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Eleveth – Fortune 500

The Elden Ring presents the epic fantasy action RPG Eleveth – Fortune 500 (PlayStation®4/Xbox One/PC), which will have the hero’s journey from which a journey to the afterlife cannot exist.

• An Online Experience That Loosely Connects You to Others
In addition to online multiplayer for up to four players (PlayStation®4/Xbox One), you can find others and travel together as you pursue your own journey.


Elden Ring is a team of acclaimed independent game developers from Korea that has produced critically-acclaimed games for more than ten years. With Eleveth – Fortune 500 and its two prior titles Dorado and Conqueror’s Blade – the studio is known for creating compelling stories that are coupled with an unmatched online multiplayer experience, as well as single-player action-RPGs.

For more information, please visit or follow us on Twitter or Facebook at @EldenRingGame.

We hope that you’ll give the game a try and feel the thrill of becoming an Elden Lord. Thank you.

Eleveth – Fortune 500 is developed by the team behind Dorado and Conqueror’s Blade, led by creators of the acclaimed online RPG game, Harvest Moon (Natsume Inc.), and will be published by Natsume Inc. in the Americas and by NIS America Inc. in Europe.

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Features Key:

  • Adventure*
  • Robust Open World
  • NPCs and various other things
  • Dazzling Graphics
  • An Epic Multilayered Story in Fragments
  • On the basis of BD's vast experience with story,
    this game was developed to appeal to a broad audience.
  • Elden Ring Story Features:

    • Various Events and Quests
    • Variety of quests
    • An Epic Multilayered Narrative in Fragments
    • Story unfolds in a variety of formats

    The Elden Ring is a fantasy action RPG set in a beautiful world of large and rich content. You can enjoy the game more by leveling with meaningful skills and enhancing your equipment. Besides, you can enjoy different environments with various events such as forging and learning while traveling with your friends. Elden Ring is also bound to be extraordinary with the introduction of the online battle and multilayer story mode.

    * Such as jumping, gathering, hunting, and other non-combat activities


    A young man named Kentaro crosses a room. Kentaro is having trouble sitting still. The usual purplish aura around his body makes him feel all warm, like his body was plugged up with energy. However, he orders his body to sit as still as possible, and wipes his neck while judging his body temperature.

    Suddenly, that painful feeling spreads into his shoulder and hand. He looks at his hand and is astonished to find that his own skin is glowing.

    There is something about it that hasn’t been felt before. 

    It’s the time when his body starts to feel the expanse of skin of the world about him. He can sense the uncertainty of others, and he suddenly keeps waiting for something huge to happen.

    After that, he falls into a deep sleep.



    Elden Ring Crack + Free Download For PC (Updated 2022)

    YouTuber Vanillaware is known for their hard-hitting action RPGs, so of course the team has to deliver a new title for the upcoming Switch. After playing the demo, I have to say they truly seem to take their roots and are crafting a new legacy for the style as you can see from the play video below.

    The graphics look amazing with clean 2D slices of scenes with more details than I can catch, similar to the Super Mario Odyssey preview. The game also seems to run quite smoothly at max settings on 1080p displays, which is a big plus.

    There is definitely a heavy text meter and menu flashing during combat, and there are a lot of extra in-game menus that seem well designed. It’s unclear what they will look like on Switch resolution so it’s hard to say much until we actually get a chance to play with a unit. But the demo was fun while it lasted and maybe one day they’ll take us through the whole thing.

    For now, enjoy the demo below.

    Replays from the demo:



    Xbox One S



    Each tier will receive the rewards at the campaign’s completion, and will provide access to the campaign’s new story chapters as they are released.

    Reach $8 or get 2 Months of Early Access.

    Reach $15 or get 5 Months of Early Access.

    Reach $30 or get 12 Months of Early Access.

    Reach $60 or get 24 Months of Early Access.

    Reach $150 or get 60 Months of Early Access.

    Remember, Early Access brings you the game as it’s developed. New content is constantly added. Features that are not part of the official release will remain untouched.

    Reach $250 and get Unlimited Early Access for life.

    Reach $500 and get exclusive in-game skins for your character!

