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The new fantasy action RPG developed by BANDAI NAMCO Games.

In a world where the balance between light and darkness has been disturbed, rise as an eternal warrior in a battle between light and darkness. Rise and become an Elden Lord!
• Features
・ A Vast World Full of Excitement
・ Open Fields with a Variety of Situations
・ Huge Dungeons with a Complex and Three-Dimensional Design
・ Explore and Conquer
・ A Multilayered Story
・ An Epic Drama Born from a Myth

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ABOUT BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. is one of the largest video game publishers in the world and is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. Since its founding in 1970, Bandai Namco has grown into a global company with leading operations in Asia, Europe and the Americas. Its portfolio of businesses spans across development, distribution, marketing and online services for PC and console systems, mobile phones and a range of social games. For more information, please visit: Brown (American football)

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Elden Ring Features Key:

    • Five-Style Ranged Attack
      • Bow: Enchancement of Magic:
        • Hit Rate: 150%
        • Recovery: 150%
        • Skill Rate: 120%
        • Speed Gain: 1.00, 2.00, 3.00 depending on upgrade
        • Special: Wrecking Bomb
        • Special: Charging
        • Special: Impaling Ground Split
        • Special: Body Piercing: Kick, Pierce
        • Summons: Warghrole
        • Summons: Volbrun Stout
        • Summons: Insulting Grunt
        • Summons: Fenval
        • Summons: Pallid Denizen
      • Additional Item
        • Mage: 115% and 300%
        • Warrior: 115% and 400%
        • Ninja: 150% and 300%
      • COAT: 200% and 800%
      • HELMET: 120%
      • HEADBAND: 100%
      • RING SET: 200% and 600%
      • BOOTS: 120%
      • MAX WEIGHT: 2,700
      • CRITERIA: Lv 15~50
      • WEAPON: Lv 25
      • ACCESSORY: Lv 40
      • DAMAGE: 200% and 600%
      • Single-Target Cast
        • Hit Rate: 50%
        • Recovery: 100%
    • EXTRAS:
      • Alliance Party
        • GM Guidance: Rank EXP to Balance: [A] Lv 0, [B] Lv 3, [C] Lv 6, [D] Lv 9, [E] Lv 12, [F] Lv 14, [G] Lv 17


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          Elden Ring [March-2022]

          ▶ The NEW fantasy action RPG that allows you to directly control characters
          – Create your own character and freely customize your appearance.
          – Possess the body of a powerful Elden Lord or an iconic NPC and live through the story.
          – An epic drama that takes place in the Lands Between.

          System Features

          – Online Multiplayer
          – Play in harmony with others to enjoy an ever-changing multiplayer experience.
          – In-depth co-op play where you can directly connect and live the story with others.
          – A huge variety of online features such as role-playing, battle, and adventure.
          – Player Statistics that you can use to gauge your play style.
          – Complete reward bonuses, a variety of rewards and exchangeable items.



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          What’s new:

          Sound: Dualistic sounds of evil and good. 

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          Review article
          by My Springname Blog

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        I’m sure you all love deathclaws.
        About the game
        Fight against players in one of five different “Houses” and battle against over 50 different bosses.
        However, I was impressed by the fact that, and this I think it’s something really good, that all the positions in the castles are actually available without buying anything.
        You only need to visit “Your Purity Stone” (e.g. normal stone) and “The Temple of Rumors”, also named “The Mistral”, to get them. You don’t even need to buy them.
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        The quest is like the following:
        “Find the hidden family treasure of House Seat. I seek you.
        Signed: —-” “—-”
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        System Requirements:

        We have made this mod compatible with the latest version of Minecraft. It is recommended that you play in the ‘Windows 10 x64’ or ‘Windows 10 x86’ version of Minecraft. (To avoid any compatibility issues, please play this mod with any other version of Minecraft on the same system).
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