode.
– Out-of-plane: Touch Zero.
– Fit: Touch Cursor.
– Fit: Touch Rotate.
– Zoom in/out: To zoom in, hold down a Scale button.
To zoom out, release it.
Calculator functions: (Follow these steps to enter functions.)
– Absolute value: Touch an operation button.
– Sin, Cos: To enter sin and cos values in degrees.
– Sine, Cosine: If you’d like to access other sin/cos values, touch an operation button and follow the prompts.
– Natural logarithm: Enter N.
– Logarithm: Enter L.
– Square root: Enter S.
– Roots: Touch the root type button (including Radix button).
– Cube root: Touch the root type button, and follow the prompts.
– Logarithm button: Select the type of the logarithm button.
– Logarithm button: Press and hold the logarithm button.
Enter any exponent and follow the prompts.
– (N=X) power X: Power by

SpeedCrunch NLite Addon With License Code Free Download

SpeedCrunch nLite is a powerful desktop calculator, which can replace the default windows calculator. It offers support for simple and complex calculation, which can be conveniently executed. SpeedCrunch also can easily import calculations from a text document and find the answer with just one click.

SpeedCrunch nLite has a handy calculator and a math book which would be a great help for students.

SpeedCrunch nLite supports all primary functions, such as log, exponent, quotient, or factorial and support most logarithmic and trigonometric functions. SpeedCrunch nLite offers basic constants, like pi, phi and e. The history of calculations can be cleared and a new one can be created at any time. The app will remember the last calculation done by you in the other languages as well.
SpeedCrunch nLite Features:

Redundant versions of the SpeedCrunch nLite Addon (add-ons) are required to download and install the SpeedCrunch nLite Addon. If you are not sure that the SpeedCrunch nLite Addon you have chosen is the exact one that you are downloading, follow the link below, click on the ‘Show direct link’ button, and compare it with the content of the ‘Addons directory’ to make sure that you are downloading the exact version.

If you decide to purchase the SpeedCrunch nLite Addon, you will need to download the software from the SpeedCrunch nLite Addon page (

Re: SpeedCrunch nLite Addon Download

Are you using Windows 7 or XP? And what version of speedcrunch nLite does your computer have? If I open the menu under Processes, then Tools and then Options I see “”.

SpeedCrunch nLite will work for any version of Windows that is 32-bit and any version of Windows that is 64-bit.

Re: SpeedCrunch nLite Addon Download

Posted 01/28/2013 07:32 AM

Indeed, the OLD SpeedCrunch nLite had an all-in-one math program, which included a calculator. It is very easy to remove and make a new math program by downloading the SpeedCrunch nLite Addon from the Downloads link and installing it as a standalone application.

You can delete the SpeedCrunch n

What’s New in the SpeedCrunch NLite Addon?

★ Premium Features ★
■ Add unlimited users
■ Support of multiple languages

■ 20+ math functions
■ Operator symbols (+, -, /, and *)
■ Formula editor
■ Calculate pi to 10 digits
■ Solve math problems
■ Calculate areas, perimeters, volumes and areas of three dimensional objects
■ Calculate speed (km/h, m/s)
■ Calculate age in years
■ Calculate calories
■ Simple math book
■ Calculate formula
■ Solve linear, quadratic and exponential equations
■ Calculate e, \pi and PHI
■ Solve cubic equations
■ Calculate power
■ Calculate log, base and power of any natural logarithm
■ Calculate fibonacci and powers of two
■ Calculate square root, cube root, square root of a number, factorial and logarithmic exponent
■ Calculate time
■ Calculate financial calculations
■ Calculate natural and artificial logarithms
■ Calculate conversions (1/2, 1/4, 1/10)
■ Calculator that is attached to the desktop
■ Multiple number of currencies
■ Calculate tax
■ Calculate age
■ Calculate age in years
■ Calculate distance
■ Calculate distance in miles, kilometers, inches, etc.
■ Calculate area
■ Calculate volume
■ Calculate perimeters of two-dimensional and three-dimensional shapes
■ Import previous calculations from documents
■ Save calculations in the history
■ Export calculations to a simple text file
■ Import formulas from an external source
■ Support for 2D and 3D shapes (circle, sector, sphere, cube, pyramid, triangle, diamond, cube)

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