    Reach $1,000 and get the exclusive Mech unit!

    Reach $10,000 or get an official PlayStation 4 and Xbox One!

    Available on: PC, PS4, Xbox, Xbox One S



    Elden Ring Crack + License Code & Keygen Download PC/Windows


    -Your Adventure begins with a party of three characters.
    -The player controls the main protagonist along with the NPC character.
    -The two NPC characters are controlled by the AI, and the one who is controlled by the AI is free to move and even make mistakes.

    -Details of the characters will be revealed as you advance the game.

    -The world is divided into different regions.
    -The number of encounters and the order of battle are different in each region.

    -During the battle, the player can choose from a variety of actions, according to the situation.

    -The most important aspects of the battle are believed to be party composition, the results of actions, the variety of choices in the battle, and the order of battle.

    How to Play


    Key Features

    In the game, there are three characters, and the player can select one or two of them. You will be able to select from a variety of actions.

    1. Four actions in battle: You can command your entire party to perform an action or your own character to take a specific action.

    2. Deep management of characters’ moves, especially for actions used for main characters.

    -You can choose the moves of your characters as you want.

    -You can even make certain moves much faster.

    -As a result, a character with a good move can drastically change the results of the battle.

    -In addition, if a character is the focus of the enemy attacks, their chance of attack and the attack power will increase.

    3. During battle, you can make progress in several ways. You can use items, use the “Details” function, conduct missions, and others.

    4. There are three difficulty levels. If you do not understand how to play, it is possible to make a character with the settings of the easy mode.

    -During the battle, you can make progress in several ways, and defeat the enemies more easily.

    -You can make more items to improve your equipment, and you can connect together to make the journey longer.

    5. Having to maintain the relationship with other people. You can develop your party and talk to other people through the “Details” function.

    6. Character information and skills, items, and costumes are displayed in the “Details” window.

    7. The game supports three dialogues. You can


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    With this game that drew keen interest during its announcement event, we, the concept studio “Flyhigh Works” are pleased to announce the development of Doki Doki Literature Club! 2+, the continuation of the first title that also attracted attention for its storytelling with lighthearted allusion to the occult, as well as by utilizing a distinctive style.
    This time, we shall manage an unprecedented event with a mature production that involves a popular character archetype from the previous game, and through the cooperation with Square Enix we aim to not only expand the entire world map, but also to hand the new players a distinct experience.

    Mon, 13 Oct 2016 09:12:43 +0330Take a walk through time and visit the world of legend

    of unique games using Corollaries and Furufurus. Diverse Quirks are his specialties.
    Enjoy it, just keep breathing
    “Right now, I feel alive. Dopamine is flooding my blood. I’m happy. No, more than that. I feel alive.”
    “Well, my father was killed in the war, my family were savages, I grew up by myself and I even betrayed a friend at the risk of seeing myself to the innermost abode of purest darkness. But even if I died right now, I would have had the precious experience of living!”
    My Drive now has been re-inspired by the thrill of creating, the joy of sharing my games on the mission to spread the joy of games.
    I walk in the footsteps of giants, and I will be one day one of them.________
    How I create games
    I’m a programmer, so, as a result, I write all the blueprints to make my games. This means that I handle everything:
    – The final design
    – The blueprints for the craftsmanship
    – The creation of sound and soundtracks
    – The creation of illustrations, even for the prototyping stage
    – The creation of BGS such as songscapes
    – The Character Gram


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    – There is a new bonus class:

    Giant- A giant is a member of one of two giant races. Giant Masters have control over the giant race of their own kind, while Annunaki, giants that have fallen from the Annunaki empire have become mortal, and control over their life force grants them the ability to heal and restore the dead to life.

    – New Guild Missions

    – New Guild Tasks

    – New Guild Events

    – New Guild Dungeon

    – New Magic and Skills

    – New Character Improvements

    – New Decorations

    – New Guild Bosses

    – New World Map

    – New World Map Improvement

    – New World Bosses

    – New quest objectives

    – New shop

    – New Cheerio

    …and many more!


    – There is a new bonus class:



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