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For over twenty years, DIC has created many kinds of role-playing games that have been loved by fans all over the world. Now, DIC creates an all new fantasy action RPG with unprecedented graphism and a rich story in collaboration with Sumo Digital.

In the beginning, a new world was born in a vast ocean. Then, a sun that grants power and life to the lands suddenly rose in the east, summoning creatures to spread out and live upon its power. But this new land was born covered in horror, with gigantic monsters attacking.

This land was once the crown of the legendary god, who passed on to the afterlife with its inhabitants. However, a great disaster occurred, and the land was plunged into an endless cold. Due to this catastrophe, the legend of the god cannot be destroyed and all of the villages of the kingdom were destroyed.

The people started to gather in the west. However, no one has ever set foot in the mysterious lands to the west and nobody knows what lurks there…


(Incursion Developer)




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©2015 アスキー・メディアワークス・SAO/SAO放送局・テレビ朝日・東映アニメーション

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Features Key:

  • A Kingdom Full of Many Worlds: a realm that offers many worlds!
  • A World Sentenced to Perpetual Struggle
  • A Dungeon Full of the Reality of Things
  • An Energetic World and a High Sense of Opulence
  • An Epic Story With the Stakes Picking Up at the End of the Game
  • A young katana warrior journeys to the Lands Between!

    Before your adventure, the strength and power of the katana have been shattered. Time is of the essence, and a quest must be begun!

    Ready your sword, and prepare for battle!

    Fri, 22 Jul 2019 02:12:17 +0000 the forgotten frontier: cyphon incursion – update #5
    the forgotten frontier: cyphon incursion – update #5Wed, 19 Jul 2019 00:15:47 +0000hawk7219521886What’s Cyphon?]]>
    the forgotten frontier: cyphon incursion – update #4
    – Faltering Enemies]]>


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    · October 2015 Japan Games Review of Dengeki PlayStation Vol. 627, Issue 10 (Review by Furi and TheSpazoid)

    “Puzzle games that are easy to just play regardless of which direction you are going should be recognized more.”


    “Step on the panel and try your hardest! The excitement will suck you in!”


    “The fun of escaping the board is what actually makes me keep playing”


    “Full of suspense!! The feeling of escaping from the panel is fantastic!!”


    “The joy of escaping from the board is what actually makes me keep playing”


    “Find the right path that satisfies you the most!”


    “It’s fun even if you don’t like puzzle games!!”


    “It’s fun even if you don’t like puzzle games!!”

    I would like to recommend games that are easy to just play regardless of which direction you are going should be recognized more.

    ■- About Dengeki PlayStation (Official website)

    Koei Tecmo releases Dengeki PlayStation with articles and reviews of the PlayStation Portable entertainment software from Dengeki Magazine. In addition to review articles, news articles, and user reviews, Dengeki PlayStation includes coverage of console manufacturer information as well as other new information about PlayStation Portable entertainment software.

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    Boar Brewing is an action RPG game for the USEMSP PS4. Welcome to this small town where the Boar’s Brewing Brewery is producing a good beer. However, it has been closed for a long time as there are no customers.

    The Boar’s Brewing Brewery is having a deep clean, so you do not have much time before it is opened. The Boar is always watching over you and you can only be rescued by the Boar’s Brewing Brewery and you can only win a new life at Boar’s Brewing Brewery, so you will challenge your self at Boar’s Brewing Brewery with your new life.

    What’s you will do?

    As you are guided by the brewer’s craft, you’ll train your main weapon and gear up with the amazing recipes.

    – Who’s the target of the Boar’s Brewing Brewery?

    – Take a clear path leading to the ultimate accomplishment at Boar’s Brewing Brewery

    – Which path will you choose?

    – Can you earn their trust?

    – Step into your battle with competitors using the tactical advantage

    – No place is safe from your sword, so prepare to battle the whole town!

    The entire city is your battlefield, and the city can be divided into many locations, including:

    – A landing point of the Boar’s Brewing Brewery

    – A safe post

    – A historic castle with a variety of rooms

    – 3 different villages:

    – 1. small village where your Hero will be trained

    – 2. large village where the chef who is teaching your Hero can be found

    – 3. a 5 floor building which allows for a variety of activities, as well as a conference room with snacks

    – School for your Hero

    – A secret battle location

    – The legendary God’s Labyrinth

    – Research facility where you will be able to develop various items at a very high efficiency

    – The Pantheon of heaven (mountain)

    – Fishing pond (mountain)

    – Will the Boar’s Brewing Brewery open for business after everything is done?

    This game will still be growing as we go, so please tell us what you think.

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    What’s new:

    Medieval chaos.
    The Dog the Cat the door.
    Superheroes don’t wear capes.
    Only cartographers do.
    They don’t care that you can’t see them.
    Or above your heads.
    Or within that corner of the world.
    The thing that sprouts from the earth is a lie.
    Something emerges.
    A tree cuts through the earth and withers.
    It screams and rocks shards of glass free, the sky breaks, a scream of threads, a web, a thousand cables spreading wide.
    It moves on, stinging the air with the wrong cry.


    dynamically declared variable scope in java

    I’m trying to run an anonymous method which gets the current directory and then uses that to create a database on MongoDB. The following compiles, but the directory is giving an error saying the syntax is wrong for a PWD. Can someone explain why and how to fix this?
    public static void main(String[] args) {
    // these three lines are just to make sure the directory exists and is writable.
    File myDir = new File(“C:/Acme/”);
    new db(myDir.getAbsolutePath(), true).open();

    // now this only works if the directory is writable
    new db(“some loc”, true).open();
    new db(“some loc”, false).open();

    public class db {

    public db(String docName, boolean writable) {
    String dbPath = docName.replaceAll(“.map-“, “.db/”);
    try {
    this.dbPath = Paths.get( dbPath ).toString();
    System.out.println(“Created DB ” + this.dbPath);
    //if (!writable) { System.out.println(“The DB is read-only”);


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    Month: August 2016

    It’s no secret that the number one protective lung in the world is the human breast. What is less well-known is that the number one reason that a woman presents to an emergency room with a breast problem is that she is a runner, long distance runner or cyclist. It’s more common than you think.

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    Even though the female body isn’t originally designed for long distance running, it is proven that running compresses the breasts downward, inward and back (arrow). This compresses the breast tissue to a smaller size (blue line). By running, this is essentially constricting the breasts to a smaller size.

    It takes more work to get a large breast size back to its original size. So why do some women feel their bodies are too small or tight in the breasts? There are a few common techniques that can be employed to correct this condition (arrow). They generally work, but they aren’t perfect!

    So before you run, consider getting a breast expander, inflatable bra, mastectomy bra, breast friend or a real friend!

    In the 1950s, most women would have worn a low cut blouse which was intended to show off, not conceal. In today�


    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    Intel® Atom™ dual core 1.6GHz or better
    Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
    MEM: 1 GB or more RAM (2 GB or more recommended)
    HDD: 20 GB free space on your HDD
    This download requires Microsoft.NET Framework 4.5
    Join the fight against the mighty onslaughts of the zombie horde. Fight for survival, kill the living dead, and avoid being caught by the flesh hungry!
    60 build-in guns with which you can fight your




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